Neville Goddard One Greater than John || EP 169

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As we’re told, “Of those born of women, none is greater than John; yet the least in the kingdom is greater than he” (Mat.11:11).

None greater than John in this world, yet the least in the kingdom is greater than he. And John came not eating or drinking. If you take that on this level, that’s nonsense, because the body could not survive. Another gospel states it, “He came neither eating bread nor drinking wine.”

According to Neville these are only states of consciousness through which every man passes. If you are not now in the state of John, may I tell you, you’re going to be some time in the state of John; if not now in this present little environment, when the wheel turns and it returns, you will be in that state.

Everyone passes through the state of John before he comes into the state of Jesus Christ. Now, what is the state of John?

Are you in the state of John, do you do violence to your desires?

In a recent interview with Twenty Twenty, he told me this was his second favorite lecture so of course I had to go over it.

Neville talks about being a vegetarian who did not drink, smoke or have any negative habits.

We all go through this as a state before we become truly enlightened and reach the ultimate state.

I really enjoyed this lecture and learned a lot. I think you will too.

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Welcome to the reality revolution. Today we’ve got another fantastic lecture by Neville Goddard called one greater than John. Now I went to this one because it was recommended by 2020 so check out my interview with 2020 who runs the free Naval website, who has some amazing teachings about Neville Goddard in our interview was really, really enlightening and I asked him to name his two favorite lectures, and this was his second favorite lecture. I’ve already done the Pearl of great price, which was his first favorite. And this one really appealed to me because when I read it after he had said that the lecture talks about one of the States that we go through is before we moved to the ultimate state, is the state of John, and it’s the state of the earth, the one that that that that doesn’t need any meat that doesn’t do any drugs that, that, that, that sacrifices themselves and goes through this period. We all go through it. It’s a state that we go through. And so the, the teaching is very interesting, especially when you find out more about Neville Goddard’s life. He wasn’t a teetotal relay litter in his life. He was relaxed. He would party, he would drink. So one greater than John. So tonight’s subject is one greater than John. I think you will find this a most practical approach to this teaching. Neville says, when we open the Bible, we think it is just a normal book. May I tell you? It is not. It is divine history and all the characters in scripture represents States of consciousness from Adam to Jesus, everyone. They’re not individuals as you and I are, they’re simply representatives of these States of awareness. And the very last before the page turns into an entirely new age is called John. And so we are told in the earliest of the gospels, which is Mark, after John was arrested, Jesus came preaching the gospel of God. John one 14 after John was arrested, then he appears preaching the gospel of God. What is the story trying to tell us? So here, let me share you with my experience. I didn’t know it either, but I’ll tell you how this thing works. John, we are told is the very last of the great prophets as we’re told of those born of women, none is greater than John, yet the least in the kingdom is greater than he. Matthew 1111 none greater than John is in this world. Yet the the least in the kingdom is greater than he and John came not eating or drinking. If you take that on this level, that’s nonsense because the body could not survive another gospel States he came neither eating bread nor drinking wine. This tries in some way to well explained that he did not eat, eat or drink or there’s no statement in a law of Moses against eating bread or drinking wine unless you are one of the Nazarenes and it’s true as to wine, but certainly not eating bread. The last supper was the eating of bread and the drinking of wine, but he came neither eating bread if you want to take it, certainly not eating bread. The last supper was the eating of bread and the drinking of wine, but he came neither eating bread if you want to take it that way, nor drinking wine. But the son of man came eating and drinking and they called him a glutton and a drunkard, a friend of tax collectors and sinners. But we think this night of one greater than John, who was the greatest in this world, yet not equal to the least in the world called the kingdom of heaven. Now, these are only States of consciousness through which every man passes. If you are not now in the state of John May, I tell you, you’re going to be sometime in the state of John. If not now, in this present little environment, when the wheel turns and it returns, you will be in that state. So understand this state. This is not something that it’s just in the Bible. You are going to go through this or you’ve already been through it. In another incarnation, everyone passes through the state of John before he comes into the state of Jesus Christ. Now, what does the state of John, we come into this world now, let me share with you my own personal experiences. Goddard States. I was born in a very limited environment, small little Island in the West Indies called Barbados. My father