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In this guided hypnosis/meditation Brian takes you on a deeply relaxing journey through higher states of consciousness and visualizes a life of magnificent abundance and prosperity.

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In this guided hypnosis/meditation Brian takes you on a deeply relaxing journey through higher states of consciousness and visualizes a life of magnificent abundance and prosperity. This is our second guided meditation. You should feel super relaxed, clear, recharged, aligned and primed once you take this journey.


00:00                                     Welcome to the reality revolution podcast. I’m your host, Brian Scott, author life coach, entrepreneur, innerspace, astronaut, epiphany addict, positive mind, metaphysician and artist. This podcast is dedicated to the spirits who believe life is meant to be magical and fun. It contains advanced viewpoints for the multidimensional human beings of the 21st century. Here we ventured a share the mysteries of self and reality. Our primary purpose is to reawaken your sense of fascination and our towards life and to shatter your rigid belief systems and ways of seeing the world. Our goal is to hack reality, unleash your potential and open unlimited possibilities of wealth, health, and relationships in your life to explore the very mysteries of the universe and our existence.

00:59                                     Today’s episode is our second effort or attempt at creating a guided meditation. If you listened to the first one, this is going to be quite different. It’s going to be a little more interactive and more hypnosis spaced. There is a definite difference between hypnosis and guided meditation. I’m going to use some hypnotic language in this particular podcast. What we’re trying to do here is to speak to your subconscious to help you out, to lift you up. The goal of this meditation is to discover how to use the laws of the universe to create the reality that you want. Our goal is to hack your reality. Now, this recording is designed to change your core beliefs that may be working against you in creating the life that you desire. Maybe you have some part of you that is actually working against you and we want to get to that. We want to go deep. We want to explore this. My goal is to lift your vibration and to draw the very best opportunities and timelines to you. It should help you, guide you to attract the life you desire in all areas such as a fabulous home. You’re perfect physical body, what kind of work you have and your finances.

02:27                                     No, although you’re going to be moving into a very relaxed state of consciousness, you should know that if for any reason that you need to become alert, you will be able to do so easily and naturally no matter what the situation that arises. Because this is designed to put you into a state of a deep relaxation. You should not use this recording in any way while you’re driving or in any situation where you need to be alert. So everybody, let’s begin, lie down or sit in a comfortable bed or chair and begin to relax. Take a long, deep breath in through your nose, through your nose. Hold it. Then let the air out slowly through your mouth. Let’s take another deep breath in. Hold it, hold it, and breathe out through your mouth. Close Your eyes and with your eyes closed, look up slowly toward your forehead. Now take another long, slow, deep breath in through your nose and hold it and hold it and let the air out slowly through your mouth. Keep letting the breath out until you give a deep sigh. As the last of the air leaves your lungs.

04:29                                     Yes,

04:33                                     keep breathing slowly, slowly and deeply, deeply, deeply, deeply. Breathe in for four seconds. If you need to count, hold it, hold it now breathe out for another four seconds. Once you breathe out completely, hold your breath again for another four seconds. Try to keep this basic rhythm, but don’t concern yourself. Don’t judge yourself. It’s all good. Just relax.

05:26                                     Relax.

05:30                                     Now you find that your jaw feels softer and more relaxed. Your teeth become unclenched and more relaxed. Each muscle in your face soften, soften, and relax is now relaxes. Completely, completely. Concentrate on your breathing and as you now continue to breathe normally and deeply, notice as you dry in the clean, fresh air, notice how your body becomes more and more relaxed as you slowly exhale. Exhale. Just follow along here and the more you follow along, once we go deep into your subconscious, your mind will be more willing to do that. Give yourself permission. With each breath you take, and with each breath you exhale, your body feels more and more relaxed. With each breath, your body feels heavier, heavier, heavier, and heavier and heavier, heavier, heavier, heavier. At the same time, you feel lighter, lighter, lighter, lighter, lighter, lighter. You slowly sink deeper into the bed or chair. Now move your attention now to the muscles in your neck and notice the tension in your neck muscles. Imagine managing the clean air you’re breathing in and the oxygen it carries moving into those muscles. Feel the tension, Lucian, as your breath becomes pure relaxation. As you breathe in the relaxation into your muscles,

08:27                                     move your attention down, down into your shoulders and upper back. Breathe relaxation into those muscles. You will find that as you concentrate on them. As you breathe out, the tightness contention releases itself and you are now able to let it go. With each breath you take, you become twice as relaxed. The more relaxed you become, the more you release feelings of stress. You release all feelings of fear and anxiety. Now you’re even more relaxed, twice as relaxed. All tensions drain from your body. Now I imagine them. Imagine them actually leaving your body. See the tensions dripping away from your body flowing away.

10:02                                     Wow.

10:04                                     How’d you do this? You may experience a slightly floating sensation as your body relaxes more and more. Now as you breathe in, imagine a warm light, a white light. This is a very special light. It’s joining. You can see it coming down from the heavens and up from the earth. Combining together together, together together. See the light.

