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Neville Goddard – The Clever Rascal The Unjust Steward || EP 777

The Clever Rascal: The Unjust Steward 5/5/64 Neville Goddard Tonight’s subject is “The Clever Rascal.” This is taken from the 16th chapter of the Book of Luke. There’s a story told there of an unjust steward. There’s a very rich man who had a steward and charges were brought against the steward that he was […]

Neville Goddard On The Book Of Revelation || EP 286

NEVILLE GODDARD ON THE BOOK OF REVELATION 5/31/1963  It was asked by someone present, would I please talk on the Book of Revelation, and I in an idle moment said yes… because here is the end of the play. You see, the whole vast world is a play. The word genesis means beginning; an apocalypse is […]