Using Lucid Dreaming To Explore Your Existence In Multiple Reality || EP 713

You are experiencing a separate and distinct reality whether you remember it or not, and the things you encounter while there can have a very real influence on you.  These things can be positive or negative, and the effects are potentially powerful. ​There is ample evidence to suggest that you are carrying on a totally separate life – or lives – while your body takes a time out.  

You are still “you” in every sense, but it is possible that there are many “yous” and that, in dreams, you inhabit many different characters as real to you as you are to yourself in the waking world.  If you are a person who has fairly good dream recall, think back and you may remember at least one dream in which you seem to have been two different characters, interacting.  Viewpoint switches back and forth.  Or you may recall a dream in which you witnessed some powerful event, and also recall that you were directly involved in the same event, seeing from two vantage points.  This duality within dreams is common. ​

Of course none of this makes much of an impact on you unless you awaken with some recollection of what you experienced while dreaming.  Similarly, none of this qualifies as evidence of a separate reality unless you are – at the time you experience it – actually aware of it.  If there is no real time awareness, it is more like watching a movie, albeit a very odd one, than living and owning a separate and distinct reality.  Add to that the fact that dream recall is, for most people, vague at best and it becomes clear that awareness during and within the dream is of utmost important if it is to ever appear to you as a separate and authentic alternate reality. ​Look around the room right now.  

Does it seem to you that you might be dreaming?  Do things around you look “unreal”, as though you are just imagining (or dreaming) them?  I would hope your answer is “no”, that you are sure you are awake because this is reality.  It looks real, it feels real (go ahead, touch something, push against it), therefore it is real — right? ​You just practiced what we call a “reality check”.  To make it even more reliable, try to intentionally do something you know very well you cannot do, such as bending a solid piece of wood or metal.  

Or better yet, try to float up off the ground, or look at an object and “will it” to change shape or color, or to disappear.  If the result is as you expect, you can be assured you are not dreaming.  That is the type of reality check lucid dreamers do all the time, both while awake and while dreaming.  

The difference is this: Once in a while a very bizarre thing happens; they manage to float, or bend steel, or walk right through a wall.  And when this happens, they are absolutely taken by surprise because they discover they are dreaming even though a moment before they would have sworn on the grave of a loved one that they were awake and that their surroundings were “real”.

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