ran a little grocery store, but it was a general store, not only groceries but meat, fish, fowl, liquor and wine. I mean it supplied everything for the table. I was raised in that environment where it seemed the most normal fit, natural thing in the world to eat anything that was placed on the table and so I did. I left Barbados at the age of 17 and came to America believing as I did everything place before me. That was edible was right and then I fell into a state. The state called John. John came not eating or drinking and then I fell into the state where I gave up all the things that I did normally as a boy right through until I was 17 years old, I fell into this state at the age of 20 a little after 20 say 21 where I would not eat any meat, any fish fowl, not even eggs. Naturally in those days I didn’t drink. So that was not giving up wine, but that couldn’t cross my lips. I did violence to my own appetites because as a child, as a boy, I indulged in everything that my father placed before me. And suddenly I gave it all up. And for seven years I was a strict vegetarian, Teetotaller and celibate. So here we see that never went through a few, a period of time where he was a complete vegan. You wouldn’t eat meat, fish fowl, not even eggs. And he would drink. And he was a strict vegetarian and a Teetotaller Dwin drink. And he was celibate, meaning it didn’t have any sex. So John represents that state in man’s ongoing when he does violence to his appetite. And yet life is nothing more than the appeasement of hunger God gives to every man in this world a hunger that he can. If he knows God’s law satisfy, he can clothe himself with the fulfillment of his dream and satisfy it. But there’s a state where man passes through and it’s called John the Baptist where he does violence to his appetite. So you have an appetite for things and Neville is really saying here that your appetite is not a bad thing. Neville States, I met a friend of mine in New York city. His name was Abdula. He said to me in 1933 I met him in 29 and he did everything. He ate everything. He drank everything. He didn’t smoke only because he didn’t enjoy it, but he did everything. An old old man was then in his late eighties when I met him and he said to me, so you’re going to our Baytos, you want to go to Barbados? I said, yes. Now this is where the good news of the kingdom comes in. Then when I met him, I did not eat flesh in any form. I did not drink alcohol in any form and no smoking and I was celibate and he said, well then you are now in Barbados. I said, I’m in Barbados. This is on 72nd street in New York city where the buildings can go 30 and 40 stories high to Barbados. If you find a three story building, you’re lucky the little one and the two story buildings and no sidewalk but no sidewalk. So we see that the idea of being in Barbados are based on his current environment was preposterous. So he had to imagine a different environment even though he wasn’t in it. One little tiny street we call broad street to this day we call it broad street and that’s the only place that has a sidewalk. All the others areas, no sidewalks. You walk in the street or you walk in the gutter, but there is no such thing as a sidewalk. And he said to me, now, clothe yourself with Barbados. Put it on as you would another garment just as you would another garment so that you would smell the tropics and you would see what you see. Where were you in Barbados? And in, in entering into a state is very much like clothing yourself. It’s a great analogy. Well, I did to the best of my ability and I clothed myself with Barbados, Goddard stent. And when I thought then that night, the first night that I clothed myself with Barbados, I thought of New York city. I saw it 2000 miles to the North of me that I had succeeded in clothing myself with Barbados. I fell asleep in the assumption I’m in Barbados or the days went on from this and I would say late October through November, and yet I’m not physically in Barbados. So I tried to open my discussion with Abdula and I said, OB, I did all that. You told me. I clothed in myself with Barbados. I am sleeping in Barbados and yet here I am in New York city. He would not talk to me. He turned his back upon me the very first time I brought it up, he walked towards his studio and slam the door in my face. And if you knew Abdula as I knew him, that was no invitation to come in. Abdula knew that the idea of pondering your present reality was going to end that very nature, take him away from going to Barbados. So if I’m closing myself in Barbados and with Barbados, then I must be faithful to this clothing. That’s the good news spoken of after John is arrested, not before John is doing violence, trying to gain the kingdom of heaven by being good. We do not get to the kingdom of heaven by being good. You don’t get to the of kingdom of heaven by meditating for 10 hours a day, but you don’t get to the kingdom of heaven by never eating meat again by only eating salads. You don’t get to the kingdom of heaven by doing these things. You don’t get to the kingdom of heaven by being good. And he said to me, you’re so good. You’re good for nothing, and you’re trying to get into the kingdom by being good. You don’t eat meat, no kind of meat. You don’t drink any alcoholic liquors. So you’re so good and you’re celibate at the age that you are today. And so all the fires you’ve bottled up in you trying to be good. So I kept on wearing my garment. I am in Barbados on the morning of the 4th of December. A letter came to my door, stuck under the door from my brothers giving reasons why he