Understanding The Dual Mirror in Transurfing || EP 160

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In this episode I do a deep dive on Chapter 18 of the book Reality Transurfing by Vadim Zeland called The Mirror World.

One of the most popular and interesting subjects in Vadim Zeland’s Reality Transurfing and Tufti the Priestess is the mirror principle.

According to Zeland, The whole world can be seen as a gigantic dual mirror. On one side of the mirror lies the physical Universe and on the other side of the mirror lies the metaphysical alternatives space.

All around you is an intelligent 3-dimensional mirror that reflects back to you but tries to hide that it is a reflection. Once you realize what this truly means reality becomes yours to compose.

The other side of the mirror is the alternatives space where anything is possible. Where does the mirror end? How does it work? How do we use the mirror principle in our every day lives?

Your actions and thoughts are reflected back to you in incredible ways allowing you to work magic on the outer world.

The word mirror is mentioned 326 times in reality transurfing. When I started to apply these teachings in my life it really helped me to understand the actions I needed to take to manifest my dreams and achieve my goals.

I have explored this in other episodes of the Reality Revolution but in this I focused how it is explained in the chapter in the book Reality Transurfing called the Mirror World. This discusses the the key mirror principles and how you can apply them in your life.

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Welcome to the reality revolution. Today we’re going to continue a series that I’ve had doing deep dives on different chapters of the book reality trans surfing by Vadim Zealand out of my own desire to focus on specific issues in the book. And I skipped the coordination of attention and the ma mere world episode I most recent episode, I did do a portion of the mirror world chapter that was on the mirror makers, which resulted in some backlash people that are heavily into astrology considered this an affront to their own beliefs. And I understand where you’re coming from. So I want to go back and I want to go into a deeper dive on the mirror principles in trans surfing. The key is to understand the mirror principles. There’s a brutal truth to this and once you understand the truth of it, you will understand that whatever you believe is true. If you believe in astrology, it’s true. Whatever you believe is reflected back to you, not just what, just certain things, everything. And this chapter is wonderful, so we’re going to cover most of this chapter, but the beginning, I want to cover the mere principles. Understand the mirror principles. You should. You should ride them out and begin to memorize these mirror principles. When you understand the mirror principals in their totality, you will be able to use the mirror principles in your life. The mirror principles as outlined in this chapter, which is chapter 18 are number one, the world like Amir reflects your relationship to it. Number two, the reflection is formed in the unity of heart and mind, and three, there is a delay in the reaction of the dual mirror. It’s not like a normal mirror, it’s not instantaneous and for the mirror States, the content of the relationship ignores the nature of the relationship that you have with it. It ignores the nature, just the content. Five, do not think about what you do not want. Think about what you are striving to attain. Six, the sixth mere principle is to release your grip and allow the world to move with the alternatives flow. Seven, any re reflection should be perceived as positive. Eight you control reality by controlling your chain of thought. Nine cite the ammo Graham formula at every convenient opportunity. We’ll get to that in a second and 10 you have to move the image, not the reflection I. E. change your mental outlook and the nature of your thoughts. 11 your tension should be focused on the end goal as if it were already achieved. 12 to materialize a slide. You must turn it methodically in your mind’s eye for a sufficient period of time and 13 do not suppress your emotions. Change your relationship to the problem. Some of these may not make sense, so I want to go over the sections in the book that explained this. Now, once again, this is chapter 18 the mirror world in the quote is the world takes care of me and it starts off with a wonderful section called the dual mirror and there’s so much to pull from this. I have had other episodes on the reality revolution, a very popular episode on the mirror principles from trans surfing in two 50 which is very similar to this episode. Sometimes repetition helps, but that was a focus kind of. I took a hodgepodge of different quotations from both books and tried to give a summary of the mirror principles and I think in many ways a deeper dive into this particular section of the book reality. Trans surfing can almost help even more and understanding the mere principles, perhaps the most important under thing to understand in the book reality. Trans surfing is this concept of the mirror world and if this is your first time ever listening to this podcast or being told of the idea or concept of reality trans surfing, it is a wonderful concept that you should get your own impression of by reading the book. That’s what I recommend for most, the best thing you can do is to read the book. And some of these podcasts are an effort to help you understand if you’ve read the book and I try to go over different portions of the book and to give you my own opinions on it or to help you understand it. But it’s a wonderful book written by Vadim Zeeland, a terrific writer from Russia who also had a background in quantum physics. And some of his realizations in the book are amazing and it’s a very complete assessment on how you can create and choose your own reality through a set of principles and techniques that are very powerful. So the section, the dual mere begins the manifestations of reality take two forms according to Zeeland, the physical that which can be touched and the metaphysical that lies beyond the realms of perception. Both types of manifestation exists simultaneously. Each form penetrating and complimenting the other. Dualism is an integral part of our world and many things are comprised of opposites. When you stand in front of a mirror, you represent a real living, physical object. Your reflection on the other hand has no material substance. It is metaphysical, imaginary and yet just as real as the object reflected. The whole world can be seen as a gigantic dual mirror. On one side of the mirror lies the physical universe and on the other side of the mirror lies the metaphysical alternative space or the space of variations in the dual mirror. Unlike in any ordinary mirror, the material world serves as a reflection of the intention and thoughts of God as well as the living beings that are an embodiment of him. The alternative space is like a matrix or template which is used for the cut, the stitching and the fashion show. For the movements of all matter. The alternative space contains information relating to what can happen in the material world and how the number of possible realities it contains is infinite. Each alternative represents a sector of the field that is made up of scripts and scenery, I. E. a trajectory for the movement of matter. In other words, the sector determines that will happen in each specific case and what that will look like. The mirror therefore separates the world into two halves. The actual and the imaginary. Everything that has acquired material form lies in the real half and develops in accordance with the laws of natural science science as well as the conventional worldview is only applicable to what happens in reality. Reality is usually understood to mean everything that is subject to observation or direct impact. If you take away the metaphysical, physical side of reality and only take into account the material world, the activity of all living beings including man, is reduced to primitive movement within the limits of inner intention. As we know using enter intention, a goal can be reached by means of direct impact on the environment. In order to achieve a goal in this way, you have to take certain steps, push and shove, elbow your way forward and do a specific job. Material reality is physically tangible. It responds instantly to direct impact, which creates the illusion that this is the only way and which results can be achieved. However, in the realms of the material world, the range of realistically achievable goals is significantly narrowed. You can only count on things that are present. Everything depends on finances, which are usually lacking in opportunities that are severely limited. Absolutely. Everything in this world is seeped in the spirit of competition. Too many people want to achieve the same thing and there’s not enough for everyone, at least within the realm of inner intention. So where do we get the conditions and circumstances that are essential to achieving our goals? This is where they come from, the alternative space on that side of the mirror, there is an abundance of everything and there is no competition. The goods are not physically present, but the great thing is you can choose anything as if from a catalog and then place an order. Sooner or later the order will be fulfilled and you will not even have to pay for it. You have to observe certain manageable conditions, but that is all sounds like a fairy tale. It is far from it. It is more than realistic thought. Energy does not ever disappear without a trace. It is capable of materializing a sector of the alternative space that corresponds in quality to the thought energy being radiated. It only appears that everything in life is the result of the interaction between material objects, processes that take place in the subtle planes actually play no less an important role in the physical incarnation of alternatives that exist in the virtual dimensions. We rarely noticed the element of cause and effect in subtle processes. Nonetheless, they form the greater half of our reality. As a rule, the materialization of sectors in the alternative space takes place independently of one’s will because as humans we do not use thought energy in a deliberate focused manner, and this is even more the case with less developed beings. As we showed in the first part of the trans surfing, the effect of mental images on reality mostly manifests in the form of our worst expectations being grounded in real life quotation marks. People make their way along the empty shop shelves rushing to reach their handout for a that has already been sold and has a sold sign hanging on it. Only goods of a poor quality or left, but even these are expensive rather than simply flicking through a catalog and making an order. People rush off in random search for what they want, waiting in long queues and trying to somehow squeeze their way through the crowd only to get into arguments with the sales staff and other buyers. The approach still does not give you what you want and you end up with more problems than you started with and here we see an example that is most likely from Vadim Zealand’s life living in communist Russia. Growing up when there was long food lines and using this as an example and understanding that we, we assume when we want our reality that we have to struggle and that we go in and we wait and we have very little to choose from because we’re reduced to what’s available in real life. The blow, this bleak picture of reality usually originates in the mind of the individual and gradually materializes transforming into physical reality. Every living being creates the layer of their world with their thoughts on the one hand and their direct actions on the other. All the layers arrange themselves one on top of the other. As each living being contributes to the formation of reality. A reality is characterized by a specific set of conditions and circumstances which make up the way of life of an individual being from now on re referred to human being. Specifically, habitat conditions vary from favorably to scanty, comfortable to harsh, friendly to aggressive. Naturally the environment in which a person is born plays an important role. But how their life will develop later largely depends on their attitude towards themselves and the world around them. And I see this all the time. I have, uh, people that I work with that are in, in places that they do. They want to escape from where there’s protest, where there’s Wars, there’s revolutions, it’s poor, and they are seemingly influenced by the reality around them, which is constantly being reflected back. And so it’s a real question I ask in a lot of episodes is how when you’re in a situation where your world is not what you want it to be, can you change it? And many ways it starts with your attitude towards the world around you. Subsequent changes in lifestyle are largely determined by that person’s mental outlook. The sector of the alternative space that becomes embodied will correspond in script and scenery to the nature and direction of that person’s thoughts. So two factors take part in the creation of an individual layer of reality in her intention on one side of the mirror and outer intention on the other, a person affects objects within the material world via direct action, whereas their thoughts they embody in physical reality things that are not yet present. If a person is convinced that all