Guided Meditation Perfect Abundance And Fulfillment || EP 810

This meditation was inspired by Marion Weinsteins teaching on words of power.  This is a powerful all encompassing affirmation that when said repeatedly will change your life.  

Note I have designed this with a 15 minute induction in which we countdown from 100.  This intended for those who struggle to concentrate and go into the proper alpha-theta brain wave state that is needed for the full implanting of this powerful affirmation

There is one power

which is perfect abundance and fulfillment

And I am a perfect manifestation of this power

the power working for me and through me

provides for me all the abundance and fulfillment

which is rightfully mine

I draw to me and create in my life all that I need in the world of form to fulfill my needs

this may come specifically in the form of large sums of money

I hereby release all cause, effect, manifestation, form and essence

and any channel within me which may have been preventing the appropriate flow of abundance in my life

I draw upon the balance of resources in the universe

for the good of all

according to the free will of all

and I affirm my own wisdom in understanding my needs and how to fulfill them

I call to me resources knowing I deprive none and am not deprived myself

I have more than enough

I have just enough

And so it must be

The meditation begins at 2:17 and the affirmation begins at 16:20

This simple process will tranform you life a variety of levels.

Headphones are suggested as this is binaural meaning you will hear different words in each year.  This is part of the induction that enhances a communication with the subconscious.

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Intro 00:00

Meditation – Trance Induction 2:17

Affirmation 16:20

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