Robert A Russell On Prosperity Consciousness || EP 712


“Where is the money coming from?” “How am I going to pay the rent?” “How am I going to get a new car?” “Why don’t I get a better job?” “Why don’t I get on faster?” “Why don’t I get a decent salary?” “Why can’t I be successful?” “Why don’t I get ahead?” “Why am I always broke?” Do you really want to know? Do you really want to do something about it? Do you really want to throw off the shackles of limitation and poverty?

Then prepare yourself for one of the most thrilling and interesting experiments you have ever made. When you picked up this book, you picked up one of the most important and valuable documents you have ever held in your hand.

You picked up a practical and usable technique that has enriched and revitalized the lives of thousands. You picked up a formula that has abundantly demonstrated itself. You picked up a method of demonstration that will work for anyone who will put it into practice. You picked up an idea that can transform, change, and improve everything in your world. If you followed the instructions on page v of this book and the mental soil was right, you started a vibration that will make all your dreams and wishes come true. You started a train of causation that will spread like wildfire until it touches every corner of your world. You started a flow of prosperity action that will drive every condition of penury, want, and lack from your life if it is not impeded by thoughts of an opposite character. You opened the door to the source of all achievement, wealth, power, success, discovery, invention, and material gain.

This idea is so big, so powerful, and so irresistible in its action that it will magnetize everything in your life and cause everything to vibrate in harmony with it. It will draw success, work, opportunities, and beneficial activities of every sort to you. Its vibration is so strong that it will demagnetize everything unlike itself. Its power is so great that it will penetrate and dispel every inharmonious condition. It spreads its light, its vitality, its riches to every part of your world. It is Omnipotent and Omniscient.

If you are lost in a maze of false beliefs, the idea will bring you to your goal. If you are in the poorhouse, it will take you out. If you are financially flat on your back, it will lift you up. If you have reached bottom, it will take you to the top. If your faith is weak, it will make you strong.

If your attitude is right, it will accomplish all things through you. It will activate good—amplify power—increase income—attract opportunities—release riches—cancel debts—stimulate business—enlarge consciousness—prevent failure—strengthen faith—nourish aspiration—clarify vision—generate peace—heal disease—solve problems—increase ability—stimulate imagination—fulfill desires—recoup losses—remove barriers—eliminate hardships—release substance—dispel fear—neutralize worry—fire ambition— harmonize discord—destroy doubt—close gaps—intensify realization—integrate the mind—better conditions—purify judgment—substantiate claims—break fixations— loosen tensions—open doors—penetrate appearances—reverse negatives: in short, it will realize the fulfillment of all your desires. _ ROBERT A RUSSELL


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