the best things in this world have already sold out, then in reality the shells for them will remain empty. If they think that they will have to wait in a huge queue for hours, then pay a large sum of money. That is what will happen. If your expectations are pessimistic and filled with doubt, they will instantly be confirmed. If you expect to encounter a hostile environment, your premonition will be realized. However, if a person allows the innocent thought to permeate their being that the world is saved them, it is the world is saved. The cream for them. This too is what will become manifest. The eccentric who does not realize that nothing is meant to come easy turns up one day out of counter where they have literally just had a delivery of goods as if they had been brought in, especially for him. It turns out that the first customer gets everything for free whilst behind them. Along cue is already forming of people who are convinced that the reality of life is much darker and eccentric fools are just lucky. Life is a game in which the world is constantly setting its inhabitants. The same riddle. Go on. Guess what? I’m like everyone replies in accordance with their own perception of the world. You are aggressive or you are cozy or chill. [inaudible] sorrowful. Friendly, hostile, happy. Ill-fated. The interesting thing is that everyone wins the quiz. The world agrees and stands before each participant in the image they ordered. If the lucky eccentric decides to change their attitude, once they come up against their, the realities of life, their world will change accordingly. Throwing the enlightened fool to the back of the line. This is how the individual creates the layer of their world with their thoughts. The process can be explained using just a few simple principles. The first principle is this. The world is like a mirror that reflects your relationship to it. The world literally consents to your thoughts about it. So why it is that our worst expectations are genuinely confirmed. Whilst our hopes and dreams do not come true, there are reasons for this and they are expressed in the second mirror. Principle reflection is formed in the unity of the heart and mind. As long as the mind does not contradict the wishes of the heart and vice versa and unfathomable power emerges outer intention which materialize in the sector of the alternative space that corresponds to the image of one’s thoughts. Check out my episode on unity of heart and mind. The more we take this teaching, the more I see it in other spiritual teachings. It is the core and the most powerful part of understanding trans surfing. When you link the heart and mind, it’s a real thing. And even if you look at dr Joe Dispenza’s research, what we’re finding is when we’re in coherence, meaning are the rhythm of our body including our heart and minor incoherence, that we work better, we have more energy, more things happen, and this is linking right back into that on a philosophical level, in the unity of heart and mind, this image acquires clear contours and as a result is immediately embodied in physical reality. However, what usually happens in life is that the soul strives for something but the mind is filled with doubt and will not allow the soul to follow the urge or the other way around. The intellect provides convincing arguments for something, but the heart remains indifferent. When unity is broken, the image becomes blurred. It is as if the image splits because the heart desires one thing and the intellect insists on another. There are only two things that bring the heart and mind together, unconditionally aversion and fear for when a person hates they do so. With all their heart and when they feel fear, it fills their whole being. In the unity of a version, a clear image is generated depicting the thing you want to avoid as two manifestations of a reality material and metaphysical, the heart and mind come together at the same point and the thought form is embodied in physical reality. As a result, you get whatever it is you cannot stand. Unlike fear, desires are not as easily fulfilled because in this case of our desires, unity is rarely achieved. The heart resists the mind because having succumbed to the influences of pendulums, it strives towards other people’s goals. The mind in turn, either fails to have any awareness of its inner most desires or it does not believe in the possibility of their fulfillment. Some people believe that to achieve your goal, you have to clearly formulate your order and then release the corresponding thought form into the universe and then do nothing to avoid hindering its realization. If only it were all that simple. This technique works only on the condition that the second mirror principle has been fulfilled. However, unity of heart and mind is only achieved in rare cases because it’s almost impossible to fully rid of treacherous doubts. So what should you do? Now? This is important because I have this problem. I want to manifest something compost as a solution to something I fear, Oh, I have these debts I need to pay, so I try to manifest wealth, but while I’m manifesting the wealth, there’s that fear of the debt that I have. I think all of us come to terms with our own manifestations. Is your manifestation a result or creation of your own fears? What should we do? How can we avoid bringing our fears into our manifestation process? This leads us to the third mirror principle. There is a delay in the reaction of the dual mere. This is important. People expect an immediate return from their manifestations. Even if they’re perfect, they feel it. They are right minded. What’s taken so long? Try to imagine this rather unusual scenario. You stand in front of a mirror, but here is nothing there except emptiness. Only after a little time does the image of your reflection begin to slowly appear like in a photograph. At a certain point you smile, but the reflection still shows the same serious expression. You lift up your arms, but the mirror image remains the same. You put your arms down straight away and again, nothing in the mirror has changed. In order to see your reflection with raised arms, you have to hold them up for a longer period of time, so you need to not just daydream for a couple seconds about what you want. You need to make this a part of your daily thought process. Holding up the arms is the same thing. In my own opinion. The dual mirror works in exactly the same way except that the time delay is much longer and so the changing takes place in the mirror are practically imperceptible material realization is inert like tar. Nonetheless, a thought form or slide as it is referred to in trend surfing can be materialized. Check out my episode on understanding slides and frames. In reality trans surfing. It is a process of visualization where you imagine yourself in very similar to Neville Goddard’s in the wish fulfilled. From that perspective, all it requires is one basic condition. According to Disneyland, you have to run the slide in your mind systematically for a significant period of time. So whatever visualization that you want to run is the visualization is more than a component of just visual reality, but the feeling and the process of living in experiencing so that you can see the reflection you need to to do this systematically for a significant period of time. As you can see, the secret is simple and this really is all it takes. It is hard to believe they could all be so trivial, no magic, just ordinary everyday effort and it really works. Why do we have discussions of the law of attraction? Well, this is when we started experimenting with the mirror and we would have thoughts and and at times when the heart and mind linked together and the circumstances are right, the mirror reflects back to us and then we begin to say, Hey, Oh my gosh, our thoughts create reality and then they say, well, how? Well, this is kind of an explanation of how which can enhance your ability to use the mirror. When you start to understand it, it takes away your lack of faith that you start to build. Over time. I’ve seen nothing. I’ve been manifesting this for so long. What’s going on as I hear many times is just that most people do not have the patience to follow it through. They are lit up and inspired by some idea, but quickly lose their enthusiasm and file the idea for later. In order to materialize a thought form, you have to take specific steps to work with a slide. If you do not do the work, you cannot expect a miracle. How much time is needed to realize the slide depends on the complexity of the goal you set. Whilst the mind is in doubt that the goal can be realistically embodied, the image will remain hazy, but sooner or later some kind of representation will begin to appear in the mirror. Then you will begin to see for yourself how outer intention opens the necessary doors and provides the necessary opportunities for you to reach the goal. This will assure the mind that the technique is bearing fruit and that the goal is in fact realistically achievable. Gradually heart and mind will come to a position of unity, focusing the radiation of thought energy into a sharper image as a result of reflection and will be formed, creating what is normally considered a miracle. The dream that seemed impossible is transformed into reality. I know it’s a small example, but the example that comes to mind for me is my dream for a long time was to find an Avenue to express, uh, my own research and thoughts in the area of consciousness. And I had been writing for a long time, but I was struggling with my writing and I finally got to a point where I might be able to finish this book and started working with an editor and a publishing company and I just realized might as well just throw on some podcasts, uh, because I have a little bit of waiting time for my book to come out. And then I started to see a possibility for me to express my own research and consciousness on a daily basis. And I never thought that it was possible. It was just something that I imagined and I did not imagine necessarily that I would do it through a podcast, but I just imagined that I find an Avenue to discuss this stuff. And eventually it started to form in what we see is this podcast. Now that’s one of the dreams and I have many and I’m sure that you have examples that you formed good and bad from this process that Zeeland then begins to talk about the reality AML gram. So I want to talk about that a little bit so that with the help of the slide technique described earlier, you can successfully create an image which the mirror world mirror will stream into physical reality. Aside from any concrete image, though it would not be all at all bad to maintain an unchanging background to the layer of your world that would consistently create a favorable atmosphere. You may have noticed in the past that your reflection is different when you look in one mirror than it does when you look in another. It is the same face, but every mirror brings out different nuances in the reflection, very slight. Yet tangible differences are revealed such as the emotional coloring, mood, or even psychological type. Depending on the mirror, the reflection will be kind or angry, healthier, sickly, attractive, or less so and warm or cold. I remember reading a story way back when mirrors first became a thing and they found that lining the mirrors with gold when people would look in, it would have a different reflection. So these mirrors became very popular. And of course if you’ve ever been to the carnival, there’s, there’s the bendy mirror, there’s the mirror that different angles, every mirror can have a different effect. The kind of mirror that you’re looking at, you might wonder what could account for the disparity for the reflective surface of each marriage. Should objective Lee convey an exact copy of the same image. However, there are range of factors that can have a tangible effect on the transmission of an image like in a photograph. A lot depends on lighting background, color, and the mirror itself. Venetian mirrors were noted for their particular term as early as in the middle ages, and I think this is an example, the Venetian glass was renowned throughout the world for its fabulous quality, but it was not the glass that the mirror, it’s special quality. People noticed that for some unknown reason it was much more pleasant to admire the reflection in a Venetian mirror than in an ordinary mirror as it gave the reflection of the face noticeably more attractive. Look, it turned out that the Venetian masters had their own special secret. They would add gold to the AML gram. The composition of the mere backing which had the effect of making warm tones dominant and the reflective spectrum, and this is just like on on your camera, on your phone. When you add filters, it’s amazing how different these pictures can look when you add clarity and and different filters and we’re also doing that on a daily basis as we create reality. You can perfect a small part of the dual mirror for yourself to make the layer of your world more cozy. You can try mixing your own ammo gram. The layer of your world consists of a multitude of different reactions relating to your relationship to yourself and to various manifestations in the world around you. It is essential to pick out one particular line within the spectrum of these relationships to determine the prevailing background. You could, for example, choose the following formula. As a dominant, my world takes care of me. People will readily express their attitude to life when they are