Robert Collier – What Are We Here For? || EP 1217

What are we here for?  Why are we living on this planet?  

One of the early Christian missionaries to Britain was addressing a conclave of the tribes, gathered at night in a rude hall, made of branches covered with skins and open at each end. He spoke eloquently of the one God. He told them of the Saviour. He pictured the joys of a future life. As he finished, suddenly out of the night there swooped a great bird, fluttered for a moment over their heads, then disappeared into the blackness beyond.  

All were silent—awed, impressed. Then an old Chief arose. “You tell us of one God,” he said. “We believe in another. You tell us of a Heaven where the just and the meek go. We believe in a Valhalla for the brave and the fair. But who has ever come back from beyond to say which is right? “Life is like that bird which flew through here. It comes from none knows whence. It stays with us an all too brief moment, then goes none knows whither. Tell me if you can—what is it all about? What are we here for?”

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