The Mystery Of Melchizedek || EP 438

There are many mysterious characters in the Bible. Even those we know a lot about are still a mystery to us. In my estimation, the most mysterious and most misunderstood is Melchizedek. Only one other person comes to my mind that is a close second in mystery, and that Is Enoch. We know more about Enoch than we do about Melchizedek. If you look up Melchizedek, you will find many people claiming to be of the Melchizedekian order. You will also find references to Melchizedek as an “Ascended Master.” This is a more recent development of the New Age movement and is based on channeled wisdom.

I will shed light on the meaning and origin of the “name” Melchizedek. I will examine Melchizedek In the Old Testament. It is here where he first appears. I will discuss the Canaanite theory of his origins. We will take a brief tour through the Dead Sea Scrolls to see how he is portrayed. In it, he is the enemy of Belial. Melchizedek can be found in the Gnostic Gospels and the Apocrypha. I will examine these sources. I will examine the New Testament sources about him and how he is portrayed. Melchizedek is found in early Rabbinic texts. It is in these documents that his identity changes within the Jewish tradition. I will discuss Melchizedek as he was understood by the early Christian Church.

Melchizedek, High Priest of the Most High God, El-Elyon I ask that you minister unto me, Make your holy ways known to me. Show me the way in which I should walk along my path. Guide me in your righteousness and teach me. Bless me as you have blessed Abraham, Bless me in the name of El-Elyon; I await your holy guidance. So Be It!

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