dissatisfied with something. Whereas when anything good happens, they take it for granted almost indifferently. We do it unconsciously reacting like oysters by force of habit. Now you can go beyond the level of the oyster, wake up and use the advantage that you can express your attitudes to life consciously, deliberately attune your outlook to align with the dominant idea that you will see how the mirror will react. It will be your first step on the path to shaping reality. It’s important before I start doing deep dives on two-fifty, did we talk about these last chapters in reality trans surfing. These last chapters give you almost a clear idea and understanding of what is being talked about in reality in a two 50 the priestess as Zealand and others in the [inaudible] community say two 50 the priestess is an advanced form of trans surfing, but the truth of it is all of the basic concept in two 50 are discussed in these final chapters of reality. Trans surfing in book five and this particular one about the dual mirror is where we begin to see the idea of the advantage method that is described in two 50 the priestess. It’s such a simple and great idea that’s really worked for me. Find the advantage in everything and assume that the world is working to your advantage. And so when you have hiccups and things that come up, your computer breaks down their flat tire on your car. There’s always an advantage. I had a recent experience where I had a flat tire and I was with a friend and we had to wait for the, for the tire to come. So it gave me some more time to hang out with my friend and we enjoyed the meal together and I found out and learned many new things. I would not have an enormous conversation as we waited for the tire in my car, which had gone flat. And when they showed up, they fixed the flat and no big deal and it was to my advantage. So there’s so many different things to consider when talking about this in particular. Now remember when you were a child, the world really did look after you, but you did not truly value it than taking it for granted. Look into the past. Perhaps you experienced this feeling when you were visiting your grandmother in the country. Cast your mind’s eye back to those days in the distant past when you felt secure and serene fragments of memories can be very clear. It is as if a divine aroma is coming from the kitchen where your grandmother is still baking cakes or perhaps you were sitting on a river bank with a fishing rod or sledging down a Hill. What was it like then? Do you recall that feeling of serenity? It was like that then because the world did take care of you and although you may have vaguely suspected it to be true, you would not have attributed any particular meeting that said you would not then have had any particular complaints to make either everything was just fine. Even when a child is playing up, they do not put their heart and soul into their dissatisfaction. They will scream and stamp their little feet, waving their hands about, but the world still carries the child carefully and caringly affectionately repeating what is the matter a little one. Did you make a mass and get yourself all dirty? Let’s go and clean it all up then shall we? As the person grows and develops the world, saves the best for them, making them gifts of exciting new toys and caring for them lovingly the world takes care of. It’s a little charge. It’s favorite, it’s pet. The lucky child discovers all sorts of new pleasures. Whilst everything is new and fresh, unaware of the fact that they are enjoying life in the moment. The person understands this. Only many years later when they remember how good everything was in comparison to how it is now. Now remember when Zeeland says that that we can have that again, this is not something in the past. This is an attitude that we’ve lost, that we can bring back and we can have the same feeling as that lucky child. So why is it then that with time all life’s colors fade and light? Serenity is replaced with anxious concern. Perhaps it is because as we grow older, the number of problems we have to deal with increases. No, it is because we, as we grow up, we adopt the tendency to express a negative attitude. Dissatisfaction is a more powerful feeling than the satisfaction that comes from comfort and being at peace. When you go and look at some of dr Joe Dispenza’s teachings, one really interesting concept comes out and that is the idea that our bodies become addicted to these chemicals. Neurochemicals on a neurological level. When we think we’re evoking stress and concern these these emotional States create chemicals that create pathways in our mind and then we repeat them and it’s like our bodies become physically addicted to these neurochemicals of anger and hate and all of these things. So the question is how can we overcome this? Because we are creating these pathways, this negative attitude. Dissatisfaction is more powerful. Feeling failing to understand that we are in fact happy now. Despite everything we demand more and more from the world, the charges requests become bigger and the charge itself more spoiled and unthankful naturally the world cannot keep up with the charges quickly growing needs and the pet starts to make complaints changing their attitude to the world. You are bad. You do not give me everything I want. You do not take care of me at this point, the negative relationship is charged with all the power of the unfulfilled soul and the capricious mind. The world is a mirror and so it can do nothing except throw up its end in dismay and reply as you wish. My sweet, let it be your way. As a result, reality is a reflection of human thought changes for the worse. When things get to this stage, a person has more reason to feel dissatisfied as a result of which their relationship to life breaks down even more, and so the former favorite and pet is transformed into a grumpy shortchanged by fate and constantly complaining that the world owes him something. It is a sorry picture. People do not remember that they were the ones to ruin it all spotting certain less pleasant features in the mirror’s reflection, they focus their attention on them until expressing their negative response because an automatic response. As a result, everything gets worse than it was before. In the reflection, reality gradually becomes dimmer as does the image. This is why the layer of an individual’s world loses its former brightness and becomes more and more dull and uncomfortable. However you can bring it all back. Very simply, the feeling of calm, serenity, the taste of ice cream as it was in your childhood, the feeling of newness, hope for something better and the joy of life. You will not believe how easy it is, but you do not have to believe it. Try it. It does not occur to anyone that you can renew the layer of their world by taking control of their relationship to reality. Whatever you make of your perception of the world is what your world will become. This should not be interpreted as some wishy washy challenge to look at life more optimistically, but as a genuine steps to shaping your own reality. From this moment onward, from this very moment, whatever happens, make it a rule to consciously control your outlook on life. It does not matter that right at this very moment, things are not as good as you would like them to be. Things are not actually that bad and they certainly could be a lot worse. There are no stones dropping from the sky. The earth is not in flames under your feet and there are no wild animals chasing you. Indeed, the world has changed considerably since you cooled your relationship to it. Do you remember how it used to cradle you in its arms, feed you with grandma’s cakes and tell you stories? Then you grew up and a wall of estrangement appeared between you and the outside world. Warm spontaneity grew into a strange mint. Trust was replaced with fear and friendship turned into cold calculation. Yet the world did not get angry and turn its back on you. It simply went quiet and walked. Besides you, deepen thought like an old friend, offended by a cold welcome. Look around you. Your world is still taking care of you. He planted these flowers in these trees for you. You do not pay attention to the sun, the sky, or the clouds, but imagine what life would be if they were not there in the evenings of a hard day’s work. You can enjoy a moment of relaxation and comfort whilst outside it pours down with rain and a cold wind blows the world, still feeds you and puts you to bed. The world looks at you and size in longing for those happier times, yet you turn away and fall asleep, thoroughly convinced that the world is not what it used to be and that the past can never be retrieved. The world is not changed just as a mere never changes. It is your relationship to the world that has changed and with it reality as a reflection of your thoughts. Now Rouse yourself, open your eyes, sit up in the bed and look about you. It is the same world as it was before that took care of you and with whom you so once enjoyed spending time. Imagine how delighted the world will be when you finally come around from this illusion. Now you’re together again and everything will be used as it is meant to be. Never again must you offend this old faithful servant with your thankless attitude. Most importantly, do not hurry for according to the third mirror principle. He needs time to get back to his formal self. Initially, you will need to show patience and self control. You have to understand that this is part of your specific work on shaping your reality. The work you’re going to do consists in the following. In any circumstances, even the most minor. Confirm your mammogram formula. It does not matter what is happening, whether it is something good or bad, when something fortunate happens, do not forget to tell yourself that the world really is taking care of you. Cite this confirmation at every minor detail of life. The world is taken care of you. When you come up against something that might disappoint you, make sure that even so you tell yourself that everything is unfolding as it should, according to the principle of the coordination of intention. However, a circumstances unfold. Your reaction must be unwavering. The world is always looking after you no matter what. If something happens and you’re lucky, pay particular attention to what is happening. And if you’re not lucky, observe the principle of the coordination of intention and that way you will always remain on a successful lifeline. You do not have to know that the dangers the world is protecting you from or by what means. It does so place your trust in the world. It is essential that you learn to trust. When a person finds themselves in a difficult position, they are more inclined to rely on themselves than hope. Things will turn out for the best. An adult will always insist I can do it myself. So, so the world places them down on the ground and gives the opportunity to manage on their own. Okay. Okay, my darling, run along without my help. Then break the ice of mistrust every time you face a problem. Even if it is relatively minor, say to yourself, I let the my world take care of me. This does not mean you should do absolutely nothing and sit there with your arms folded. It is a matter of adopting the thought that everything will turn out well of its own accord and by default the mirror will reflect your perception flawlessly. If that is how you perceive it to be, then let it be. So make a habit of allowing the world to take care of you from the tiny details of everyday life to the most important issues in your life. If you’ve walked out the door without an umbrella and it looks as if it might rain, do not head back inside. Tell yourself my world and I are going for a walk. Tell your world you will look after me, won’t you? Your world will of course answer you. Of course my darling. You can boldly rely on your world. It will not rain, and if it does, the world will provide you with somewhere where to shelter. Just in time. If things do not turn out so successfully, do not be offended or doubt bitterly whether the world takes care of you. Remember that you’re standing in front of a mirror and all the mirror does is reflect your mental outlook. No matter, no more or no less. There’s no point in getting upset and even less so on battling with your doubts. It is useless. Leave room for mistakes and setbacks. The most important thing is to hold to your overall course. You can rely on the world for all sorts of things if you allow it to take care of you. People are not capable of solving their own problems. Give them to the world to deal with for the world has immeasurable greater capacity to solve them than you do. For example, you cannot avoid all threats with the help of inner intention because the layer of your world intersects with numerous other layers. Rather than directing your intention towards your own safety, directed towards creating a world that takes care of you and protects you, then your world’s intention will start working for you. Depending on what concerns you most, you can choose your own special Amel Graham, for example, you could choose one of the following. My world chooses the best for me when I go with the alternatives flow. The world meets me halfway. I create the layer of my world with intention. My world protects me. My world eliminates my problems. My world takes care of things so that in my life is easy and comfortable. I place an order and my worlds fulfills it. I might not know how to take care of myself for the best, but my