Interview With Von D. Galt On Sacred Geometry, Parallel Realities And The New Earth || EP 547

Von D. Galt is an author who has studied Buddhism for the past four decades and counting. She grew up studying metaphysics, consciousness, eastern energy medicine, and Buddhist art history from her Laotian Buddhist upbringing. In Buddhist Mandalas: Explore Parallel Realities with Sacred Geometry, readers worldwide get insight into the process of spiritual awakening and ascension up the levels of consciousness into Buddhahood through an introductory study of sacred geometry in Buddhist mandalas.

Von is also a hypnosis practitioner, and a working mom in the IT industry. She spent her entire life following the ascension/awakening of Earth into the 5th dimension, the incoming galactic Golden Age of Humanity among the multiverse, and the interstellar commerce with civilizations of the cosmos. Her knowledge about this topic comes from her upbringing as a Buddhist, Laos-Hmong ancestral folklores, 20 years studying Buddhist academic research, and her QHHT clients. Her Buddhist studies in how consciousness changes reality helped her in the shift from the 2010-2012 end of the Cycle of Polarity into the 5D Cycle of Unity Consciousness. Her Buddhist focus areas are Wheel of Dharma/Great Library/Nirvana, reincarnation/pre-life planning, Mandela Effects (parallel realities), Buddhist mandalas (sacred geometry), Starseeds, Tulku souls, & Buddhist-Lemurian folklores.

Previously I was interviewed on Von’s channel and I had a great time, you can find her channel Merkaba Chakras where you can enjoy her book interviews, podcast, & my journey of insights at the time of Earth’s 5D ascension here:

You can learn more about Von and access the wealth of articles she has written on her website:

Get her books here

Buddhist Guide to Manifest Parallel Realities: Using the Four Noble Truths and Eightfold Path in the Age of Consciousness

Buddhist Mandalas: Explore Parallel Realities with Sacred Geometry

She has written several other books to on a variety of topics.  It was a genuine pleasure to interview her.


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