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In this episode Brian tackles the complicated subject of emotions, discussing the Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson and the idea of trapped emotions affecting our health. He discussed the ways we need to come to grip with our emotions to maneuver into better realities. He examines ways to move towards feeling gratitude and joy.

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In this episode Brian tackles the complicated subject of emotions, discussing the Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson and the idea of trapped emotions affecting our health. He discussed the ways we need to come to grip with our emotions to maneuver into better realities. He examines ways to move towards feelings of gratitude and joy.
Emotion Code
Freedom From Body Memory
Secret language of the body


00:02                                     The Reality Revolution podcast. I am your host, Brian Scott, author, life coach, entrepreneur interspace, astronaut, piffy, any headache, positive mind, metaphysician and artist. This podcast is dedicated to the spirit to believe life is meant to be magical and fun. It contains advanced viewpoints for the multidimensional human beings of the 21st century. Here we’ve entered a share mysteries of self. In reality, our primary purpose is to reawaken your sense of fascination and awe towards life, to shatter your rigid belief systems and ways of seeing the world. Our goal is to hack reality, to unleash your potential and open unlimited possibilities of wealth, health, and relationships in your life, and to explore the very mysteries of the universe. Today’s episode, we’re going to talk about emotions and feelings. Now, don’t hit the pause button. Just stick with me here for a little bit. This is an essential, the important component.

01:04                                     If people want to change their reality, oftentimes we are controlled by our very emotions and our emotions become memories that guide us into the future for what we want to do. They guide our thinking. We are in feedback loops where these emotions are controlling what we do every day. People define themselves as being depressed or as being in grief, and these emotions literally affect the reality that you’re creating and the reality that you’re moving through right now. I’ve tried to record this podcast several times. I’ve had to reiterates it and try multiple times. I don’t understand quite the problem. It is a difficult subject even for me to talk about. There are different cultural elements to talking about emotions from where you come from, the kind of family that you come from, your gender. Some of us are simply not supposed to talk about our feelings and emotions.

02:01                                     I’m a man. I guess I’m not supposed to talk about those things. One of the key elements of law of attraction literature is that you’re supposed to find the emotion of what it is you want to manifest for it to become reality, but there is not a lot of discussion on how to create that emotion. Emotions play an incredibly important role in the reality that we live in the world that we exist in. I believe that we’re meant to live in a world of joy. And I want to find a way to engineer that joy into your life, to help you find a future that sets you apart from others in the amount of joy and bliss that you can create in your life. And that may be just a simple decision to choose to control the subjective reality that you’re in. But let’s talk and back up and talk a little bit about what is happening with emotions and the way our understanding of emotions is happening. Uh, just read an incredible book, the emotion code by Dr. Bradley Nelson, another fantastic book, freedom from body memory by Jonathan Tripodi, the secret language of your body by inner struggle, a great resource and doctor Candace purchase molecules of emotion. These four books are talking about emotions and the psychological and scientific aspects of emotions. Now, in particular, the emotion code is a fascinating book that discusses trapped emotions as being an invisible epidemic.

03:37                                     Imagine a world where we don’t have emotions. Imagine a world where your all of your emotions are bad. Emotions are important. They guide us. They tell us, they reflect us, what kind of world that we’re in. But the Book Emotion Code Discusses This idea that many of us are feeling emotions and we are locking them up inside of our bodies and as a result we her getting sick and that this is an invisible epidemic upon the world.

04:11                                     Okay.

04:12                                     So it’s a fascinating concept and you may know people have friends, it may be affecting you in some way. You might be going through or struggling with some kind of health issue and there’s a chance, this is not 100% of the time, but there’s a real chance, you know, three out of four times that there is something that you had happened in your past. There’s some particular emotional pattern that you have that is creating this health problem. You know, thousands of years ago, ancient physicians were very astute observers of the human body. They didn’t have the scientific instruments to examine the body, but they could see patterns forming. They could see these particular patterns. And oftentimes I think his observations were very relevant to what was happening. And we’ve lost some of this knowledge. They’ve found people whose lives were dominated by certain emotions would have corresponding physical ailments. For example, people whose lives were ruled by anger, they seem to suffer from liver and gallbladder troubles and then they would see people that had lives of grief that had not been able to overcome who suffered from lung or colon troubles and then people that just were locked in deep fear had kidney and bladder problems and eventually the, of course they made a correlation of course back then they believed it perhaps through these organs were what created these emotions. People would say, well, the liver is a creator of anger and now we have looked and come more advanced in neuroscience has looked at brain scans and brain studies and found that there is a link between these emotions in the brain and the way it signals certain organs in the body.