world does know. Everything that happens contributes towards the realization of my intention and everything happens as it should. You can even create a new unique Amel gram or several for that matter. I should emphasize though that the most important thing is to be patient and not tire of stating the AML gram formula at every convenient instance. Persistence effort is only required initially until it becomes habit. From there onwards, it is all plain sailing. This simple technique is the key to force more powerful than you would ever expect. You can control reality by controlling your relationship to the world. The dual mirror will embody into physical reality areas of the alternative space in which the world takes care of your welfare, which time you will create a very cozy reality. Prepare yourself for a magnificent cascade of pleasant events. I’m not over exaggerating for a moment. The layer of your world will literally become transformed in front of your eyes. You will be surprised at how quickly things start to change and in this moment you will realize that you will never look at the mirror of the world in the same way again. You will have experienced the rising wind of change. The wind will take care of you. You can be sure of that chasing your reflection. Each person creates the individual layer of their world, their own reality with their mental outlook. Their reality acquires a certain tone depending on their attitude, figuratively speaking, certain weather conditions are set. There may be morning freshness in the sunshine, cloudy skies and heavy rain or even a raging hurricane and natural disaster. To some extent, reality is created as is commonly thought as a result of a person’s direct actions. Thought forms are no less powerful, however it is just their impact is less evident. In either case, the majority of problems are caused by a negative attitude to life. The mass that is created on the metaphysical layer then has to be sorted through on the physical level, which complicates the issue overall. The picture of a person’s separate reality depends on how they position themselves in relationship to everything that surrounds them. At the same time, a person’s frame of mind is conditioned by what is happening them. So what we have is a closed feedback loop. Reality is created as a reflection of an individual’s thought forms in these forms in turn are greatly determined by the reflection itself. This feedback loop is so fundamentally important to understanding reality. Put your comments if you’ve considered this feedback loop. When you wake up, you re when you have recurring patterns and habits and you’re just re re recreating the own frame that you’re in, you’re constantly repeating the same habits and are the same person and you’re seeing the same reflection. It reminds me of an episode that I did just on Neville Goddard about the art of dying and that is you have to become someone else to see a different reflection. When a person stands in front of a mirror, they focus all their attention on the mirror without trying to look inside themselves. It turns out then that the ruling role in the feedback chain is played not by the image, but by the reflection. The person finds themselves under the mirrors power because they are mesmerized by their own copy. It does not occur to them that they can change the original. It is specifically due to this obsessive focus on the reflection that we actively get what we do not want. Usually our negative feelings have a total grip on our attention. We are absorbed with the thoughts of the things we would prefer to be different. We think about the things we do not want and we do not want. The things we think about that is the paradox. The mirror does not take into account a person’s willingness or reluctance. It simply conveys an exact reproduction of the content of the image, an exact reproduction, no less and no more. It is quite absurd. People voluntarily lug around with them. The things they cannot stand. The saying should not be, should be. Not my tongue is my enemy, but my thoughts are my enemy. Despite its absurdity. This is how things are. What happens when a person feels hate, they pour their entire heart and mind into the feeling. The sharp image is perfectly reflected in the mirror filling the layer of that person’s world. When you hate, you will encounter in your life in abundance. So you see on TV and in the news, the way that hatred rises up and then you start seeing reflections of that hate everywhere. Everything is reaffirmed for you. Do you see the problem? And as are, as we’ve become closer to the mirror and we see their reflections faster, we will see our own hatreds reflected in our own focus on these hatreds. The sharp image is perfectly reflected in the mirror filling the layer of that person’s world. Whatever you hate, you will encounter in your life in abundance. So if you’re sitting worried about immigrants, for example, or if you’re worried about poverty, you’re going to start seeing now if you hate these things, you’re going to start seeing it in abundance. That’s why hate is own dangerous. And then the next step, this causes one to be even more irritable, which in turn embellishes the intensity of the feeling. I do not doubt those people out there that have hatred in their heart and it’s intensified everyday because they’re seeing reflections of their hatred. Mentally a person reaches a point where they are ready to tell everyone to get lost. Bugger off the mirror then returns the event like a boomerang. Your you told everyone to bugger off and they did the same to you. Does this cause the number of problems to escalate? You bet. If you stand in front of a mirror and shout [inaudible] go to hell of a lot of you. The reflection will you will see in the mirror. Is yourself going to hell along with the rest of the world. In the same way, the object being condemned penetrates the layer of the prosecutor. Imagine this typical example of an angry elderly lady treats the whole world with bitter reproach. She of course is the perfect embodiment of strict, infallible justice, clear and conscious before others and her own soul. The rest of the world must answer to the fact that it has not been exactly to her liking. A clear sharp picture is drawn with immense precision. Looking in the mirror with an attitude like this, the lady creates the equivalent reality in the world around her, I. E. total injustice. How else should the world respond? It does not judge her or justify itself and its inherent quality. The world becomes exactly as it imagined to be. Exactly. The same thing happens when you’re reluctant to accept something. For example, if a woman is sharp, we adverse to those who drink alcohol, she will be faded to encounter drinking at every turn. She will be constantly confronted with drunkenness and all its various manifestations. As extreme as actually marrying an alcoholic. The greater the wife subversions, the more intensely the husband will turn to be the to the bottle. The husband may try to give it up occasionally, but his wife’s hates drunkenness with such vengeance that she actually savers it and insists it. You will never give it up unless the husband has solid steel intent. The wife’s insistent aversion will end up instilling her thought form into the layer of his world. And here we see an example of Zealand discussing how one person’s intention can IX can influence the intentions of another. Take hold because there’s not as much discussion about that. Uh, there are certainly some discussions of how to change your own intention. But here we have an example. The tendency for pessimism is a fairly unattractive quality. The mood of it will not work out anyway is kind of sadomasochism. The pessimists gets a certain perverted pleasure from reveling in their sorry lot. The world is so bad it could not get any worse. It is going to hell. And taking me along with it. The pathological habit of getting a kick out of negativity develops alongside a tendency to bear grudges. I’m such a nice person. You just do not value me. It is so unfair. That is it. I am insulted. Do not try and talk me out of it. Soon I will be dead and then you will be sorry. And where does this get you? The picture of a fatal misery is not only reflected in the mirror, it is firmly consolidated and the bitter man orders a script for failure and then celebrate. You see, I told you so. All the mirror’s doing is delivering the order as you wish, with the same mood of fatal doom. The loser States their unenviable position. Life is just darkness with no light at the end of the tunnel. They would not want to be stuck with this fate for anything. And so they spend all their thought energy on whining and complaints. What else can the mirror reflect if the image, if the image is nothing but an expression of dissatisfaction as the image I am unhappy, I do not want to. Such is the reflection. It is true. You aren’t happy and you do not want to. Again, the reflection is purely fact. No less and no more dislike of self is just as paradoxical in nature. It is self-generating. There is one golden rule that can be included in the textbook for complete idiots. If I do not like myself, I do not like myself. However strange it may seem, this tautology embodies a principle that is followed by the majority of the population. Take external appearance. As an example, you may have noticed that the most small children are very sweetened, attractive. So how is it that so many adults are dissatisfied with their appearance? It is all to do with the mirror that sends back all complaint. Those who grow up to be beautiful or those who admire themselves. That is the secret. These people are ruled by the principle. If I like myself, I will have all the more reason to like myself more. It is quite another matter. When the image tells its reflection, I seem to have put on a little weight. I need to lose a few pounds. The mirror will dispassionately imply, yes, you’re fat. You need to go on a diet or I will have, I have become a bit skinny. I should build up some muscle to which the response will be yes, your puny going do some weights. Reality responds like an echo confirming what it has heard. This is how inferiority complexes are generated. Low self esteem is followed by a corresponding verdict which the mere manifests as reality. I do not think I have a particular to any particular talent. It is true. You are mediocre. I do not think I am worthy about most happiness. Indeed you are and have nothing to hope for. If in addition to all this is a person has an innate feeling of guilt, there goose is cooked. Am I to blame? Must I carry out my duty? Yes, you deserve to be punished and you will be. How could it be otherwise? If a person feels guilty, even subconsciously, some form of retribution will be reflected in the mirror for certain. Do I even need to say that stress and fear are realized just as instantly. People are afraid of so many things, many of which did do not occur because it would require too much energy for them to be materially realized. Accidents and catastrophes always represent an anomaly in the alternatives flow when the balance is some where Ben disturbed. However, if an unfortunate event lies in the vicinity of the flow, it will undoubtedly take place because people attract it with their thoughts. Doubt, however, has the opposite effect. Unlike fear, which focuses a person’s attention on the possible realization of a given event, doubt is more concerned with what happens and what does not happen. Obviously it’s can obviously in many cases as if despite us, our doubts are confirmed yet why should it seem that things happen as if despite us, in reality, the mirror is simply reflecting our thought content and nothing more. In any case, the desire to avoid something greatly increases the likelihood of impact. Everything then seems to happen in defiance, which usually causes the individual to be in a state of irritation. Most of the time. Irritation completes the overall picture of one’s mental outlook. The result is an integrated image. I feel uncomfortable. The individual’s reality is organized accordingly and is created in such a way that the feeling of discomfort is maintained or exacerbated. It is because of their own negative attitude that people paint the layers of their world black. Any attitude that is fueled passionately by the heart and with the conviction of the mind will be reflected in reality. Moreover, the attitude will literally be replicated to perfection irrespective of what a person is actually trying to express attraction or aversion. Here we can see the fourth mirror principle, the mirror sites, the content of the relationship, but ignores its orientation. How do people react when they see that things do not want, they do not want, are being realized rather than looking at the image, they focus all their attention on the reflection of the image and try to change that. The reflection is physical reality and in physical reality your actions are limited to inner intention. This means that if the world is not listening to you and you cannot make it go the way you want it, you have to grip it by the throat and drag it with all your strength in the direction you want it to go. A difficult task to say the least in some cases, quite impossible. It is totally absurd to stand in front of a mirror trying to catch your own reflection in the hope of making it something of it. Inner intention attempts to change your reality that is ready and realize by means of direct action. The house has already been built but not as