Neville Goddard The Cabala || EP 839

The Cabala

Neville Goddard


“This past Wednesday I had occasion to go to an old Bible of mine and there I found two letters of my friend old Abdullah. I had long forgotten them, for they were given to me back in 1930 or ’31. They are now molding and falling apart. They were simply instructions on the Cabala. And the first portion of them would not interest you because it’s all very technical in Hebrew, but there are other portions of it that I know will interest you. And this is what he said in one: “Creatures are never guilty of the seeming wrongs they do. The Lord ordained all deeds, and he alone performs all that is performed.” That’s what it starts with. He accuses no one of evil, for all have fulfilled his command and performed his service. If there is evil, I the Lord alone am evil (Is. 45:7).” Neville goddard

Music By Mettaverse

language of light

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