Ernest Holmes See Yourself As You Want To Be Your Aladdin’s Lamp || EP 745

In my talk today, I am comparing the Mind and the genius that dwells in it to the genie in Aladdin’s Lamp. If someone were to ask you, “Did you know that you are a genius?” would you laugh at him or would you take him seriously? You will remember the story of Aladdin and his lamp; that when he rubbed his lamp and made a deep wish, then the genie would appear. Jesus said, “There is a light that lighteth every man’s path.” But he added, “If you put your light under a bushel, then no one can see it.”  

It is this light which is the light of God and the light of life that is your light. The question is not whether there is a genius hidden at the center of your life, but whether or not you are rubbing your lamp so the genie can appear. How could all the deep wishes, hopes and aspirations of your life be there unless it were possible for them to be fulfilled?  

God never makes mistakes and God put them there. There is a power in the universe and this power is available to everyone. It is the power that brought everything into being, therefore it is all power. It is not only all power but it is all presence. It pervades everything and it is at the very center of our own being.  

There is, in the universe, a Spirit that is self-knowing, and a law that is not self knowing, but self-propelling, which obeys Spirit. We are self-knowing centers in a law that has no volition other than to obey our impulses. We are ignorant of this and consequently bring upon ourselves, through a direct act of law, all the experiences that we suffer.  

Should we completely change our mode of thinking, we would completely change our environment. We are, today, the sum total of all our thoughts and acts, the objectification of our subjective states of consciousness; our subjective state of thought decides what is to happen to us objectively.  

Our subjective state of thought is constantly radiating into universal mental law the images of our entire belief in life, and from these images of unconscious thought spring all our outward conditions.  

The key, then, to success and happiness, is the conscious control of thought and a continuous radiation of constructive thinking and acting. This key will unlock the treasure house of the Infinite and reveal to us undreamed-of opportunities and experiences.  

We have brought upon ourselves all our troubles through ignorance of the law, which of itself is always a law of liberty, but which we have misused through misunderstanding the true meaning of life. We must reverse the entire process of our thinking and learn to think of ourselves only in terms of spiritual valuation, which alone is enduring and real.

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