wanted me to come to Barbados. And in closing in that letter, a ticket for Barbara Bados, I had not gone home to Barbados in 11 years. I made no request. I didn’t write the family. My brother Victor writes me saying that you must come and no response other than yes would he accept and enclosing a little draft to buy shirts if I need them. Or a pair of shoes and stating in the letter to use the check to the fullest advantage, charge everything. And when I arrived, Barbados, well, he would board the ship and pay all expenses that I had signed. If I use the bar, use the bar. He didn’t know I wasn’t drinking, but all expenses, the tipping of the steward that’s tipping of everyone in that ship. He would board the ship, take care of all my expenses, but I must come. When he gave me his reasons for it, he justified why I went down to that ship on the morning of the sixth and got my passage. And off I went before I went. Abdula said to me, so you’re going to Barbados. My, I tell you you’re going to die, but you surely will not die, but you will die. He didn’t explain like Blake. He never would tell me the interpretation of his statement. You will die while I went off thinking, well, I’ll die. Die in Barbados. I didn’t die in Barbados, but I died. I died to everything that I was doing. I lived in Barbados for three months, which is the Christmas season and everyone is entertaining. I’m returning from America after 11 years and party after party is given for my honor. It’s Christmas, it’s new year’s. They’re all drinking, all having fun, and I simply drank water. Mother prepared all kinds of meals and I would just eat a vegetable meal. She never heard of it. We were raised supplying the entire Island with meat, with fish, with foul, with everything, with all the wine. Everything was home and I just said, no. I would take vegetables. I was there for one solid three months. I came back to that ship going North and the night I entered that ship, we set maybe six or eight people at table and we all introduced ourselves. My name is Neville Goddard, and so I would shake hands and this one is so and so and you all introduce yourself aboard the ship. Then the man to my right said to the waiter, let us see what you have for wine. The waiter brought the wine list. He said, we’ll have that. I didn’t say wine, so we ordered that wine. Then came the first course soup, so I didn’t ask if there’s meat stock in this. As I’d done for seven years, I drank the soup. Then he brought the second course. It was fish and I ate the fish. He brought the third course. It was meat and I ate the meat all the time, pouring down the wine, everything that I had not done in seven years. I did that night and then from then on for the 10 or 12 days at sea till I got off the ship in New York city. Then I understood what he meant. You will die. That state called John the Baptist, which does violence to itself. You must pass through it. So it’s interesting if you look back, um, Neville was saying that he’s on his way back. He’s on the boat and he begins to eat, eat the soup might have meat in it. Then he has fish and he eats the meat and he says everything I had not done in seven years I did that night. Remember he said he was celibate. So that means that novel got lucky on his, on his boat, trip back. Well, good for novel. So if you are not now in it, you will be in it. You will not now end the John state. You will be in at some point. It’s part of the eternal drama of God. Everybody goes through it. We all know and try, Hey, I’m going to be good to be with God, but you are already God. You do not need to be good to be God. God has prepared a way to redeem himself. It’s God and only God playing all these parts. So God has prepared the way to bring himself back. Individualized has you? There is no other way. So from Adam to Jesus Christ, they’re only States of awareness through which God and only God passes and the last state of the old dispensation is John the Baptist. That is the last stage and so man must pass through that state. Don’t try to invite it. It happens and you don’t understand why it happens. In my own case, raised normally with all the food before me because my father made a living feeding us by selling this fish, foul meat, eggs, butter, everything that was normal. All the rum in the world. We make ramen, Barbados. We drank heavily. My father was a very heavy drinker. All these things were exposed to us, so we took it and suffered it. My father, the depths of my own being, moving me through all these furnaces, put me into a state where I was married at the age of 18 father at 19 separated at 20 and then I became so disillusioned with marriage. I vowed I would have not a thing to do with sex, my own disillusionment, my own, not hers, my own. That was part of the play where he put me through these furnaces and brought me out seven years later. I know friends of mine who have been in that state of John the Baptist for 50 years and they have died in it, but the wheel turns, they will come out the wheel turns, although they cease to be here as a flesh and blood being, they were in it when they died. Others came out after 40 years. Here was George Bernard Shaw. He died in it after 70 years. He was 90 years when he died. He was a strict vegetarian and a Teetotaller. He was in it, but he died in it. He had not come out. He died not believing in Christ. He died an atheist. He didn’t know the good news. My friend Abdula who taught me this story, he was in it for 40 years. He hadn’t touched anything that was meat, especially pork. He was born and raised in the Jewish faith and for 