Neville Goddard – John 10 The Shepherd || EP 916

In this unusual lecture Neville discusses the John 10 and makes the argument that is should be in a different order relating his own experience to this powerful chapter in the bible.  At the end I reread John 10 in the unusual order that Neville recommends

JOHN 10: THE SHEPHERD  6/17/68

Neville Goddard

If tonight you had a personal problem, regardless of the nature of the problem, were it financial, some social problem, regardless of the nature of it, the chances are you would wish that I would discuss a certain technique by which you could overcome it…and I would not blame you. But may I tell you, if you listen attentively to the Word of God and completely forget the problem while you listen in the hope that you will understand it, that problem would solve itself to the degree that you simply grasp the Word of God. You see, man does not really understand who he is, he doesn’t. Tonight I hope I can to some extent convince you of your greatness…of who you really are.

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