Ruth Montgomery – Starseed Dreams Of Arcturus || EP 834

Arcturus, one of the three brightest stars of the northern hemisphere, in the constellation Boötes, lies on a direct line with the tail of the constellation Ursa Major.  

The Encyclopaedia Britannica describes it as an orange-colored giant star forty light-years from the sun.

Ruth Montgomery met several fascinating people who are said to have come directly to earth life from that star, she asked the Guides to describe it, and they wrote: “We have lately been to Arcturus and can tell you quite a lot about the influence that it has on souls seeking advancement there.  It is a leavening star, a force for good, and it is used for honing character and instilling in those who tarry there a desire to return to their respective planets and tell everyone what they have discovered:  that each of us is something of God, and that we are all one.  Together we form God, and it is therefore essential that we help each other, so that all may advance together.”  

They then identified for me a group of souls who returned to earth bodies through the natural birth process, plus their leader, who they said came back to earth from Arcturus as a Walk-in six years ago.

Here in her book Aliens Among Us Ruth Montgomery explores tips from her guides with her journalistic style several starseeds who may have come from Arcturus.

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