40 years he touched nothing that was meat, but certainly he, not only 40 years, but from the time of birth up until he was almost 80 years, he hadn’t touched pork. And then came the same thing to him. That happened to me. So man passes through this state called John the Baptist and he comes into the state called Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the freedom of the world. So it said of John, he came not eating or drinking. It is said of Christ called the son of man. He came eating and drinking and they say of him, behold a glutton and a drunkard, a friend of tax collectors and sinners. So you pass through it and then you know what he is talking about. He doesn’t come to destroy the law. He said not one little dot would be rubbed out of the law. All will be fulfilled. But he interprets the law as John could not interpret it. John thought that by doing violence to his appetite, he would get into the kingdom. He thought that he could scare men into salvation. And the next state beyond. John tells you, you can’t do it that way. He interprets the law and shows the law as something that is mental, not physical, and then he puts it this way. You’ve heard it said, you shall not commit adultery, but I say to you, anyone who looks on a woman lustfully has already committed the act of adultery with her in his heart. Matthew five 27 he takes it from a physical state to a mental state. If I look upon a woman lustfully and I think I can get away with it and it seems pleasant, I may be inclined to do it. If I contemplate that act along with its consequences for myself and my family, I may restrain the impulse, but he tells me that it’s not good enough in the contemplation of the act. I did it. So causation is mental. It’s not physical. John didn’t know that the state called John didn’t know that. If I restricted myself and resisted the impulse, I thought, well, I am. Am I not wonderful? Have I just abided? The law you shall not do. Then comes the next state called Jesus Christ. And that state tells me that that wasn’t good enough. The wheel is turning and you are going to do it tomorrow. The wheel will turn now and tomorrow when it turns all over again, you will be performing the act. And you’ll wonder why is this happening to me, to the disgrace of my family and myself? Because you thought by the restraint of the act you didn’t do it. And now he interprets the law for us and tells us the very contemplation of the act was the act. And so when one gets to the point where they don’t even contemplate it, well then off the wheel of recurrence, we are lifted one by one. And that is the story of the one that is greater than John. So everyone is moving through a series of States and it starts from Adam through, well, we can stop the Adam and start from Abraham for that’s where real civilization begins. So you start from Abraham and you come all the way through into Jesus Christ and are only States of consciousness where God passes through individualizing himself as you and everyone goes through the state called John the Baptist. So all those born of women, none is greater than John, yet the least in the kingdom is greater than John. So how great we are in this world. That doesn’t really matter because the least in the kingdom of God has a greatness beyond the wildest dream of this world. The least has a greatness. You can’t conceive the greatness of the least in the kingdom. And he’s brought there not by anything he’s done for me. I tell you, I did nothing to do it. I fell into it, but who’d made me fall into it? God. And so we can, can’t take any credit for having fallen into the state called John. It seemed to me, if I reflect upon it prior to when I fell into it, that I was disillusioned in marriage, a young man of 18 getting married and then being a father at 19 and then at 20 separated and becoming disillusioned. And then pledging myself not to have anything to do in the sexual world. And then to give up completely all the food that I loved. I love food. I love all the things that the world would offer. And then to go through it and a man would tell me on a certain day you’re going to die but not really die. And then you’re bewildered. I’m going to die, but I’m not going to die. What is he talking about? Well, he was talking about the state. I will die to the state. And when after the things happened and I said to him, what did you mean and who told you that I would die and yet not really die? And he said to me, the brothers, that’s all that he would tell me. The brothers told me that you would die and not really die. The brothers told me you were coming to me. And what did he mean by the brothers? The Elohim, the gods who made us all in their own image. So tonight, may I tell you, and let me share with you the good news. You are told, the very first words given into the word world in the mouth of Jesus Christ in the earliest gospel is in Mark the 14th and 15th verses. The words are after John was arrested, Jesus came into Galilee preaching the gospel of God and saying, the time is fulfilled. The kingdom of God is at hand. Repent and believe in the gospel. The first words put into his mouth. Someone asked the other night concerning changing the picture of this world. The word is repent in the first statement made in the gospel. Repent is a radical change of attitude towards anything that happens to you in this world. I don’t care what is happening. Repent. Don’t let it happen as it is happening. Change it in your mind’s eye solely as I did standing in New York city without one nickel in my pocket, not a nickel and Barbados is 2000 miles