The Power To Change Yourself || EP 1116

At this point, if you have followed the podcast, you understand how life principles of fear, self-doubt, worry, envy, and anger hold you back. And because you have been doing my meditations, you are beginning to master them.  

You are beginning to enter situations that were once fearful for you in the past.  

You still may have hesitated, gotten angry, and experienced anxiety, but they don’t have the same hold on you that they have in the past.  

You may still be encountering a certain amount of resistance and discomfort, but given that learned some new techniques and practices, you are becoming rather skillful at getting into a relaxed state to handle the discomfort and move past it.  

You know that when you have anxiety or experience frustration you can ride it through, and you have begun to do this rather than reacting to it.  

You are able to see how anxiety developed and it probably did not last as long as it had in the past.  

You have a better understanding of what caused issues and you understand the sequence of the chain reaction to slow things down and not react.  

You have also developed some amount of skill by using the techniques you have learned thus far to replace old unworkable beliefs and behaviors with new life principles aligned to what you want.  

You see that your life is beginning to change. You’re beginning to tap into your capacity for creativity, spontaneity, and aliveness.  

You understand the power of a vision in that it pulls you forward and at the same time guides you to begin living in the now as if you have already achieved it so that you become the person you were meant to be.

Have you found the power, the power to change yourself?

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