Gratitude is one of the most powerful emotional signatures, and when you radiate gratitude into the quantum field – miracles always occur.

In the Gratitude Prescription, Will Pye states, “Consider for a moment the possibility, however ludicrous it may seem, that everything that has ever happened, is happening, or will ever happen is but a lovingly designed part of a process with this realization as its purpose. Consider the possibility that the purpose of your life is to realize what you are, to awaken, to grow and evolve, and that everything can be alchemized for this purpose through gratitude.

In Neville Goddard’s the feeling is the secret he explains the secreting to creating a reality from your vision is the feeling. If you can create a feeling in your body similar to the feeling of that thing you want to manifest, it the secret to reality creation.

Often times people I meet do not have a goal but wish to create a better life. The best way to do it is gratitude. If you feel grateful the world will reflect back things to be grateful about. People have overcome cancers and major obstacles by practicing gratitude.

Radical gratitude is the key.

On this meditation, the intention is to create a feeling of gratitude and amplify X100 and allow you to hold onto that signature of gratitude as long as possible. Try this in the morning and set up your day perfectly.

I am so grateful that you get to take this journey as well

The music is set at what I call the gratifestation ocatve with celestial voices and my soft om in the background creating what Wayne Dyer called “the sounds of both gratitude and manifestation.”

No matter how you feel right now, I promise that once you go with the flow of this gratitude meditation that everything will be working for you after you are done.

Thank you!

Once again I experimented with some great tracks from Mettaverse.

I combined 5 Mettaverse tracks and it came out perfect.

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Music by Mettaverse

111Hz Cellular Healing – The “Holy Frequency”
by Mettaverse with permission from Mettaverse

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