away across water so you can’t walk and he tells me you are now in Barbados. I’m in Barbados. In Barbados is 2000 miles away across water. Clothe yourself with Barbados. If you’re in Barbados, how would you know you are? Look at the world for motion is relative. I can only detect that I have moved relative to something that is stationary to my motion. So New York remains where it is. And if I assume that I am in Barbados and I think of New York, I would, I should see it 2000 miles to the North of me. So I clothed myself with Barbados Baytos and I think of some stopping place where if I am in Barbados, that vision would tell me where I am. Now this is important, let’s keep going here. So I think of Barbados and there it is, 2000 miles to the North of me. So I sleep in that state to find that someone 2000 miles away is moved to bring me a ticket to go to Barbados with a little small check to buy the necessary things to get board to ships. So you close yourself in a state. Now 2020 in his interview, he had a great technique and I, and I recommend this technique. So say for instance, I’m in California and I want to believe I’m in Hawaii, not that I want to go to Hawaii, then I’m in Hawaii. So you naturally have a you. Whereas he asked me where is California, where I live? And so it’s, you know, it’s to my right or to the East. So when I’m in Hawaii, California to my East. And so I had started doing that. And so you can start doing that if there’s a place that you want to be. Imagine the place that you want to be is in a different location as what it is. It’s almost like you’re adjusting your own GPS in your mind. That’s the good news. I bring you the good news to the kingdom of God for man is rising into a kingdom where everything is subject to his imaginative power. But before you get there, you start to test it here and you test it. So I’m telling you of a kingdom, what kingdom? The kingdom of God. Well, what is it? It’s a place beyond the wildest dream of earth, the world of Caesar or when you arrive there, everything is subject to your imaginative power. But I’ll tell you, start it right here and how do you do it? You clothed yourself with this state just as though it were true and as you close yourself with it, wait, as you’re told, those who really believe do not make, if they really believe it, they don’t make it so it is. So. That’s why when I discussed it with Abdula, he never discussed it with me. When I asked him how would I go there, he wouldn’t even answer me because he was trying to show me was if you really are fully clothed with the feeling of being in Barbados, how could you and I sit down and discuss how you’re going to get there? How could we possibly discuss this? And so he wouldn’t discuss it with me. If you’re really are doing what I told you to do, you say you are in Barbados, well then you can’t discuss how you’re going to go. If I said to you, you’re now rich and today you owe rent, can you and I discuss how you’re going to become rich if I tell you that you are and ask you to quote yourself with, well, if I ask you to clothe yourself with any state in this world and then it doesn’t hatch out tomorrow because tomorrow is not the moment of hatching out, but you’re anxious and then you say to me, but where is it coming from? How will it come? Should I really discuss it with you? Would not that it is a lack of faith on your part. If you say, well, I’m wearing it. If I’m wearing it, it should be just as real to you as the room is real. That’s the good news of the kingdom. If I really want anything in this world, I clothed myself with it just as though it were true and then let it hatch out. All things have moments between the moment of assumption and the fulfillment of that assumption. We either believe it or we don’t believe it and not a thing I can do to persuade you to believe it. I can just simply throw it out. And in this audience this night, there are those who will accept it and those who will reject it. Not a thing I can do about it. I can only tell you of the kingdom of God and tell you these are the States which we pass. So I hope you’ve passed through the state of John the Baptist, but it makes no difference. If you haven’t passed through, I tell you, you’ll pass through it. And so when the wheel turns, as it will turn for all come to the inevitable end. And so everyone will make their exit from this world. And if they haven’t before they exit from this world passed through John the Baptist, they will. When the wheel comes back again, pass through it for there is no death, nothing dies. In God’s world. It seems to die. But the world does not end where my sense has seemed to disappear from it. It doesn’t. So if the wheel is turning and turning and you and I are turning on the wheel until by, except after John the Baptist, before we are plucked from the wheel, we begin to live by the promise called the gospel or the good news of God. So here this night, you take it and test it. If you test it, may I tell you, you’ll prove it in performance. If you don’t test it, you’ll never know. And so it is Christ in you. [inaudible] that you must test Christ became man. God became man. That man may become God. So this John the Baptist spoken of in scripture is not a little man born of Elizabeth who was a cousin of Jesus. Forget it. These are only related States. A cousin is a relative and so these are related States because he was the cousin. That’s all. It hasn’t a thing to do with my cousin born and my sister. No, it’s that’s not the cousin. They were cousins separated in time. John came before Jesus followed. Jesus is not a