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Neville Goddard

Take My Yoke


Tonight’s subject is “Take My Yoke.” This is a common rabbinical expression for the study of scriptures. So when someone offers you his yoke, he offers you his understanding of scripture based upon experience, for others who offer you their yoke based upon scholarship, based upon some analysis, based upon speculation and theory. So here, he offers you what he knows from experience, for he has experienced scripture.

Now, to yoke is “to cover, to join, to bear.” You take a wooden frame and you put it over their necks, the necks of, say, two oxen or other draft animals, and you yoke them. And we also  yoke, as we’re told in the 27th of Genesis, that Jacob…it was predicted that Jacob would yoke Esau.

Now, Esau is this…as you look at me you’re seeing Esau, this outer body is Esau, covered with hair. I am normally quite a hairless person, outside of my head and beard; nevertheless, if you could actually see it under a microscope, you still would see the entire body covered with lots of hair. I don’t see it, because to me I’m a hairless person as it were, but the body itself is covered, like Esau. And it’s predicted that he would yoke Esau. Who? Jacob…and Jacob is the one that the Lord loved. He said, “Is not Esau Jacob’s brother? Yet I have loved Jacob, but I have hated Esau” for he yokes them. Now, Christ in scripture offers me his yoke. So if I would yoke Esau…and there are two of us, because you always yoke two, it’s a coupling, it’s a pairing. Well, if Christ offers me his yoke, he not only offers me his knowledge of scripture but he’s going to yoke me if I take it. If I will take what he gives me, well, then he will yoke me and we’ll move together. And the ultimate end is we become one if I will take it.

Now this past week I received two letters. I’ll give the shorter of the two first. She’s here tonight. She said, “I sat up in bed and wrote these words as I heard them come from the depths, ‘Like a handkerchief you absorb the truth, rather than accept it.’” Then, she said, “I addressed the voice who was speaking and I said, I do not know what you mean…and I do not remember what we were talking about. And then I lay back on my bed and again I fell asleep. Instantly, in my dream now, I found myself holding a handkerchief in my hand and my nose was filled with mucous. So I put the handkerchief to my nose and I blew; and I looked, and the handkerchief had absorbed all the moisture. Then I found another handkerchief in my hand; it was clean and dry. I opened it. As I opened it, a marble was dropped into the handkerchief. The handkerchief accepted the marble, but it couldn’t absorb it. Then the voice said to me, ‘This is the will of God.’”

So, I can tell you night after night after night and you may accept it and go out and repeat it word for word, like a parrot, such as “Imagining creates reality,” no, like people say the Lord’s Prayer…you go to church on Sunday and the average orthodox churches, they all repeat the Lord’s Prayer. They all know it, from little tiny children up. It’s a marble… they have not absorbed the Lord’s Prayer.

You can take all the statements, “Whatever you desire, believe that you have received it and you will.” That’s a marble that most of the people who will believe it, if they do believe it, haven’t absorbed. You take these fantastic profound statements and you ponder them, you dwell upon them, and then you gradually absorb them. They become part…really, you breathe them, you live them, and you cannot think in any other terms. You simply become it. So like a handkerchief you absorb the truth, rather than accept it and do not know what you mean, “I don’t remember what we were talking about.”

And then comes the vision to explain exactly the difference between absorption of the truth and acceptance of the truth, one who accepts and keeps it like some little toy and worships it as something on the outside. I put food into my mouth, and not everything that I take into my mouth can I assimilate. My system will assimilate what it can, build into my structure, and then expel what it can’t.

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