Neville Goddard The Four Mighty Ones || EP 377

Neville Goddard 
The Four Mighty Ones

June 17, 1956

So the Four Mighty Ones in man may be likened to the producer, the author, the director and the actor – the four most important members in the production of a play, and this is a play. 

The whole vast world is a play – this is a stage – but this actual movement and the actual drama is not taking place out there. It has been conceived, dramatised, rehearsed and completely enacted elsewhere. 

When you see it here it is as much a screen as when you see a picture on this screen later on today. You cannot appeal to the actress to change, they cannot even hear you. Any change in the script must take place where it first originated, not here. 

This is only a screen, so as Blake said, “All that you behold, though it appears without, it is within, in your imagination, of which this world of mortality is but a shadow.” So when you find the Four Mighty Ones, you have found the Name and when you find the Name you will be set on high. 

You will run into it like a strong tower and be saved and there will be peace in your world. If a nation finds it, there will be complete peace in the world. 

If the individual finds it, it is peace in his world though the whole vast world rages, in his world there shall be peace. 

Not a thing will touch him for he has found the Name, and the purpose of this whole vast journey is to find the Name and the son’s Name. 

If I find the Father’s Name, His Name is just like mine, so I have found my Name and the Name ceases then to be Neville. It ceases to be John, to be Mary, but you never utter it. It is your sacred trust. 

You tell it to no one, you keep everything in the Name but you don’t tell it. In other words, you will call yourself by some other tag but the real name is covered from sight because you, yourself, cover it. You walk in the Name

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Field Of Oneness

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