man. Jesus is the fulfillment of God’s plan. God’s promise, God’s purpose where he comes forward. And he awakens as himself and that self is Jesus Christ. So the last state man passes through is John the Baptist where he does violence to himself. Now he is clothed in camel’s hair and a leather girdle, the most external parts of man, his hair and skin. So he’s clothed and camel’s hair and a leather girdle. So here he’s the most external thing that a man could have on a body would be the camel’s hair and the leather girdle. And he said, if you will accept it, he is Elijah. Come back, go back and read the story of Elijah. He was clothed in camel’s hair and a leather girdle. It means that the mind is clothed with something external. I think if I gave to the poor, if I contribute to the church, if I go to church every Sunday, if I do all the external things that I’m now getting into the kingdom of heaven. So I abide by all external things and that doesn’t get me any place into the kingdom of heaven. Then I begin to do violence to my appetite. I restrain the impulse to do this, that or the other. Not knowing that life itself is nothing more than the appeasement of hunger and God and only God gives me the different hungers. And the final hunger he gives me is the hunger for the word of God. The very last hunger as told us in the book of Amos, I will send a famine upon the world. It will not be for bread or thirst of water, but for the hearing of the word of God. And so the last hunger to come upon man is to hear the word of God. To hear it is to experience it. I want to experience the reality of what it is said into Chris’ scripture. And so I will hear it and I’m so hungry to hear. I will experience it and then comes man’s individual experience. So man must experience scripture for himself to understand how wonderful it is when he experiences scripture. The hunger that proceeded the experience is now satisfied by the experience. And so that is what comes out when he enters into the state called Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the flower, the fulfillment of God’s purpose. So in the end, there’s nothing but Jesus Christ. So when we are told in that day or on the day, the Lord is one and his name one and that name is Jesus, all come out as heat, but they must pass through the state called John the Baptist and John is but a state and almost pass through that state doing violence to themselves. And the hope that in some way it is seen by someone above him. And by that scene he enters into the state called salvation. You cannot save yourself. No man can save himself. It’s the gift of grace. It’s the gift of God. You could this very moment become the most strict vegetarian in the world. Teetotal or non-smoker, celibate, go to the extreme state and make yourself so impotent that you couldn’t possibly even entertain the thought. And yet you cannot see by such violence to yourself enter the kingdom of God. The kingdom of God is entered by grace, but you pass the violence to self and then you come out. May I tell you when you do come out, there always will be those who mock you, always those. So when he comes into the world, they call him a glutton and they call him a drunkard and the friend of sinners, and may I tell you when I come back after seven years of this rigid discipline and those who saw me in this meeting one night when I got up and suddenly confessed what I’m doing that a few ladies in the audience cried because they thought they had in me some personal savior and I became to them an image that cracked and broke and they signed me in utter failure. One who normally drank and normally ate meat to them. I was a complete disillusioned being. And it happens to every being in this world. You pass through it. I am sharing with you my own experience and no man can speak with any greater authority than he speaks from experience for a truth that man knows from experience, he knows more thoroughly than he knows anything else in this world or then he can know in the same truth in any other way. So if I tell you of this experience, you may believe me or you may disbelieve me. Even those who believe me will not know it to the extent they will know it after they themselves have had the experience. And so you pass through, but don’t encourage it. Don’t this night say, I will simply go on a vegetable diet. I will give up liquor, I will give up smoking. I’ll give up sex and hope that I might, I’m going to pass through the state. It doesn’t come that way. It comes in a strange way, came to me in the strangest way. I ordered the most wonderful roast beef. May I tell you, I was in Syracuse, New York, and I love my meat and I ordered the most wonderful roast beef. And as I put my knife into it, I actually felt I was cutting the animal alive. I took the plate and pushed it away. I could not take one piece from that plate and for seven years I couldn’t. And so it happened that way. I couldn’t touch a piece of meat, a piece of an egg or fish for seven years. But it happened. I was for seven years and I ordered from the menu roast beef as I always loved it and as it was delivered, I just thought it would be marvelous. And as I put my knife right into it, I was cutting into the animal and pushed the whole thing away for seven years. It was that way. Okay, and coming back to the States, I did everything I had not done in seven years. That’s how you pass through the state called John the Baptist and come into the state called Jesus Christ for before you are lifted off the wheel, you must prove that this is good news and good news is that everything in