Pleiadians – Evolving In A Galactic Tidal Wave Of Light || EP 772

Awareness is awakening within the masses on this planet. The sum total of events as they quicken and unfold is seeping its way into everyone’s reality. These events are orchestrated and designed to bring you collectively, as a species, to this new octave of light expression.

This infusion from the galactic tidal wave of light comes from the future through portals you open on this Earth plane as you follow and weave yourself through the journey and story we have shared with you. The masses are awakening. You see them around you and feel the rumblings of consciousness, the internal Earth changes, which will truly mark the rites of passage for all of humanity.

We have, with the greatest assistance from our teachers, presented to this planet information that we feel can harmonize our purposes and pool our energies.

We feel that we have given to this planet at this time a succinct message of inspiration—a message that holds waves of truth. It is a message to tickle—a message to entice and call forward that part of the self that has been hidden away and lying dormant.

We feel that the material we have been sharing is to awaken within you what you know. It is to bring you to an understanding of the different versions of your reality’s illusion as it is sold to you and to an understanding of what your part in all of this is or can be.

We have stimulated each and everyone of you with our thought-provoking messages. It has been our intention to move each one of you and stir you from some place, not to make you uncomfortable. You may make yourselves uncomfortable; we encourage you to find comfort.

We also encourage you to climb a few mountain ranges of consciousness within yourself: to go to new places of comfort and to find those valleys of eternal youth, eternal vitality, and ongoing expression of creativity. There you will find new vistas of consciousness and a galactic wave of light from the future.

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