Sleep Wealth Meditation Neville Goddard Raining Money || EP 182


This is a sleep meditation designed around several Neville Goddard lectures including Many Mansions and All Things Are Possible.

In those lectures Neville mentions a technique where his friend imagined that it was raining money and he could feel the money coming down.

In All Things Are Possible he tells the audience to repeat the phrase I am Secure I am Wealth I am Free

The meditation begins with a revision and takes you into the feeling of the wish fulfilled you are then taken to a lovely landscape where it rains money and the ending you will hear the phrases I am secure I am wealthy and I am free repeatedly before fading out.

Again by request there is no music at the end. We heard your concerns and eliminated that so as not to disrupt your sleep.

This works well with a bluetooth sleep mask

But you can also listen to it through any speaker.

The mettaverse backing track has gently delta waves guiding you into a deep sleep

Rejuvenating Sleep / Reconnect with Nature / Binaural Beat 3-Hz Delta Wave

Music by Metaverse

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