Guided Meditation The Mana Force || EP 439

Based on the recent episode the miracle of Mana force power.  This meditation uses the breathing technique suggested by Madeleine C Morris.

At Last – after 1,000 years of unbroken silence the incredible Miracle working secret” of Hawaii’s Kahuna Magicians is being revealed here today to my ever first student!

The secret is known as MANA-FORCE POWER, has for centuries been the exclusive knowledge of initiated Priests of the mysterious Huna sect. With it, Kahuna Priests would manipulate the forces of the Universe to work day-to-day literal miracles on behalf of their believers.

And now, this same MANA-FORCE POWER is ready to work for you!

Use this for a single purpose, a single desire, a single goal.

This is a 30 minute meditation

Meditation Starts at 1:21

Welcome to the reality revolution

Music By Mettaverse

soothing strings

natural vibrations

undercurrent of serenity

528hz solar plexus chakra

741hz throat chakra

natural vibrations 432hz

universal frequency 888hz

sound medicine

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