10:50                                     Yeah,

10:50                                     you can feel it. Feel really feeling, feeling. Perhaps it’s a gold, white light. What color is it? The light starts to move through your body, your body, your body. Remember, deep in your body is just vibrating energy and so it’s very easy for the light just to move right in through the skin, through the cells, to the organs. You know the light is inside. Inside you were able to feel a deep joy in this light. It has a soothing power within it. The light has a strong ability to relax your muscles. It relaxes every muscle that it flows through. This wonderful light now flows down through the muscles of your back. You find your back becomes wonderfully relaxed and soft. You’re back, sinks deeply into your bed or chair. You feel very warm and relaxed. The liquid moves through all the muscles in your chest and stomach. Bringing not only a deep relaxation into those areas. The light activates its healing properties. Acting like a liquid, moving, moving, combining with yourselves, any part of your body that needs this healing power now receives it now as the healing light flows through each and every part of you, the light now flows down into your thighs and into your legs.

13:31                                     You can feel the warm and calming light relaxing each part of you. The light runs into your knees and your calves and your feet into each toe. One toe at a time and my time. Your feet relax and every toe feels relaxed as the warm light swirls and flows through them. This therapeutic quite now begins to run down into your arms. Your upper arms feel warm and relaxed. Relax your elbows relax and sink deeper. The deeper the relaxing quality of the light now runs into your wrist and then each finger, your hands are slightly curled with the palms slightly turned upward, feeling heavy. As they become more and more relaxed, your whole body is now filled with this wonderful and healing, healing, healing, relaxing light. You feel warm and content and at peace with the world. Your breathing is deeper, deedee and feels more and more

15:15                                     relaxed and her lasts.

15:21                                     Move your attention now back up into your face. Each tiny little muscle in your face begins to relax twice as much as before your jaw soften. Fields

15:39                                     relaxed, relax.

15:42                                     Any tension around your eyes and forehead relaxes and leaves you now feel your forehead begin to expand. Feel it. Fill with this light and energy deeper di Di di deeper, deeper, deeper. You sink down into complete relaxation. You feel warm and comfortable. Your muscles are now soft and heavy, completely

16:24                                     relaxed.

16:26                                     You can listen to the sound of my voice or you can let your mind drift. It makes no difference. As your subconscious mind will hear. Every word I say I say, I say say, and it will take in every life changing suggestion that I make for your greater good. With each number you hear, you’ll become twice

16:55                                     as relaxed, relaxed.

16:59                                     One, one, one, one. Tumor to deeper, deeper, deeper, deeper, deeper, deeper, deeper. Three, three, three, three. Three. More and more

17:16                                     relaxed.

17:19                                     Four, four, four, four. All stress. Intention leaves you now use your scan, your body. If there’s any place that’s tense, let it go. Let it go. Let it go. Five five you feel calm, calm and serene. [inaudible] six six, six, six six seven, seven, seven, seven, seven more peaceful than you’ve ever felt before. Eight eight, eight 18 deeper and more relaxed, relaxed. Nine nine, 10 10, 10 10 keep counting in your mind of heaven of I’ve ever see the numbers. Practice your ability to visualize. 1212 1313 make the numbers become three dimensional. Give them color, color, color, color. Now become aware of the space space around your body. Become

19:11                                     aware, aware where

19:16                                     of the space, space, space, just outside of your stomach. Breathe deeply and become

19:30                                     aware, aware

19:34                                     of the space around your heart. Become aware once again, the space just around outside of your neck. Feel it feels as if it is a part of your body. Become aware of it. Become aware of the space between your eyes, your eyes, with your eyes closed. I want you to follow these wonderful instructions. We’re going to open up your pineal gland and expand your mind using the joy sticks of your soul, your eyes, your eyes. Allow yourself to move your eyes to awaken your entire mind. Just follow my instructions.

20:50                                     First of all, I want you to rotate

20:55                                     your eyes up and to the left with your eyes closed and just breathe for the next 15 seconds. Open the creative visual part of your mind. Hold on to that and come back to the center. This is her turn center. Now look down and to your left and while you do this, open that creative feeling part of your mind and body. Hold on to that and come back to the center now. Now, now, now look down into the right an access the entire store, house of visual memories in your mind. As you let the images flow flow, do not judge them. Hold on to that and come back to the center. Now I want you to look straight down and expand your sense of taste. Now look straight up. Expand your sense of smell. Hold onto that and come back to the center. Look to your right here an open and unzipped the full storehouse of all sounds you’ve ever heard. Access that part of your mind, your mind. Come back to this center. Now look to your left ear and expand your creative ability to create any new sound. Let that open up, but your eyes relax. Your last

24:33                                     look up at a 45 degree angle. I want you to become aware of the space around your body of the space around the room. Be aware of all the objects around you, around you. Now I want you to become aware of the house or room or apartment or building that you were in. Take a long, deep breath and become aware of the city where you live. Feel incense, everyone in it. Everybody in it. Become aware of the country you reside in. Expand outward to the entire planet. Breathe deeply. Become aware of the void of space, space, feel and see and become aware of its depth. Become aware of its width, expand outward in all directions beyond our solar system, beyond our galaxy. Expand to the very edge of space above you and below you all around you. Keep going further to the very end. Your now all of space, every star, every planet, every galaxy, every Nebula, every atom and Proton, all of it. Feel it. Breathe it in. And while you’re in this state, I want you to let go of who you are. Become no body, no thing, no one, no gender. All the labels that you attached yourself are now gone. You are nobody. You’re nothing. Let go.