this world that you want, you can have. If you clothe yourself with it, it doesn’t mean you’re lifted off the wheel, but clothe yourself with it. You want to be rich. How would you feel where you rich? You want to be healthy? How would you feel where you healthy? You want to be free of all embarrassment. How would you feel this night if you are not embarrassed that not a thing in this world could embarrass you? How would you feel where it’s so and you clothe yourself with these States, one after the other, and be faithful to the clothing that you wear and let it unfold in your world? It will. It will completely unfold in your world and you will see it then as you practice with it and actually believe in the good news of the kingdom of God. Suddenly when you least expect it, one after the other. A series of events that God predetermined to awaken himself will awaken within you because God has prepared a way for himself to return individualized as you completely prepared. No one can stop the way he’s prepared that way. And so at very end, all of a sudden the series begins to unfold and you are it unfolding and you are he the one who became you and took himself through the furnaces all through John into Jesus Christ and you awake as he, there’s not a thing I can tell you to persuade you to accept it and I wouldn’t raise a finger to make it. So because I am not convinced by speculation, I am convinced by knowing, having experienced it. And so if all the great teachers of the churches of the world stood before me in opposition, it would make no difference to me whatsoever. They too will pass through these States because they aren’t elected to these States by men. So the heads of all the great churches of the world, if they stood before me now, I could say to them, if you have not experienced it, you will. And your greatness in this world is as not. It is nothing for the least in the kingdom is greater than you. For the least in the kingdom has a greatness that you cannot measure by anything on earth. And if you have not experienced this, no matter how great you are with all the metals pinned upon you by men who vanished this world, it has nothing but the day will come. You’ll go through John the Baptist. He’s not a man who lived 2000 years ago. He represents a state of consciousness that’s eternal through which every soul must pass and passing through. They do violence to their appetites. They come out of it and enter the state called Jesus Christ and they believe the story of the good news of God and actually prove it in performance. They prove it and prove it until that moment in time when they’re lifted off the wheel of recurrence and the enter the kingdom of God. I know that you’re getting triggered by some of this stuff and you might’ve turned it off. He’s making a point and so keep going with this, but here we are told concerning John the law and the prophets until John, it starts the great law and all through the great prophets until John, there comes a stop from then the good news of the kingdom is preached and everyone enters the kingdom violently. I read here in the most recently scholarly works in this passage, which is the 16th chapter, the 16th verse of the book of Luke and these great scholars and there were hundreds of them in discussion and they’d confessed. It doesn’t make sense. It only adds confusion to confusion based upon an earlier passage that they can’t understand what he means. That all of a sudden everyone enters the kingdom violently and this thing happens after John. Well, may I tell you it’s true. It happened to me and I can’t tell you how violent you are when you enter, not angry, but sheer sheer energy. You use a power that you have never heard of on earth. We speak of a power of blowing up a whole city with one bomb blowing up a country with a bomb. It doesn’t compare to the power that you exert in that moment of entrance into the kingdom of God. When you are whipped up in the form of a spiral into your own skull, it is as though it takes that energy to Ram you into the internal structure that God has predetermined as though the whole vast skull is being filled and you feel one niche forever and forever, but you move into it with such power. The whole thing radiates. The whole thing shakes like an earthquake as though the whole vast world is an earthquake, and then suddenly when you are completely in it and then riveted in, then it subsides and it’s all quiet and you return here to the world of Caesar. So the world is stating in the 16th verse of the 16th chapter of Luke, everyone enters it violently. May I tell you? It must because it takes an enormous power to drive you into that part prepared for you. It’s been waiting for you since the beginning of time, and you move into that one part prepared for you and you move in so forcibly the whole structure vibrates. Then it subsides and your back. So you go home this night and clothe yourself in the joy of being the man, the woman that you want to be. I tell you it will not fail you. Now let us go into the silence. Now in the speech that I have, they ask some questions and one of the questions they ask Neville afterwards is, do you think we could have gone to the state of John in a life before this? Neville says, yes, my dear. Certainly the lady question is, do you think we have gone through the state of John and a life before this or certainly I wouldn’t doubt that for one moment and come out of it knowing that these things are not necessary for the kingdom of God with all the temptations of the world for we have all kinds of cults in this world who are playing as