This Deep Sleep Meditation is designed to listen to right as you go to sleep. It is designed with the intention of amplifying your health.

Try it with a blue tooth mask or anything that will allow you to comfortably sleep with if you can.

I designed this meditation to transform, rejuvenate, and regenerate your body into blissful health upon awakening. You will be guided to relax, let go and wake up in a brand new body in complete and perfect health.

This is the second meditation in the blissbody series designed to amplify and manifest perfect health and energy in your body, healing you of any problems you might have. I have also built in profound questions and transformational health affirmations.

You will wake up with your subconscious rewritten in a new reality that is perfect for you. If you are having health issues or just overcoming a cold, listening to this can really help change your health and the way you think about your body, unlike anything you thought possible.

What do you have to lose? You can never enjoy your wealth without your health.

The music is killer, with a new binaural delta wave effect that will pull into a deep pleasurable sleep and you will wake up refreshed and transformed.

Mystic Dawn Delta by Christopher Lloyd Clark Licensed by Enlightened Audio. Singing Bowls Note G, Note D, Note C, Note E Rebecca Reads Licensed By Rebecca Reads