05:55                                     If you’re feeling grief, maybe it is affecting your lungs are colon and there are emotional biochemical components to an emotion. Dr. Joseph spends a, describes emotions in his book becoming supernatural as chemical consequences or feedback of past experiences. As our senses record incoming information from the environment, clusters of neurons organized into networks. When they freeze into a pattern, the brain makes a chemical that is sent throughout the body. That chemical is called an emotion. The difference with human beings and animals is for instance, you know a gazelle that is attacked by a lion will run and feel fear and the fear will guide him to run. And if he were to escape almost instantaneously we’ll go back to grazing. But as humans we have this incredible ability to remember the past and bring up memories and visions and pictures in our brain and we can experience these past instances as if they are happening now.

07:04                                     And every single time we do that we contribute those new emotions, those new neuro chemicals that go and perhaps attack parts of our body. And so there is a releasing process that is involved. The Dr. Nelson and Jonathan trip OT discuss going through an analysis of your body and releasing these emotions. And I would recommend you reading those books because they have some terrific ideas on how to release these emotions. Dr. Nelson discusses that. If we come into contact and communication with your subconscious mind that you can get a better feeling for what these emotions are by asking it questions. He has something in the book called a muscle test. You can hold two fingers together, lock together, and then you try to pull them apart and when it’s very strong at the answer is yes and when it’s weak it’s no. So you can ask, is this happening in in my liver?

08:00                                     And then you can ask about a particular emotion. He has a grid and you ask and you can isolate on the grid where the emotion is and where in the body it’s happening and he has a process of releasing these emotions. Now he claims in the book that you can release these through mechanical energy, heat, electromagnetism, sound and light, and for sizing the ability of human touch to release these emotions. Another thing that he recommends is using magnets upon certain parts of the body and shocker is in the body and that releases the pattern of emotion. Oftentimes in these books, they discuss that. Once you go through the process of releasing these emotions, you actually feel them again. You may cry, you may feel the anger or grief or whatever it is, and then it goes away and something magical happens. In these cases, people feel free.

08:55                                     A lightness that occurs and their bodies heal very, very fast and quickly. Dr Joe Dispenza does become incredible at the process of the placebo effect and has literally worked with thousands of people that have worked through his workshops, that have identified emotional patterns in their lives and he’s helped them to break them through meditation. And I recommend you read his books becoming the placebo, breaking the habit of being yourself because they help you to come into contact with your body and a better understanding of the body. He calls it closing the gap, understanding the layers of emotion that we memorize on a daily basis, and that in fact, because these chemicals occur, we become addicted to these emotions. And you may think that’s crazy, but you may be addicted to your depression. You may be addicted to your grief because it’s an emotional chemical that’s being released in your body and then it becomes dependent on it.

09:56                                     So the idea that there’s a memory in your body that you can liberate an unmemorized. There are many cases through epigenetics that we’ve discovered where we are locking in the software of these emotions from our parents. While you were in the womb, your mother may have been stressed about money or have had a fearful thing occur in her life. And what happened is that emotion was passed in to you while you were in the womb and it was saved like a computer program. And then you have things come up in your life and that computer program is turned on and activated. And so identifying these emotions, entire movements have come about the idea of letting go and clearing these past emotional situations. And they’re very powerful. And the reason I’m mentioning this is I have seen people that are able to manifest and control their destinies by coming into a actual knowledgeable contact with these emotions and understanding of them.

10:56                                     And in many ways it could be as simple as stating out loud and intention to release the emotion. Many people have found success by simply praying once they become aware of it, by praying to release these emotions, many times these emotions become trapped because we have not been able to forgive ourselves. We have some terrible thing that we’ve done in our past that we may not have forgiven ourselves or we have somebody out there that is killing us in eating us and we are unable to forgive them. And as a result, we make ourselves sick. So I’m saying if we’re going to have this reality revolution occur, we need to come into touch with our emotions and the way they affect our bodies and our environment. Because the nests aspect of this is as we know, everything is energy and your thoughts are energy. We’re walking in a sea of energy.

