The Revision/Recapitulation Meditation (Neville Goddard) || EP 224

Neville Goddard says

And now you have a mission, you have a purpose in life; it’s a noble purpose, because you have been selected to really become the chief gardener in the garden of God, and in the garden you must have pruning shears, and pruning shears is revision. You simply revise, and as you revise the day you repeal the day, for the day is not slipping into the past, it does not recede as people think, it is always advancing into the future to confront you, either pruned or in some strange weed-like state. So it’s entirely up to us–I hope that every

man and woman here today will take me seriously and start this day pruning your garden. pruning your mind.

I know before I leave this city in a matter of two weeks that you will be able to tell me of the new things that spring in your world or that spring from the pruned tree that is your own lovely imagination. You try it: then you will know what Blake meant when he said. “In heaven, the only art of living is forgetting and forgiving.”

The only art of living is complete forgetfulness by putting something in its place, no vacuum, but putting something in its place.

Toltecs and Carlos Castaneda proposed the necessity of recapitulation, a process we undergo near death where we relive our lives.

Imagine if we can recapitulate your life as if you were about to die.

This will allow us to profoundly change our lives.

In NLP they have a powerful technique called rescripting where you replay and reimagine past events.

I asked on my facebook group what they wanted in this meditation there was a lot of different opinions, some wanted to revise by category some by years, so I chose several different angles at revising to try to do it all.

If you do this repeatedly you will get better at.

Try writing out a list before hand of what you want to revise and you will find greater depth from this meditation.

Like all meditations this is experimental so give me your feedback so we can improve future versions of this meditation

This is one of my favorite Mettaverse playlists ever. It has everything.

Healing Meditation Music for Deep Regenerative Sleep ✧ 528 Hz ✧ Miracle Tone for Insomnia

Sound Medicine ✧ 528Hz DNA Integrity & 787Hz (Universal Remedy) Rife Frequency ✧ Ambient Music

528Hz ✧ “Solar Winds” ✧ The Core Creative Frequency of Nature

Ambient Healing Sound Bath ✧ 432Hz Tuning ✧ Let Go of Overthinking, Calm the Mind ✧ Meditation Music

639Hz ✧ Increase Love and Harmony ✧ Cleanse Negative Energy ✧ Positive Meditation

Celestial Voices ⟡ 372Hz ⟡ Dimensional Openness

111Hz ✧ Cellular Healing ✧ The “Holy Frequency”

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