you would have liked. You have to take the house apart again and rebuild, but the end result is not quite what you wanted either. Sometimes it can seem as if you were at the wheel of an uncontrollable car. The brakes do not work in the engine stalls or roars and fifth gear. The driver tries to fit in with reality, but the car is totally unpredictable. It would seem logical that if you want to avoid an obstacle in your path, you should turn to the side. However, quite the opposite is true from the moment that the dangerous obstruction has captured your attention. A collision becomes inevitable. You turn the wheel in one direction, but you are carried in the opposite direction. The harder you press on the brakes, the more quickly you slide into the skid. It turns out that it is not man who rules reality, but the reality that rules man, it is like the feeling you might remember from your distant childhood when you were running and shouting with all your mind. The world does not want to listen to you. It is so insulting. Remember, I remember times when I did not want to hear or understand anything. I just ran and screamed and my shouts were intoned by the thought of my feet on the ground. Do you remember ever doing that? Why was I so stupid and up to use grownups? We’re trying to explain something to me, but I have absolutely no desire to comprehend that. They were trying to say everything has to be the way I wanted. Full stop. Now I’m a grownup, grownup myself, but nothing has really changed. I did not learn anything. I’m still stamping my feet and demanding that the world listened to me, but the world does everything to spite me. So I run and shower as I used to do. I run to meet reality, but the wind of inner intention blows in my face and efforts are in vain. Reality is controlling me and forcing me to negatively like an oyster. And this just makes everything that much worse. So how do you control this crazy car? What should people do and where are people going wrong? The mistake we make is that we stare at our reflection. This is the whole problem. This is what we should be doing. First of all, we have to end the chase after our own reflection and stop for a moment. This means dragging our gaze away from the mirror and letting go of inner intention to shift the world in the direction you want it to go. In this moment, the crazy car will stop in its tracks and reality will also stop. Then something incredible happened. The world will come to meet you. The world comes to you. The ordinary, ordinary human mind tries unsuccessfully to impact the in the mirror. The reflection in the mirror when that is required is for it to change. The actual image reflected. The image is produced by the nature and focus of a person’s thoughts. The problem is that people look first in the mirror and only afterwards express their relationship to what they have seen. By doing this deliberately or not, they express as an intention that exacerbates reality. The tendency for negativity brings even more negative traits into the mirror. The individual layer is painted in gloomy tones and is filled with events that will be unpleasant for its owner. When a person falls into despair, the dark clouds in the mirror gather even more. If you take an aggressive stance, the world will instantly put its hackles up. You may notice when you got into an argument with somebody in sharply express your discontent, something else equally unpleasant will follow on just as soon afterwards. The more irritated you get, the more instantly new problems seem to cling to you. Everyone will annoy you with something. People are attached to the mirror by the threads of importance. For everything that happens in the mirror represents our life and has and so has great personal significance. People either like what they see or they do not. Either way, the content of their thoughts corresponds with the reflection which continues to strengthen the existing situation. A person will be dependent on their surrounding reality to the extent that the image is controlled by its reflection. The greater the intensity of your feelings, the more powerful your attachment to the mirror. It does not matter what you are thinking about something. What is important is what you are thinking about. Whether you like the reflection or not, you will. You’re still focusing on it. Only the content of the thoughts has any meaning. Aversion is always focused outside of ourselves. Leave me alone or I am so sick of it all. Irrespective of its nature, your relationship is still focused on the object of your dissatisfaction. The passionate feeling, which is born of unity of heart and mind gives the image sharp contours and as a result that reflection begins to be dominated by everything that corresponds to the content of the image. This is why the poor get poorer and the rich get richer. People admire themselves in the mirror of life and each subjectively States what their reality looks like. This reality pulls you in like a swamp. It is like the old woman in the queue waiting to pick up her pension or retired woman carrying heavy bags in a crowded bus or a sick person being passed from one clinic to another. It is their thoughts that keep them tied to their gloomy reality. At the same time, someone else is enjoying life. The sea yachts, travel, posh hotels, expensive restaurants, whatever their heart desires in every case, whatever the nature of the circumstances. The same fact is stated, this is how we live. Whereas it should be, we live in the manner in which we think about our existence. The mirror confirms and continues to strengthen the content of our thought forms. So you can see how easy it is if you are, if you are born into a life of luxury and you live in an environment that has prosperity all around you, just that sheer possibility of being in that you’ll see more of it reflected back to you. So a lot of times people that are already prosperous or are already rich, there’s no secret or conspiracy on why they’re continuing in their prosperity. They’ve surrounded, they’re there. Fortunately in an environment where they’re surrounded by prosperity and that continues to be the thought forms that they reflect. The standard objection to this explanation is that supposedly the starting conditions are different for every one. One person is born in poverty, while another person inherits a fortune. Of course the starting point counts for a lot and determines how the image of one’s life will initially be positioned and how it will develop later. But it does not mean that every totally, every totally depends on the startup capital. There are loads of examples of how people who were born into the lowest levels of poverty ended up in the highest circles of society and vice versa. Perhaps these are just the rare examples that prove the rule that may be true and yet if it is possible for there to be an exception, the rule cannot be as immutable as you might think. Whatever dark hole you might find yourself in. No, this, you can change everything and what is more, you can change it radically. It does not matter what you may have absolutely no idea of how to bring about the change. You do not have to be able to see a specific way out. The solution will present itself. You think you are at the power of circumstances. You are incapable of changing. Yeah. This is an illusion, a sham that you can easily destroy if you want to. The thing is that we are all subconsciously walking around in a closed circle. We observe reality. We express our attitudes towards it. The mirror consolidates the content of our attitude. In reality, in order to transform reality, all we have to do is break the circle. You look at the reality of your world and you feel as if change is impossible. And in some ways it is because you try to influence your reflection with inner reflection, which does not have the power to significantly change anything. There are too few opportunities this side of this mirror. On the other hand, you do have the capacity to control your relationship to reality and then outer intention can take things into its pants. There’s nothing outer intention cannot do. And remember from previous teachings with Zeeland, I mean it’s not 100% the case, but when you see the words outer intention, you can usually replace that term with God. But that’s my own opinion. So you look at the reality of your world and you feel it as if change is impossible. And in some ways it is because you try to influence your reflection with inner intention, which does not have the power to significantly change anything. You have the capacity to control your relationship to reality. And then outer intention can take things into its hands. There is nothing outer intention cannot do. There are alternatives to the development of events on the other side of the mirror of which the human mind could not even conceive in order to launch the mechanism of outer intention. The fifth mirror principle has to be fulfilled. And remember we talked about the fifth principle earlier, but once again, switch your attention from the reflection to the image. In other words, you have to take control of your thoughts. Think about what you want and are striving to achieve rather than the things you do not want or try to avoid. Look, once again at the close circle formula, people literally move around the mirror circle like a donkey chasing a carrot on a stick attached to the mirror with its attitude, a primitive response to reality. The donkey tries just as unpretentiously to catch up the reflection in it, his striving to change something. Now let us see what happens if we reverse the mirror circle. We express our attitude. The mirror consolidates the content of our attitude. In reality, we observe reality and so where does that get us? The primitive and impotent statement concerning the reflection ends and is replaced by an intentional and goal directed statement of the image. Rather than habitually expressing dissatisfaction at what I see in the mirror, I turn begin, create an image of what I like to see. This is the way out of the mirror maze. The world stops and then comes to meet me. I’m not running anymore. I’m standing still and watching reality come to me and a different wind is blowing in my face. Now. It is the wind of outer intention. This time I did everything the other way around. I ceased the feudal chase after my own reflection. It’s just very much like walking in the desert, looking at the Mirage, walking to try to get to the Mirage that keeps on creeping into the distance, let go of the world and that turn by itself in accordance with my own thoughts. The mirror circle is still a closed circle. Only now I am not turning circles. The circles spins by itself, driven by the power of outer intention. Outer intention substituted my inner intention because I abandoned the attempt to influence the reflection. I simply form a deliberate and desired image in my mind and the dual mere realizes the corresponding sector of the alternative space into reality. The only difficulty lies in the fact that the situation will appear strange. It is strange that the element we observe reality is placed at the very end of the circle. People are more accustomed to behaving according to the rule of what I see is what I bang on about. They send their attitude out into the world and the world returns a watered down version like an echo. I really hope it’s not going to rain, rain, rain. I do not want to study study, study. I do not want to work. Work, work as a result of purified content of an attitude is what materialized as a physical reality. That is why you cannot focus as Zeeland is IX pointing out. You should not be focusing on what you do not want or where you cannot do or do not want to do. Stop focusing on that. You can imagine the kind of monologue the mirror should be having. Tired of all the confusion you do not feel well. Okay, so what do you need in order to feel better? You don’t want to do what you’re doing now. Perhaps then you could deign to explain to me what you do want. You do not like what you have now. Then tell me dear, what do you want? It is very simple. You have to change the negative attitude to a positive one. I know that sounds cliche and I know that when Zealand’s says it, it sounds cliche but he has elaborately convinced us so far of the criticality of that and why your attitude is reflected back to you. In many cases, this may be a matter of life and death. Make an invent inventory of your thoughts and remove all the not particles, dissatisfaction, reluctance, disapproval, hate, lack of belief in success. All these emotions have to be shoved into a rubbish sack or in English we refer to as a garbage sack and disposed of at the dump. Your thoughts should be tuned to the things you do want and like the only pleasant things will be reflected in the mirror. And I still have students and friends that struggle with this claiming that they don’t have control over their own thoughts, that their mind runs freely and that they wish that they could affect it. But you have control over what you have. Your attention on your, your mind might be running crazy. Why don’t you look at some pictures of some positive things that’ll naturally start to bring your attention. That’s why vision boards work. That’s why watching and positive material works. That’s why listening to really positive podcasts like the reality revolution can work. You can start to, you can control. You may not think that you can control your thoughts, which you can do the process of meditation. You can quiet your mind, but you