a cult. They don’t know. It’s a state called John the Baptist inviting everyone into it. They give up wearing fur, they give up eating meat, giving up drinking, give up, smoking, give up sex, and they’re all inviting us into that Colt and they call themselves the houses of religion. But people are persuaded to enter that and then they give up all these things and do violence to their appetites. You might’ve passed through that. I’m not saying that you did or did not. I’m so I’m saying to you to answer your question, certainly many of us could have gone through that state in this world tonight. You could be called into the kingdom of heaven because you’re told when the question was asked, tell me, Lord, is it now that you will restore the kingdom to Israel? And he corrected their question and then answered. It’s not for you to know the time or the season, which is fixed by God, by his own authority, but you’ll receive power after the Holy spirit has come upon you. Acts one six therefore wait for the promise. Just wait for it. You could have gone through it and this very night. It is my constant hope that everyone who hears me is this very night lifted up into the experience because I can’t tell anyone the thrill of being aware of the fact that you are part of the kingdom of God and there should be no delay beyond that moment in time when God calls you. And I’m quite sure there’s no delay. Now it looks like there’s another question and they talk about awakening from the sleep and, and whether you know that you’re asleep and he answers, Oh, I didn’t even know I was asleep. I didn’t know when I was awakened in my skull to find myself completely enclosed within my school. And my school is a subculture and it’s not a little tiny place like this here for, I only wear a seven size hat and I couldn’t get into the a seven size hat. So it’s not this, but it’s my skull. And so here I awake, I find myself waking. But unlike the usual waking that which comes every morning when I awake, this is something different. I’m waking and I awakened my skull. My skull is a tomb, it’s a subculture. And here I am completely awake now for the first time in thousands of years, but I am in tombed. That’s the resurrection. The resurrection begins the whole drama and that out I come being born like a child, the birth is symbolized in that of a babe wrapped in swaddling clothes. So this series of events differs completely from all other mystical experiences. Very interesting lecture, very different than some of the other lectures that Neville has done. And I know if you’re like me, you might have turned it off or been somewhat effected by all that biblical references, all the references to John the Baptist and Jesus Christ. And if you’re like the former version of me, that stuff’s triggering. And so he, if there is a lot of emphasis on it, but he’s trying to make a point. So forget about the biblical stuff, just forget about it and just go to the point of this that you cannot go. You cannot, you’re not going to be given special gifts and good things are not going to happen to you. You’re not going to go to heaven just by being good. That’s not how it works. You’re awakening to who you really are. And that is what’s happening. And in the process, one of the States of consciousness that we go to in, uh, towards awakening is that we began to do violence to our appetites. We restrict ourselves thinking that we can be good, do good, we start to get this concept. And that is not it by, it’s by the grace of God that we choose these things and we can choose to awaken in a, in a way. And we don’t have to have our appetites limited in the process. It’s very interesting. I don’t drink and that’s for personal reasons, for my energy and a number of reasons. But I can only tell you that I’ve definitely gone through this phase in my eating and my acting and everything. Um, you know, so to save myself in so many different ways. And so this does resonate with me. There have been times that I’ve restricted. Have you done that? Have you had that point in time where you’re trying to be good to get into to the kingdom? Well, it’s, it’s the great news is that that you’re following your heart. That’s fine, that’s understandable. Keep following your heart, but don’t listen to when people say that you have to be good to get into the kingdom, your appetites are not destroying you and you’re going to go through a phase where you’re, you’re going to be violent with your appetites. You’re on this planet to enjoy this incarnation and in and come to a realization of your power, and this is part of the process. So I would love to get your comments on it. I found it very interesting. Everybody goes through the state. I think I’m gone through the state myself. If you’re going through this state, let me know. And what does it mean to you that we go through the state of John the Baptist into Jesus Christ? What does it mean to you? I’d love to get your comments. It’s always a joy to go on these excursions. I love going over these lectures. We got lots of new cool stuff coming in the future, so keep an eye out for that stuff. Great interviews, great meditations, and lots of different subjects. If you ever need any full transcripts of the episodes, just go to the reality we got new masterminds coming and let me know if you have any questions in the comments and I and I will try to help you as best I can. If you guys have suggestions for future topics, I’m always open and willing to explore whatever you think may help us advance us in this new reality revolution and welcome. Welcome to the reality revolution.