Neville Goddard Born From Above John 3 (With Commentary) || EP 1039

Born From Above John 3

Neville Goddard

June 24 1968

Tonight, we will take the chapter, the 3rd chapter of the Book of John. Now, John is anonymous as the other evangelists are anonymous. No one knows who they really are. They were not writing history as you and I understand it, not secular history; they were writing salvation history. So they introduce characters that may never have walked the face of the earth…but their names are significant.  

In the Book of John, Nicodemus is introduced. He’s not mentioned in any other part of the Bible, just in the Book of John. Well, really if his part was so great surely any historian would have mentioned him, but he’s not mentioned in any part of the Bible save in the Book of John. So you can see he’s not introduced for some historical purpose. His name means “conqueror of the people; all victorious.” He is the one who is victorious. Well, we read about him…first of all, he’s a Pharisee, very learned, a member of the Sanhedrin. That would be like being a member of our Supreme Court. They interpret the law—in his case the law would be scripture—and then they pass judgment on all. He found in someone called Jesus something that was different. He couldn’t find it in the law as he understood it, so he searched the law but couldn’t find it. But he was a very learned man. Biblical or rabbinical tradition has it that he was the third richest man in the age in which he lived, so he was not only learned but very, very rich.

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