Neville Goddard – The Smile || EP 812

The Smile


Neville Goddard

Tonight’s subject I would call “The Smile.” There’s a poem of Blake’s and in this poem he speaks of many smiles, and you and I have enjoyed or witnessed the smiles. There’s the smile of love, and there’s the smile of deceit, and there’s a smile where the two smiles meet. And he speaks of the many smiles. But then he comes to the one smile which comes within the cradle and the grave, and when this smile—-and only this smile once—-and when this smile is smiled once there’s an end to all misery. So the whole vast world has been on a journey moving towards this one smile, and when it takes place, then the journey is at an end and he enters an entirely different world…but not until he finds that smile. So tonight, we’ll take it from here.

Music By Mettaverse

Love The Universal Constant

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