can control your attention and your awareness in what you put your awareness on generally will be what you start to think about. It needs. And let me say this with all my heart cause Zeeland says it and all of you are who are so impatient. Please listen clearly it needs to be understood that a favorable reality will not be created instantly. It requires patience and awareness. Oftentimes as I help people or go through this journey myself, there are multiple opportunities for you to re realize your reality right away and with a lack of awareness. You do not move. That is the, the mirror is constantly reflecting to you and a lot of times at the very beginning there is a quick path but we don’t notice it. Whereas we’re still wallowing in those old thought patterns and we’re in our awareness is not at a point where we believe if we start looking around we can find the keys because we think we, the keys are in our pockets right now, but in in reality, there’s a key to unlock your new future and oftentimes it’s a matter of awareness. It requires patience and awareness. Nothing will be the same again. Now you no longer react to the reality of your life. I don’t care what’s going on with you, forget about it, just let it go. You take command and to re deliberately send your chosen thought forms out into the world. In contrast to the visible negative reflection, you are expressing a positive attitude. It’s a little strange. Yeah, bad stuff happening and it’s a bad environment around you. People are screaming and yelling, arguing bad stuff is happening and you’re still happy. You may have people look at you, what’s going on? How could you be happy? You don’t have to explain anything because very quickly those people will be out of your life if they are a part of this reflection that you’ve created from your previous attitude. It is a little strange, but what is better to be victim to the power of circumstances like normal people or determine your own fate as you see fit, a person’s mood is usually formed as a reaction to unfolding circumstances, be they favorable to your success or not. As a rule, the tendency for negativity keeps a person spirits at a low point. You have to do the opposite and consciously create your mood and some people that’s hard to do too and we can talk about that some more, but you can do it. I don’t care what you think. I was coaching somebody the other day that that was on there was on some psychiatric medication. Even then, you can control your mood. You have the ability to control your mood. Everything you are in control. Nothing controls you. No substance, no situation. You can do it with a little bit of work. Meditation is what helps in my case. Certain techniques and exercises, asking yourself questions and your awareness and your attention are part of those things that you can use to consciously create your own mood. Even the knowledge that you are capable of shaping your own reality raises the spirits considerably. If you’re in, if you’re down right now, just the idea, and I know there are people listening that don’t believe this stuff. I’m saying, what do you have to lose? Just believe it for a little while. Just the belief in it will raise your mood a little bit, right? What do you have to lose? Just try it out. Nothing to lose. Give it a shot with my intention. I choose the colors for my reality, irrespective of the circumstances in my life. I do what I need to do to feel a beat. I do this consciously instead of reacting in a primitive manner to external irritants. This has to become a habit. Slides, visual or musical. Whatever you prefer can help to create the right mood, a Dealy. It should be a picture in which your goal is reached and you feel marvelous. Now, here’s an interesting, I’m one of the first where Zealand’s saying a slide can be musical, visual or musical to create the mood. The mood is important here. However, be prepared for there is a period of time in which you do not notice any change in the layer of your world, and it’s during that time where people blow it open, nothing’s happened, and you immediately start to focus on what’s not happening. And if only they had just stuck with their practices, with their moods, with their attitudes just a little bit longer just right around the corner. Something incredible was about to happen but but the, the doubt that was happening in the moment where you were focusing on what wasn’t happening is what caused it to fall apart because the mirror is just going to continue reflecting. It may have started to reflect something but just like if you’re looking at a mirror and you turn the light on, that’s going to change the view of, of, of the mirror or the opposite might happen. There will be changed but problems will creep out from under the floorboards just to spite you why? These are just temporary inconveniences related to the move to a new level of relationship with reality. You will recall the mirror works with a delay factor. You just have to stick to your guns no matter what and quietly hold the pause walls. Nothing is happening. It should literally be like in the fairy tale. If you look around, you will turn to stone. I let whatever is going on in the mirror. In the meantime be for, I know that mirror does not have any choice. Sooner or later it will have to start reflecting the image I create in my thoughts. If I do not succumb to temptation of looking around and my resolute and I am resolute in my reality, it will be created in the mirror. Everything will be the way I want it to be. Your mental outlook should be as it would be if you were already had. What do you want or are just about to receive it? Remember, the mere materializes, whatever’s contained in your thoughts. For example, if you’re dissatisfied with your external appearance, you take no pleasure in admiring reflection in the mirror. All your attention is focused on the less attractive traits that you dislike about yourself in which you stayed in your mind. You have to understand what that what is reflected in the mirror of the world is your relationship to yourself. Are you like that? Do you look in the mirror and immediately look at what’s wrong? I admit I am too. We all are. It’s natural. You look in the mirror and you look and say, Oh man, my face is getting a little puffy, got a little bit, got some bags under my eyes. Uh, got a little bit gray in my goatee, whatever it is. If I just started looking at the mirror and notice what was positive, I would notice those things. There’s a filter that’s going on and we need to find those positive things. Make it a new rule, not to look into the mirror of the world, but to glance or peep into it. Ignore the negative stuff and search for the good and let everything you perceive pass through this filter. Concentrate your attention on what you want. What did you do previously? You made a statement of fact, I am fat and ugly. I do not like myself like this and the mirror consolidates this fact. It is true. You are those things. Now you have a different task to search only for the wanted traits in yourself and simultaneously create a picture in your thoughts of your desired image. From this moment. This is all you do. You just look for constant confirmation of positive change. Things get better every day and if you practice this technique regularly, you’ll soon be left with your jaw dropping from surprise. Basically, you have to create the relationship first and only then glance in the mirror and not the other way around. Naturally, it takes a little time to get used to it, but the game is worth the candle and a job worth doing is worth doing well. Now reality will not control you. You will control reality. Even taking account of the inner nature of material realization very gradually, the reflection will be transformed into a positive one. The layer of your world will become so filled with good things that you will not have to convince yourself to have fun. The mirror circle will spin easily and spontaneously. The important thing is to get it moving in the first place and then get it to pick up speed with your intention. It will all be downhill from there. Surely not. I do not believe it. The boring reader will say, if only it was all that simple, do not believe it. If you do not want to turn around, if you so choose and a good journey to you around the mirror circle after your reflection, who knows maybe one you’ll catch up. However, if you do not believe it but you’d like to believe it, then all I can say is that belief is not required here. You do not need to believe just pre practice the recommended technique and you’ll see the consequences for yourself. So this is interesting. He does later on mention how whatever you believe is reflected, but a lot of people have difficulties reducing beliefs and so he is saying if you, you’ll still see your, your reflections of your thoughts, even if you don’t believe you’ll see a change for the normal state of consciousness, these things will always remain inaccessible because the workings of outer intention artists skreet and in conspicuous, the mind will never understand how a dream it considers unattainable can come true. It will never believe it to be possible until it is right up against a realized fact. Let the mind be. It is okay for the mind to be pottering about in the room of doubt. Whilst you get on with what you have to do. Yeah, right. It is not working. The laser lazy reader will say, indeed, the mirror technique is too simple for us to believe in. It’s vacancy. We are used to having to find complex solutions to difficult problems. People find it hard to believe that their thoughts really do affect the shape of reality and so these things are rarely taken seriously and as a result they do not try. This is the first reason for the absence of visible results. The second reason is the usual lack of methodical action. Usually people are instantly inspired by some idea, but then lose the feeling of enthusiasm just as quickly as it appeared. There are no miracles here. It requires doing a certain amount of work. Only this time the work has to be done with the head and not your hands. Does the mirror, which works with a delay factor really has a chance to shape your reflection. If all you do is stand in front of it for a fleeting moment and then run away. Now that you’re acquainted with the main mirror principles, all that remains is to put them into practice. It really is very straight forward. In order for a thought form to become established as physical reality, you have to produce it methodically in order. In other words, you have to regularly run the target slide and round in your mind unlike the impractical dreaming that enters your mind randomly. This is a specific task by taking control of the feelings that tie you to your reflection, you are freed from the mirror. Just as Neville Goddard says, the feeling is the secret and here we see it played in reality. Trans surfing. It is not about suppressing your emotions for these are just a consequence of the relationship. You have to change the essence of the relationship, the manner in which you perceive and respond to reality. Once you have your freedom, you acquire the ability to create the type of reflection you wish to see. In other words, by managing your thought process, you manage your reality. If you cannot manage your thought process, reality controls you. The process of taking control of reality can be approached with varying degrees of intensity and application. Using an ammo gram is the simplest and easiest method. It enables you to create a general background of comfort and wellbeing, which in the majority of cases is quite sufficient. Realizing a dream demands more patients and focus. Anyone can use the mirror technique to the extent to which their needs require it. There is nothing new about the idea that our world is a reflection of our thoughts. It is as if everyone understands the idea implicitly, but at the same time it remains vague and ambiguous and so there is not much practical benefits from such knowledge. You should do you how you should do it. What should you do you and how should you do it? Few people have the time to work towards spiritual enlightenment, comprehend the secret forces of nature or develop their own. Now though you have a specific technique at your disposal. You understand how it works and how to use it. Stop running around the mirror circle and you will see that the world will come to you, the maker’s intention. So in order to see the reality you desire in the mirror of the world, you have to take certain elementary steps, intentionally shaped the corresponding image in your mind’s eye, paying no attention to the delayed reflection and peeking at it only in search of any new manifestation of the emerging reality. The thing is that even when you’re aware of the delay, it can be quite difficult to get used to this quirky mirror. That’s me. Some things I still have in the books and I know they’re coming, but the delay, it’s just quirky. The idea is deeply rooted in our consciousness. That reality is either instantly obedient or as if we are holding a stick to it or cannot be controlled at all. We think that if a desire is not fulfilled right this moment, it is not possible for it to be realized at all. You cannot do, what can I be done? People are then resigned to the idea that all they can do is dream and that magic is something inaccessible or transcendental and we are dealing with magic. Here we are dealing with real magic and the reason that magic works, this is the explanation of magic. There are no black magics