11:48                                     Your body is not solid. It is a group of vibrating subatomic particles and you are constantly transmitting and incorporating quantum information in and out all the time. So if you’re feeling these fears of depression, anger, grief, and hopelessness, not only are you hurting yourself, you’re transmitting this out to the people that you love, that are around you and they may not even know it, but you’re creating software programs in them and they may be feeling these emotions and thinking that they are having these emotions themselves. So it is your responsibility to come into an understanding of the way emotions are affecting your life. The next thing I wanted to discuss is the idea of fear. Just fear. I want to discuss that just briefly. Fear is very powerful and we see on television and in politics and in the media, the idea of using fear, I mean we watch scary movies because it evokes this emotional response in us.

12:56                                     So it’s an easy thing to do. And so you hear politicians that will create fear on both sides. I’m not making a political argument here, but I’m telling you about a political practice that they’ll say, hey, we need to be afraid of this particular thing. And that’s why you need to choose me cause I’ll stop you from this sphere. And so we’d say, okay, you can help me overcome this fear. I don’t want to be this fearful anymore and our bodies and our brains are created to incorporate this fear. Fear is not a bad thing. If you read the gift of fear by Gavin de Becker, you understand that fear is an actual program and it helps us become alert to things around our environment and it, you know, it’s saved my life when I had dangerous things happen in my lifetime. When I had the home invasion, the fear was an alert system that allowed me, in my subconscious mind to know there’s something was wrong and I needed to take action, and that book give story after story of examples of fear being a wonderful thing as a gift.

13:58                                     It’s a gift, but what’s happening is people are manipulating the sphere because it’s easy to evoked. The amygdala in your brain is what creates this fear and it’s an automatic response in many ways. We can become fearful, very easy. The idea is you need to become aware of it so that right when you’re becoming fearful, you ask yourself, is this fear helping me or is it just simply manipulating me? So going back to Dr Neville Goddard, when the idea when you can feel something and it’s powerful, when people are evoking fear, they’re creating their realities through you. So if you’re constantly in a fearful state, you’re starting to see her fears become aware in their environment around us. Fear is also an energy. If you have that fear, embrace it and accept it. It is giving you an energy that you may not have had before.

14:49                                     And the final thing to be aware of is that fear can stop you from achieving your dreams. I meet people all the time that have not chosen to follow through on their goals to succeed and to achieve their dreams because of fear that they felt fear of what other people would think. Fear of what would happen, fear of money, whatever the fear is. 90% of the time. People are not taking action or moving to a particular reality that is wonderful for them because they’re letting the fear talk in their minds and I’m saying that you have a choice. Feel the fear and do it anyway. A wonderful book by Susan Jeffers. I recommend it. The idea is you’re going to have these fears and the great people around us that you see great business leaders, sports stars, have faced these fears and overcome them and chosen to act anyway, so come into a better understanding of how fear is working in your life and use it to your benefit instead of being controlled by it.

16:01                                     The next thing I want to talk about is gratitude. Of course, if you go back to the movie the secret, and they talk about gratitude being one of the key elements to manifesting your desires. Now, why is that? Why is gratitude such an important thing? Of course, you can go on Amazon and gratitude journals are such a popular thing right now, but why? What’s the reason for that? First of all, it’s an easy way to create a positive emotion because there’s things that you can be grateful about so you analyze in your life the things that you can be a grateful about. When you start to do that, you create a momentum in your mind and it can turn away from the negative things that you might be thinking about. It’s an easy way to instantaneously change your state of mind. Another thing that gratitude does is it gives you permission to achieve your dreams.

16:52                                     You want to manifest something. You imagine what it feels like, you imagine doing it. Then you go into your gratitude, and by going into that gratitude, you’re saying, I accept this reality. I accept this future. I accepted this manifestation, and it’s essentially giving permission where manifestation to occur, and in many people it’s hard to become grateful. There are people that have achieved incredible things. They’ve achieved everything they want, they have the money, they’ve walked on the moon. How can they be grateful? And the truth is you can be grateful about the most simple of things and finding that gratitude, especially in the morning when you start out, your day is very powerful and you don’t need incredible things to be grateful for. It could be your partner. It could be just simply being able to breathe. It can be just being alive. Just to be alive in this moment, in time, in this world is truly wonderful and a grateful we can create states of bliss just from our gratitude. You can make a list. You can simply be grateful for the clothes on your back, the food you have in the refrigerator, the bed that you’re sleeping in can create such a state of gratitude that everything else that you think of is easier to create these emotions. Now, to go to what we talked about it at the beginning, how do we manifest our reality by creating states of emotion?

