Prentice Mulford The Art Of Forgetting || EP 524

In the  chemistry  of  the  future,  thought  will  be  recognized  as  substance  as  much  as  the  acids,  oxides,  and  all  other  chemicals of today.There  is  no  chasm  betwixt  what  we  call  the  material  and  spiritual.   Both   are   of   substance   or   element.   They   blend   imperceptibly  into  each  other.  In  reality  the  material  is  only  a  visible form of the finer elements we call spiritual.

Our  unseen  and  unspoken  thought  is  ever  flowing  from  us  an element and force, as real as the stream of water we can see, or the current of electricity we cannot see. It combines with the thought of others, and out of such combinations new qualities of thought are formed, as in the combination of chemicals new substances are formed.If you send from you in thought the elements of worry, fret, hatred,  or  grief,  you  are  putting  in  action  forces  injurious  to  your mind and body. The power to forget implies the power of driving  away  the  unpleasant  and  hurtful  thought  or  element,  and  bringing  in  its  place  the  profitable  element,  to  build  up  instead of tearing us down.

The  character  of  thought  we  think  or  put  out  affects  our  business  favorably  or  unfavorably.  It  influences  others  for  or  against  us.  It  is  an  element  felt  pleasantly  or  unpleasantly  by  others, inspiring them with confidence or distrust.The prevailing state of mind, or character of thought, shapes the body and features. It makes us ugly or pleasing, attractive or  repulsive  to  others.  Our  thought  shapes  our  gestures,  our  mannerism,  our  walk.  The  least  movement  of  muscle  has  a  mood of mind, a thought, behind it. A mind always determined has  always  a  determined  walk.  

A  mind  always  weak,  shifting,  vacillating,   and   uncertain,   makes   a   shuffling,   shambling,   uncertain gait. The spirit of determination braces every muscle. It is the thought‑element of determination filling every muscle.Look    at    the    discontented,    gloomy,    melancholy,    and    ill‑tempered men or women, and you see in their faces proofs of  the  action  of  this  silent  force  of  their  unpleasant  thought,  cutting, carving, and shaping them to their present expression. Such  people  are  never  in  good  health,  for  that  force  acts  on  them as poison, and creates some form of disease.

A persistent thought  of  determination  on  a  purpose,  especially  if  such  purpose be of benefit to others as well as ourselves, will fill every nerve with strength. It is a wise selfishness that works to benefit others  along  with  ourselves.  Because  in  spirit,  and  in  actual  element, we are all united. We are forces which act and re‑act on each other, for good or ill, through what ignorantly we call “empty  space.”  There  are  unseen  nerves  extending  from  man  to man, from being to being. Every form of life is in this sense connected together. We are all “members of one body.”

An evil thought or act is a pulsation of pain thrilling through myriads of organizations. The kindly thought and act have for pleasure the same effect. It is, then, a law of nature and of science, that we cannot do a real good to another without doing one also to ourselves.To  grieve  at  any  loss,  be  it  of  friend  or  property,  weakens  mind and body. It is no help to the friend grieved for. It is rather an  injury;  for  our  sad  thought  must  reach  the  person,  even  if  passed  to  another  condition  of  existence,  and  is  a  source  of  pain to that person.An hour of grumbling, fret, or fear, whether spoken or silent, uses up so much element or force in making us less endurable to  others,  and  perhaps  making  for  us  enemies.  

The  force  we  may  so  expend  could be used to our pleasure and profit, even as the force we might use with a club to beat our own body can be employed to give us comfort and recreation.To be able, then, to throw off (or forget) a thought or force which  is  injuring  us,  is  a  most  important  means  for  gaining  strength of body and clearness of mind….

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