Chaos Magick || EP 1061

Chaos magick rejects the existence of absolute truth, and views all occult systems as arbitrary symbol-systems that are only effective because of the belief of the practitioner

Austin Osman Spare’s work in the early to mid 1900s is largely the source of chaos magical theory and practice. Specifically, Spare developed the use of sigils and the use of gnosis to empower them. Although Spare died before chaos magic emerged, he has been described as the “grandfather of chaos magic”

Here I read a fascinating summary on Chaos Magick By The Linocoln Order Of Neuromancers

Chaos magick has many defnitions and understandings but some of it is a unique and powerful way of looking energy and reality creation. I wanted to introduce chaos magick and sigils. This episode lays a foundation for future episodes coming on advanced sigils and energy manipulation.

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