Q’uo – Surrender vs Responsibility || EP 1073

Today we’d like to discuss the tension between surrender and responsibility. We have realized that in some situations we feel a great responsibility to act and try to serve in some capacity, but find ourselves unable to do so, or challenged to do so. And we know that sometimes, some spiritual systems have encouraged us to surrender and you have in the past encouraged us to simply love it and not try to fix it. So, we would like to explore this tension between feeling responsibility and surrendering to the moment….

I am Q’uo, and am with this instrument at this time. We greet each of you in love and in light and are once again honored to be able to join your group this evening, and respond to this most salient query which you have asked of us this evening. Before we begin, we ask you that perpetual favor: that you utilize the words and thoughts that we give you that you feel are important to you at this time, and for those that do not speak to your heart, that you leave those behind. We, appreciate this gift of your discrimination, it allows us a wider range of response to your query.

Tonight, you ask a question which each conscious seeker of truth must consider seriously in the life path of its own incarnation and the spiritualization of one’s consciousness. For the world, in which you now live and breathe and call the third density is that place wherein there is a cacophony of experience moving rapidly in all directions within your illusion, as points of view are put forth in one way and another and in many more ways than can be comprehended by any conscious seeker of truth. It is such a mixture of division, of love, of hate, of separation, of confusion, that we have the greatest of sympathy for each of you as you attempt to make your way through this forest of trees that makes it so difficult to comprehend the overview, which is the foundation of your third density experience.

As conscious seekers of truth, you look upon this world with a desire and even, as you say, a seeming responsibility to make sense of it in order to create a world in which your fellow seekers of truth, your other selves which are all around the globe, may feel at home, may be able to perceive unity, may be able to be of service to each other, may see the creator in all. How can you do this when there is so much that is incomprehensible, out of your reach, beyond all possibility of change from any direction, that the chaos of conscious confusion is infecting the entire population of the earth?

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