27:30                                     Feel the void, the void. What was the first potential that you want to achieve? I want you to right now to imagine the house do you want to live in? Where is it located? Is it on the countryside or near a beach? How many rooms does it have? Don’t just imagine the house like you’re looking at a magazine. Live in it. Wake up. Wake up in the bedroom of your dreams. Who Do you wake up next to?


walk to the bathroom. Brush your teeth and look in the mirror at yourself. You’re in perfect health. Imagine the body that you want now. Walk out through the front of the room and just keep walking. Imagine. Imagine. Imagine how many rooms are there in this house? Is there a dream? A swimming pool? Do you have a basketball court? How big is the yard?

29:09                                     Okay,

29:10                                     go to the kitchen. You grabbed your keys, or maybe you already have them on Ya. Where is your car located? What kind of car do you have? You have a brief thought of your job or maybe you’re retired now you feel a deep sense of satisfaction. You get in your car. You’re just going to drive right down the street to the local ATM to grab some money. Maybe you’re about to go on a flight. What car are you driving in? What does it look like as you sit in it? No, I want you to pull up to the ATM, Slide Your Atm and entered the Pin. The money comes out and for this time you get a receipt. You look at the receipt and it shows your balance holding the receipt in your hand. What does the receipt feel like? Look at the balance. Don’t judge it. Whatever it is. Imagine the balance, whatever you want it to be. Access this reality. Guide your heart towards it. Become a now for the next few moments, I want you to imagine another possibility. I don’t want you just to imagine, I want you to act as if it’s already happened. I want you to become a part of it, to feel it. What does it feel like?

31:49                                     Oh, it feels so good. No. One more. I want you to imagine what it feels like. I want you to go into it from your own eyes and see it. See it to CSC.

32:02                                     Yes.

32:20                                     Now I want you to come back into the moment that you’re in right now. I want you to remember something incredibly grateful from your past to go into that moment. How good did it feel? How wonderful was it? And bring up a second moment, something that you’re grateful for, something that you love, that truly touched you, or maybe it’s a pet. Maybe it’s a family member, some kind of sporting event. Anything that you can think of, and finally, I want you to imagine right now is one of those moments right now, you’re more grateful than you’ve ever been. This is one of the most incredible moments of your life right now in this moment. Imagine all the things you have to be grateful for. Give yourself permission to have your dreams, your dreams. Give yourself permission. Let the gratitude unlock your dreams by being grateful. You’re giving yourself permission.

33:37                                     Go through them. Be grateful for your bed that you’re in the air, that you’re breathing the music. You can listen to the clothes on, your back, the food in the refrigerator, whatever you can think of. I want you to be it. I want you to feel it. Let the gratitude start from your toes and move up through your body. Tighten your muscles that it. Fill your body. Let it fill the room, the gratitude. Send it out. Send this gratitude out, out, out, out into the city that you’re in, in to the country or in to the whole planet, to all of space. Fill it up. This is wonderful. Now I want you to just to relax slowly come back to your body. Come back to this moment. I’m going to count back to five and as I do, you’re going to become wide awake. No. If you’re about to sleep, you’re going to have the best sleep you’ve ever had. It will be truly remarkable. You will dream and within your dreams they will be lucid. Lucid is this in the morning and you’re going to be awake. You’re going to be filled with an incredible amount of energy and this day is going to be one of the very best days.

35:15                                     I want you to feel the love that I’m sending you, the love from your family and your friends. Feel that energy that you have. You’re going to be wide awake, focused, clear. Today. You’re going to make perfect choices and you’re going to be guided into perfect timeline to achieve those dreams. They have already happened. They’re already done. There is no doubt you are choosing them. You are not begging for them. They are yours. You can have anything. Do anything. Five, five. I’m slowly becoming awake for four four. You feel yourself come back into your body and you take a deep breath. Let your muscles become aware of them. Three, three eyes open. Tu Tu, Tu, Tu, Tu, Tu, and one as I snap my fingers, you become wide awake. That was wonderful. Thank you so much. I am honored that you gave me this time to help you move to a higher vibration to move toward a greater timeline. Thank you so much for the time that you’ve given me for another guided meditation. Thank you for joining the reality revolution. Peace and love to all.

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