and white magics. It is all a reflection of the mirror and an manipulation of the mirror principles in why these magic magic tricks work. There is a disallowing of, there’s a certain thing that happens when people participate in magic. A part of their mind can accept the unbelievable in truth, there is no such thing as magic. There is just knowledge of the principles of the dual mirror. This knowledge is not hard to access. In fact, it is so transparent and unsophisticated that it could never fit with the canons of the magical and yet Aladdin’s lamp look like an old can and the Holy grail was not made of gold. Everything that has greatness is inconceivably simple. It has no need of decoration or secrecy. In contrast, it is always the things that are empty and useless that are hidden under a veil of magnitude and mystery. Once magic has been integrated into the mundane and relieved of its fairy tale attributes, it ceases to be associated with the realm of the mystical and the secret. When magic takes its place here in everyday life, it loses its fascinating element of mystery. The wonderful thing about the transformation is that everyday reality and turn ceases to be every day and is transformed into an unknown reality which can be trolled controlled as a waking dream. As long as the mirror principles are observed, you may already be acquainted with Transurban method and know how to work with the target slide. Time is passing, but nothing is happening. It is the same feeling as when you send a letter and wait ages for a reply, the mind becomes restless with impatience. You begin to wonder whether you might not be doing it right or whether it’s all in fact a load of rubbish is that you have you done these techniques and principles and nothing happened and you said it’s all just a load of rubbish, but the world does not stop in the process of reflection being materialized in the mirror continues. It is just that the process is subtle and imperceptible. And so it appears as if nothing were happening at this stage. The scales in the mind shift between the knowledge that the mere reacts with the delay and the old habit of observing an almost instant correlation between direct action and the consequent result. What does the mind think when it perceives no visible result? It thinks that the action is taken is ineffective or wrong. So what then does the mirror reflect? Exactly. It reflects the same. The process ends up being slowed or taking a different direction. You can imagine a mine having this kind of dialogue with the world. I want a toy. Of course you do, darling, but you promised, well, yes. You asked and I said that you have your toy, you seemed quite satisfied that you would have it. You misunderstood me. I want a toy right now. This minute. No, I understand perfectly. You want it now, so where is it then? Exactly where? Where is it? One of us must be an idiot. An idiot undoubtedly. Dammit. I totally forgot that. You’re nothing more than a stupid mirror. How can I talk to you then? I remembered you’re giving me a toy. Okay. Okay, my sweet, so shall we go and get it? Then of course deer come to me and I will carry you and then they set off to get the present that was so desired. Now all that remains is to have a little patience and devote your time to happily preparing for the occasion. The heart sings and the mind rubs a tans in glee. Why should not they be satisfied for they’re going with the world to buy a toy. The transfer for will understand that the choices a person makes are transformed into an undisputable law that will inevitably be fulfilled. All it takes is to focus your attention. On the end goal yet people are never satisfied. Do you think we are going the right way? I do not see any toy shops here. Do not worry deer. We will be there soon, but when I think we have taken a wrong turn and ended up in some back streets, do you think yes, of course we are lost. Whenever you say pumpkin, you know I always agree with you. Stupid mirror. I knew I should have never relied on you. Where have you brought me? I wanted to pop into the park on the way and push you on the merry-go-round. Whilst we are out, people feel unsure of themselves when they are elite. When they’re led blindfolded, the mind just cannot come to terms with the fact that nothing is happening or that events are not unfolding as they had expected. The mind is like a cybernetic machine. When the work algorithm is disturbed, a red light comes on. The only difference between them is that the mind creates its own program or scripts naively assuming that it can account for all future variables in advance. The primitivism of so-called common sense lies. In the fact that is not only chooses a stereotypical program of action, it also insists on it in the moment that the choices made in the final goal. Image is set. The mere world of the world receives the order and sets about realizing it’s according to a specific plan, only the mirror, because know how the images reflection will be formed as the means. Is it inaccessible to the mind? Yet when the mind sees that events are unfolding according to some strange scenario, it sounds the alarm and the individual then takes the world by the throat for surely something must be done about it. The person thinks that nothing is working out, which begins to distort the target slide. On top of all this, the person then takes action to support the scenario. They consider more fittingly and again ends up hindering the realization of the other plan they cannot fathom and yet would lead them to certain success. It is as if you snicker yourself with your own ball or as the Russian proverb has it, it won’t fit in the box. It won’t come out of the box and it won’t give the box up by taking a deadly grip on their own version of the script, which they feel sure must represent the path to their goal. The person prevents the goal from ever being realized. But that is not all the irrepressible desire to have the toy as soon as possible pumps up so much expo assess potential that the mirror is literally distorted and what good is a distorted mirror. Desire of itself is essential. Because without desire there would be no striving. Something that Neville Goddard also is a big advocate of his desire. Some teachings will claim, for instance, um, Lao Tzu in talking about, um, in, in, in the wonderful discussion in Buddhism, Buddhism says, the desire is to be avoided, but desire itself is essential because without it, there would be no striving. And if you add to this, the resolve to act, you have to have the will to achieve your goal. But if you add doubt plus fear, failure to the mix, you end up with the longing. This is the importance that has consciously reduced of itself. Desire does not create tangible excess potential. It is only a problem when your doubts and fear make you take the world by the Scruff of the neck. People usually think more or less along the lines of I want to, but I am afraid it won’t work. Carrying the self-imposed responsibility of success or failure is a heavy yoke and causes people to place harsh conditions for themselves and the world around them. They make excessive demands of themselves and have high expectations of life. As a result, the mirror is distorted threefold. I want, I fear I can’t let go. It is a distorted three-way mirror. If you think that the intention means firmly demanding what you think the world owes you, the results you want to see will elude you. If you request that the world give you what you want, you will still end up with nothing. It is important to understand that all you have to do is make an order and allow the world to carry it out for you. You just will not permit the world to do so because of your demands, requests, fears, and doubts and response. The world also demands, requests, fears and doubts. Perfectly reflecting your condition for the world is just a mirror. You have to get a sense of this feeling. Let the world go. Allow it to be comfortable place for you to be right now. It is a subtle fleeting feeling that passes quickly, but it might be caught hold of. Imagine for a second something incredible. Imagine that the hostile, problematic, difficult and inconvenient world has become joyful and comfortable. You can allow the world to be so. Whether you do so or not is up to you. It is not a matter of being happy. By default. It is about allowing happiness to enter your life. We are only as happy as we allow ourselves to conceive of the possibility of unbelievable luck. You don’t have to force yourself to be happy. You just have to allow yourself the luxury of being so trust the world. It knows best how to reach the goal and we’ll take care of everything you do. Not usually concern yourself with the question of how a normal mirror can produce such a perfect reflection. Do you? When you stand in front of a mirror, you only think about what you’d like to see in the reflection. A mirror of the world, just at a precisely just with a delay. Now we’ve talked about the mirror for are a very long period of time so far in this episode. Just remember this is not a flat mirror. This is a three dimensional mirror. So it’s something also to consider. Um, just in case you do not yet feel confident that you really can rely on the world. W there are two more mirror principles. It may be that some people find it easier to act following a set of instructions. However, before me move into the sixth and seventh principles, let us quickly recall the fifth. Let us suppose that you have determined that your goal is and began working systematically with the target slide. You understand that the results will not be an instantaneous and you and your mind is fidgety. Time is passing and nothing seems to be happening or things are happening that you did not expect in these moments when your mind is full of doubt, activate your conscious awareness. You have forgotten the rule, turn around and you will turn to stone. Your attention must be focused on the end goal as if it ought already been reached. The world comes to you whilst you are focused on the image. As soon as you turn to the reflection in the mirror where God knows what or or nothing at all is happening, the world stops and you resume the exhausting and fruitless run around the Amir circle. You have to constantly remind yourself that the mirror works with a delay and requires a certain pause whilst it puts the reflection together. That is whilst the images materialized into physical reality for the time the pause lasts. You have to stick to your guns and believe in the conditions and in success when it seems as if everything is going down the pan. What you eventually receive will depend on how courage you are in not giving into the despondency. This is true magic stripped of magical attributes by having real power. There are so many examples of successful people. If you go back and look that had been told, this is not going to work. This won’t happen. You can’t do this all the way from Steven Spielberg to Steve jobs, to the creator of Kentucky fried chicken, Colonel Sanders. So many examples, and what they all did is they didn’t listen to everybody telling them and it’s not gonna work. You have to constantly remind yourself the mirror works with a delay and requires a certain pause while so it puts the reflection together. That is whilst the images materialize into physical reality for the time that pause lasts, you have to stick to your guns and believe in the conditions and in success when it seems as if everything is going down the pan. Remember those words, I’ve now read them twice. It’s very important. What you eventually receive will depend on how courage you are in not giving to despondency. That is true magic stripped of magical attributes, but having real power. And so I’m thinking, you know, I’ve always wanted to make a mirror meditation, but I’ve struggled with how to make it into a meditation. And one of the keys is understanding the mirror is to stay confident in despite of that you see around you. He should only turn round to look in the mirror, I. E. express your attitude towards what is happening. So looking into the mirror means expressing your attitudes towards what is happening. To note positive shifts and allow yourself to experience a pleasant feeling of surprise. In other words, your eyes must be wide open to anything that gives evidence of the world moving towards your goal and firmly shut to accompanying inevitable negative phenomenon. If you have the tenacity not to look back, then as a rule, the results will exceed your highest expectations. You will not only be given a toy, they will spin you on the Merry go round and treat you to an ice cream. In a general sense, the rule for how to use the mirror can be expressed in the following way. When looking in the mirror, do not try to move the reflection. Instead, try to move the image, your relationship to it and focus of your thoughts. In other words, move yourself. Do not try and catch your own reflection as a kitten does. When it plays with its double, not understanding that double is its own reflection. Have you had your cat look into the mirror. It’s very funny. A song by the famous musician in philosopher Boris [inaudible] cuff contains the lyrics. She knows how to move herself to her full height. Spinning around your own axis, you, you observe that was some delay. The world begins to slowly turn after you, but you do not rush to grab hold of it and make it spin. This is the difference between inner and outer intention. Inner intention forces you to try and have an impact on the reflection. Outer