18:17                                     I’ve had people ask me this, that I’ve coached. I see this as a common element. How can you do that? Now? First thing I would say, if you are ever in a state of true bliss and ecstasy, if you’re at a concert, when you see something beautiful and wonderful, that is a great time to try to manifest something that is a great time to simply take a moment in that moment. Imagine that something that you want to achieve and you can lock onto the emotion you’re feeling in that moment and it will help you to achieve some desire in the future. This emotion is like a frequency that you’re broadcasting and our lives become like the frequencies that we’re broadcasting. When you tune into this frequency, simply like a TV tunes into a signal that’s being broadcasted, all you are doing is tuning in to this feeling of joy that’s already there. Imagine this wonderful feeling of ecstasy and bliss is sitting right there in the room with you right now and all you have to do is tune into it.

19:15                                     So go through the process of identifying your body. Get used to your states of mind. What does it feel like to have abundance? That’s a tough question. What would it feel like? It might not be what you think. It could be a feeling of safety. It could be a feeling of happiness, of joy. Everybody has a certain recipe of feelings that combined together, and it can be some part of your body that you can feel and oftentimes you can recreate feelings through your stomach, into the energy field in your body. Sometimes we have emotions that come out of control and that is an area where you can look at energy psychology and the emotional freedom technique, which is very powerful. It’s use of tapping procedures and body movements and body positions to change the energy field of your body. So you can do that and that is one way to maneuver into emotional states.

20:16                                     I would love to know if anybody else has ideas or techniques or tricks that they use to create emotional states. Something that I’ve done is I have wonderful movies that create emotional states and oftentimes I will go back and look at certain scenes, create that emotional state, and then I will stop and close my eyes and try to imagine something that I want to manifest. And it’s worked multiple times in my life. We may have a song that creates a memory in your life, have some incredible situation or moment, and that song might be just enough to a lock, that feeling. There’s something in neurolinguistic programming called anchoring. And if you do have these emotional states which are powerful and transformative that you want to continue feeling, you can anchor them by snapping your fingers or doing some particular action or sound and then intentionally knowing that when you do that per thing or you create that sound, that you feel that feeling again and you can start to create emotional states of mind.

21:19                                     And that is the powerful thing. Don’t just be generic with your emotions. Don’t just happy and sad. There’s thousands of different variations of emotions that are flowing through your brain and body and become aware of them. And if you can focus on them, you can maximize them. And when you find these states of bliss and happiness, you can increase in magnify them. You can do it through hypnosis and guided meditation that are very powerful on a repeated basis. You can create these emotional states, but the key is if you’re locked into negative emotions, it lowers your vibration. You’re not going to be able to come to a place of manifesting joy in your life because we attract how we feel. If you’re in a feeling of hopelessness and despair, you can choose to change that you have control over your emotions. Don’t bottle up your emotions if you’re feeling this depression or sadness.

22:19                                     I understand the idea that you do not want to share this with other people, but you may have some power in unleashing this and communicating with someone else or even yourself, and by creating the intention in your mind that you want to release this emotion, you will find techniques, behaviors, and ways to release these emotions, and I believe by doing that you will be able to manifest your dreams faster and easier. So a little exercise right now. Imagine right now achieving your dream. What would it feel like? How would it feel in your heart? How would it feel on your skin? How would your posture be? What would the temperature of your body be? Peel your face? What would the heat of your face be? Your eyes, your mind, how would your breathing pattern B, we can often just recreate by simply thinking about it.

23:18                                     Another technique that is very powerful as what would it feel like to walk in that particular emotional state? Say you want to own a car, and if you own that car, how would you walk around with your shoulders, be back? Would you have a certain posture? All of those things are different techniques and ways, and I’m just saying right now, if you have the ability to sit down for two or three minutes and recreate an emotion of some incredible miracle that you want to have occur in your life, don’t worry about the house of it. Just try to recreate this emotion and I promise in the beginning it may be difficult, but once you become aware of your emotions, you’re going to unlock what’s going on inside of you. Try to analyze your emotions and if you’re having health problems, analyze where they’re coming from.

24:08                                     You may have emotional issues that you need to deal with and there’s sometimes very easy to deal with because I want the best for you and I want the best for everybody. I want you to create the reality that you want, and I want you to share this with the world and broadcast feelings of joy and bliss so other people can feel them. Thank you so much for spending the time with me today. Can’t wait to talk to you about so many other things that are coming up in the future. We have interviews coming up. We’re going to talk about all kinds of different topics, and I’m so grateful that you spent this time with me. May you feel joy and bliss and happiness magnifying increasing on an exponential level every second from now on. Thank you for joining the reality revolution. This is Brian Scott.

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