I am so excited to share this meditation with you. In this meditation, you will learn how to time travel. Yes, that’s right, just like Marty Mcfly you will be able to go back and change your past. You will be able to go forward in time to see the impact of your choices. Obviously, this is powerful stuff and very transformative.

RIght now you see time as a river flowing from past to future.

We sit in a small boat called the present and don’t see much of what lies in front of us while being pretty sure that what lies behind us is done and over.

Physics has shown again and again how “linear time” is not real…so why shouldn’t this knowledge be applicable to your life? How you think the past was…is only how you think the past was. How you think the present is…is only how you think the present is. How you think the future is…is only how you think the future is.

From different orders of perspective the entire scenario changes. It is with your current focus that you are creating the version of the past which you unquestioningly believe is “the” past. Many people, when changing the present or themselves assume that “from this point forward” they have changed, when actually they have changed from this point forward and backward.

Now is the place from which all realities stream.

Time is not a river but a lake. Time is not a line, but a circle.

The present is like a rock thrown into the middle of the lake. Waves that ripple out in both directions from this center represent past and future.

Each ripple is an event. Looking down at the lake from a higher viewpoint you see that time exists simultaneously and that each circular wavegroup represents another timestream of past-present-future and especially that each one is caused in the now.

Throw another rock and the formations and directions change. Not only parallel universe theory but also this analogy imply that the complete “timeline” can be changed right now. Since we chose our beliefs (the rocks we throw into the lake) right now, we cannot only change present and future, but also the past.

This may not make sense, you who have been “educated” (forcefully conditioned) to forget the eternal now you knew as a child. Past and Future are being created right now through your current focus.

While most would agree that present and future are changeable it might take some getting used to viewing the past as changeable. Some of you may even find the proposal outrageous. Yes, you can change the past.

Not only your perception of the past, mind you, you can change The Past. Once you enter a parallel version of self you might assume you have the same “past” but you don’t. You are on a parallel timeline, with not only a new future but also a new past.

Most of us understand that if we change our viewpoint today we will start remembering other things from our “past” or place different emphasis and relevance on remembered events. But what is being suggested here goes even beyond mere “change of perception” or “change of emphasis”.

There are many examples of someone changing the viewpoint, belief or identity in the now and then the past changing accordingly, but we hardly notice it due to our belief in an unchangeable and fixed past.

Have one belief today and you might be struggling with your parents, change the belief today and you might soon find out you’ve been adopted…and suddenly what you view as “the” past completely shifts.

Shift back into your old identity or timeline and you will find out that you haven’t been adopted after all, that that information was just due to some computer glitch.

On a basic level of reality creation one might teach that “the past is over” and in this way free attention from it. On an advanced level on might teach that the past is not over…and that it is not even “the” past. You may either dismiss the concept of past as irrelevant or rewrite the past to your liking.

By changing the event you recall to something you prefer, or remembering something different entirely. Be writing a script of a preferred past and believing in it.

If you get a body sense of that “memory” you have changed the past…which again will effect your present. By changing the past you, of course, at the same time change what happens today and tomorrow.

By planting retro-causes you are speeding up change here and now. If the past happened differently then the present would be different too, right? You can do this despite the mass-consensus belief in “Objective Time”.

As you continue to ease your mental grip on “linear time” some other side-effects may occur. Things may happen at “just the right time”. Moments will pop up in which you can pre-sense the “the future”.

Once you understand your emotions as a navigational early alert system, there won’t be any “bad surprises” lying ahead anyway anymore.

Precognitive Dreams, intuition and psychic knowing become commonplace and not weird or strange. You can travel in time while in deep meditation.

You can change your past and see your future.

I have designed this meditation to pull you into a deep meditative state and through 3 different breathing techniques this meditation manipulates your energy body to give you the ability to travel in time.

There is a powerful and little known technique I introduce in this meditation that will allow you to travel through time, change your past and unlock your future.

You are going to love the music.

Just be careful, once you start to tinker with time you may transform yourself beyond anything you thought possible.

This meditation is about an hour with a 10-minute introduction.

Singing Bowls by Rebecca Read. Music licensed by Rebecca Read When Heroes arise by Per Killstofte Licensed by Machinimasound Beyond Time by Jens Killstofte Licensed by Machinmasound The Andromeda by Jens Killstofte Licensed by Machinimasound Galactic Exploration by Per Killstofte Licensed by Machinimasound Bound by Water By Per Killstofte Licensed by Machinimasound Still (Afterglow) By Per Killstofte Licensed by Machinimasound Origin (Afterglow) by Per Killstofte Licensed by Machinimasound Enclosing (Aferglow) by Per Killstofte Licensed by Machinimasound Stream (Afterglow) by Per Killstofte Licensed by Machinimasound LTM District 105 by Per Killstofte Licensed by Machinimasound Sologram by Per Killstofte Licensed by Machinimasound Stream (Afterglow) by Per Killstofte Licensed by Machinimasound Sound Edited by Quinn Brentson

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