intention is about leaving the mirror alone and concentrating your attention on your thought forms, thereby having a true power at your disposal, a power capable of moving the world. What will we do mama, when she moves herself? The secret to this power lies in letting you have your grip. The human mind meets any circumstance it had not foreseen and pays attention to the slightest deviation from its script with hostility or a reaction promptly follows that is just as natural as it is primitive to try and correct the situation to object, refuse, insist on one’s own way to argue, make sudden movements. To be proactive. Basically the mind grabs at the reflection and insists in having its way. Of course, when your attention is glued to the mirror, you succumb to the illusion that you only have to reach out your hand and reality, which is so close you could touch. It will instantly submit to your will. No such luck. The silly little kitten is deceived into playing with an ordinary mirror and yet man who stands one rung higher and consciousness falls into exactly the same trap. The only difference is that the illusion of the dual mirror is more sophisticated. That is all. It is essential that you keep your hands away from the mirror and allow the mirror to move. In the majority of cases, no proactive action is necessary. It is enough to be mild and flexible and go with what is happening. As you may recall, the alternatives flow will direct events along an optimal course. If it is not hindered, the permanent mind is inclined to slap its hands about in the water, in a row against the current insisting on upholding its own ideas. Now in order to free yourself from the illusion, you have to turn around the short sighted intention of the mind making it dynamically correct it scripts including the unpredictable. The task will be new and unfamiliar to the mind, but it is the only way out of the kitten role. The sixth mirror principle sounds release your grip and allow the world to move with the alternative flow. Inner intention will then turn around and move in the opposite direction, which brings us to the following paradox. By abandoning the position of control, you acquire real control over a situation. Try to observe all that surrounds you with the eyes of the observer. You represent a part of a play and at the same time you act in a detached manner noting any movement in the set. If someone offers noted any movement in the set, if someone offers you something, do not be quick to refuse it. If someone gives you a piece of advice, think it over. When you hear a different point of view, do not be too quick to enter into a debate if it appears to you that something is doing something wrong or let it go. If circumstances have changes rather than sounding the alarm, try and embrace the change. Whatever you’re involved in, take the simplest course of action. If you have to make a decision or choice, give preference to the option that comes most naturally. This does not mean that you should agree with everything wholeheartedly. It is one thing to close your eyes and let yourself be taken by the power of the current and quite another to consciously and intentionally move with the flow. So I’ve heard this argument that why should I move with the flow? It’s just going to pull me down the current and I lose control and there is a flow that will lead you to multiple places and you can move the flow intentionally. You will sense when you need to tighten the reins and where you should consciously give some Slack. Let the world go and observe how it moves. Watch the world as if you were a wise mentor. Allowing the young pupil freedom of choice only occasionally giving them a push in the right direction. You will see how the world begins to spin around you. And I know all that sounds flowery, but we get into a point where we start working on manifesting and meditating and we think that we can control everything. And I think one of the thoughts of this is that don’t worry about everything. Focus on your primary intention and if you have things happen around it, let it be and assume that it’s all working to your advantage. That’s the key. Now has come the time to introduce you to the last most important and powerful of the mirror principles aside from the capacity for impeccable reflection, the mirror has one more quality in a mirror, right becomes left and space that stretches far into the distance seems to move in the opposite direction. People have long become used to this quality and have learned in their mind to transform illusion into reality in their mind to transform or illusion into reality. However, the mind still has not managed to overcome the challenge of the illusion of the dual mirror. The problem lies in our tendency to see the bad in the good and to turn positive into negative and to perceive one goods fortune as an evil lot. In reality, the world is not intent of machination against its inhabitants. Problems are not the norm because they require a greater expenditure of energy and nature never wastes energy. The alternatives flow always take the path of least resistance. You could say that it follows the path of fortuitous circumstances. The majority of problems are caused by the individual slapping their hands about in the water and rowing against the still current. The main thing, however, is the tendency for negativism that generates a corresponding image, which the mirror streams into physical reality. Remember, all the world does is reflect your relationship to reality. With total precision [inaudible], however gloomy the reflection appears, it will only become darker if you treat it as something negative. Likewise, the negative can be transformed into the positive if you declare it. As such, any circumstance or event carries in Heron unfavorable as well as beneficial potential. By expressing your attitude at this crossroads, you determine how events will unfold further successful. You’re not, I know it’s a, and that I mentioned a lot and a lot of other uh, people in this particular drawn row, we’ll mention that, that, Oh look back on those bad things that happened and they turned out to be good. The blessing in disguise is what we’re talking about here and it’s a real thing. And part of it is the filter that you use to accept circumstances that occur in your life. Something bad happens. But if you have a filter that says, that’s working to my advantage, the world may after that fact start to create, okay, well let’s figure out how we can make this to that person’s advantage. So it’s very important PR. If you just had something terrible happen or you’re going through something, try to find the advantage or benefit even if you know it’s not there, you gotta try to, we are pretty elastic with our human perception and we can find ways to manipulate ourselves to make it think that, and the world will end up hearing reflected later in the long run. You will always end up winning even in the most unfavorable of circumstances. That is the key and the seventh mirror principle is embrace any reflection as impositive. Whatever you see in the mirror, you can never know what’s going to ultimately result you decide what is best for you. Moreover, when things do turn out well, do not take it for granted or remain indifferent. Be glad, express your pleasure and sharpen your awareness of the fact that everything is going so well. Whatever happens, everything is unfolding as it should be. This is none other than the principle of coordination, of coordinating intention, which I have discussed in an other episode and I’ll do a deep dive on that chapter on the coordination of intention. For example, imagine that you face some kind of problem when you first encounter the problem. It is as if you’re standing in a crossroads where only you can decide whether to declare the problem complex or straight forward. The tendency for negativism and wariness from the burden of life force. You force people to bow under the yoke of their problems and sorrowfully state. Oh, how difficult. What a complex issue. And the world instantly agrees as you wish. My love, the world always complies. So given this okay is the case, it makes sense to do the opposite and tell yourself everything is being sorted out very easily. Even if you do not really feel it, declare the problem straight forward. Let this be your postulate for in essence, the problem is only made complex by one small detail. It is. It’s accompanying circumstances. This small detail determined by your relationship to the issue. Whatever happens, the world will again agree to everything. Is everything going to pot? No, not at all. Everything is going great and although you may appear a complete idiot to any sane and sober individual, rub your hands and satisfaction, it’s all fine. Clap your hands or make a little jump of pleasure and then you’ll see soon. Discover that circumstances that previously seem detrimental are actually ACE cards in your hand. There’s a mirror. Quality always has such a sudden and unexpected impact that you never get used to. Every time a failure turns to a victory in your eyes, you will expect experience this feeling of in comparable delight making you want to cry out. No, you do not say it is magic. Previously, from the point of view of common sense, you’d have reasoned quite differently, which would have accounted for all the full range of hardships and privations you previously had to experience from this moment onwards. Every time you come across any kind of problem of unpleasant situation, remember that whatever the circumstances, the world will comply with the nature of your relationship to what is happening. Whatever you wish my dear, do you see what you now have at your disposal? You no longer have to sit and wait for the Bluebird of happiness. Today’s [inaudible] to visit you or for the wheel of fortune to turn in the right direction. You are the master of your success. You use your will to declare any event or circumstance beneficial and to your favor. This approach goes beyond just relying on the Goodwill of the world to take care of you because it loves you. The entire world is one dispassionate mirror and if it takes care of something, it is only because you are looking at it in the way. In that way, neither is it a case of confidence, which circumstances could shake it any moment, nor is it self assuredness that comes from blind faith in success. It is not even a matter of being optimistic by nature. It is the intention of the maker. You create the layer of your world. You are the maker of your own reality. You are the maker of your reality. As long as you know how to move yourself without denying the world its own freedom to move, to move yourself means to follow the last three mirror principles. The maker is not so much an active agent as an observer. The will of the maker is different than it than it does not support Nate. It allows now you know how to work with the amazing dual mirror. You need no longer fear the things of the world that other would consider hostile, problematic, or intractable. The world is yours. Take it by the hand and say to yourself, my world and I are going for a walk. So again, we’ve gone over these mirror principles. The world like a mirror reflects your relationship to it. The reflection is formed in the unity of the heart and mind. There is a delay in the action and the reaction of the dual mirror and the mirror States the content of the relationship and ignores the nature of the relationship. Do not think about what you do not want. Think about what you’re striving to attain. Release your grip and allow the world to move with the alternatives flow. Any reflection you need to re perceive it as positive. You control reality by controlling your chain of thought site, the ammo Graham formula at every convenient opportunity. This is all working for me. You have the, you have to move the image, not the reflection. Change your mental outlook in the nature of your thoughts. Your attention should be focused on the end goal as if it were achieved to materialize a slide. You must turn it methodically in your mind’s eye for a sufficient period of time. Do not suppress your emotions. Change your relationship to the problem. [inaudible] this principal is really amazing and I found it once I understood it to change my life cause I was able to let go of my, I don’t. I wanted so badly the scientist part of me to understand how this worked. And now I kind of understand how it works. Everything’s just reflected back to me. It can take days, it can take years, but it will be reflected back to me. And the longer I hold my reflection, the more likely I’ll see things reflected back to me. It’s pretty simple and it’s pretty amazing. And I recommend that you use these principles and see how it works for you. You are a beautiful reflection of this mirror and I want your reflection to continue to become more beautiful and amazing every day. And I hope you can apply these principles in a way that helps you as always. It’s a real joy to share these teachings and ideas on this journey. If you have any need for coaching, check out my website@atadvancedsuccessinstitutedotcomyoucanalsofindallepisodesoftherealityrevolutionattherealityrevolution.com leaving the comments on ways that you have seen the world reflected back to you. Let’s use these comments as a laboratories that we can share our own perspectives on how we’ve seen the world work in the way that it comes back to us reflected like a mirror. It’s always a joy and pleasure and wel

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