Atlantis: An Interpretation By Manly P Hall (Unabridged Audiobook) || EP 773

Here Manly P Hall interprets the different accounts of Atlantas and discusses both sides of the argument and then gives a symbolic interpretation of that myth.

Plato’s account of Atlantis in his Critias and Timaeus is interpreted. A diagram of the Orphic Key to the Atlantic Fable is included, as well as a bibliography.

The most famous of all accounts describing the condition of Atlantis and the causes for its destruction are to be found in the Critias and Timaeus of Plato. Most modern books dealing with the problem of Atlantis are built upon Plato s description. The integrity and learning of this great philosopher cannot easily be assailed. Had it not been for the weight of Plato s authority, the whole subject would have been discredited by modern archeologists.

There is, however, in fairness to both sides of the controversy, a certain weakness in Plato’s story. The thoughtful reader is impressed immediately by the allegorical and symbolical parts of the account. While these do not detract from the possibility that an Atlantic continent actually existed, they do present the necessary elements for an alternative interpretation. The anti-Atlantists contend that in the Critias Plato takes a flight into fiction, in the words of Plutarch, “manuring the little seed of the Atlantis myth which Solon had discovered in the Egyptian temples.”

Manly P. Hall (1901-1990) was a seeker and lover of wisdom (the very definition of a philosopher) he had the courage and raw energy to look for wisdom in places most men had long since forgotten or never knew existed. As the Philosophical Research Society’s founder and first president, he began his career in an era when most Americans did not look toward other cultures and traditions without looking down. And yet, Manly P. Hall spoke and wrote extensively on the wisdom found in all ancient traditions, and the deep cross-cultural threads and many interconnected roots of modern religious expression. While neither guru nor saint (he made no claim of perfection, far from it), his work is exceedingly rare in its grand scope, detail and synthesis. He embraced the wisdom of every tradition and, with a fluid command of the obscure and complex contents of these traditions, worked to express their unifying truths. In his long career, spanning more than seventy years of dynamic public activity, Mr. Hall delivered over 8000 lectures in the United States and abroad, authored over 200 books, essays, and magazine articles, and left the world one of the finest libraries in the field, as well as a University that continues in his spirit of universal learning.

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