Deep Sleep Meditation – Ascending to Higher Dimensions – Delta 111hz 174hz 396hz 432hz 639hz 888hz || EP 161

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The intention of this meditation is to allow you to ascend as a creator to a higher level of mind, body and consciousness.

There is an 8 minute introduction. The meditation begins at 8:01

This meditation is designed to help revise your day, fall asleep to the wish fulfilled and as you fall asleep you will awaken your energy centers and ascend your consciousness, moving into higher dimensions, densities, through a quantum transformation of your soul and your light body. You will wake up with higher vibrational programming.

This is designed to create a lucid dream environment where you fly into space and the last half is just music after tenderly taking you through the highest levels of space and consciousness and merging with your quantum higher self.

My original intention was to make this a 90 minute but it felt better to stretch it out and allow the frequencies the meld at the end so I stretched this out to 4 hours. The first half is guided subtly guided. But you should be able to ride at least two of the primary ascension waves that regularly flow every 90 minutes while you sleep. You can ride these ascension waves.

Before uploading this one I tested myself twice and fell deeply asleep very quickly and was very centered and peaceful, blissful the next day with really noticeable energy. Let me know what you think. Every meditation is and experiment. Your feedback helps create better ones.

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The music by Mettaverse is fantastic this is made up of several 15 minute clips check out their channel for a complete version of these songs.

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a universal language for for 444HZ/528Z ambient meditation music

sound medicine 528 HZ DNA integrity and 787HZ universal remedy rife frequency

ascension waves 444HZ

celestial voices 372 HZ dimensional open it

528Hz solar winds

healing tranquility 111HZ beta endorphins and cell regeneration

rhythm of the breath calm the mind rejuvenate the heart Binaural Beats Delta and theta

432 Hz natural vibrations restorative healing music

regenerative spiritual reset 111hz 222hz 444hz

111 Hz the divine frequency

undercurrent of serenity coming ambient music 174hz pain relief

deep relaxation clear negative energies and ease tension 396HZ and 528HZ

universal frequency 888HZ

639HZ increase love and harmony

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