3 hour ho’oponopono – with piano and soft rhythm music 111hz-777hz || EP 218


WIth a great soundtrack from Mettaverse of soft rhythm and piano music.

For sleep or to play in the background.

I Love You, I’m Sorry, Please Forgive Me, Thank You

Hoʻoponopono is a Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness. The Hawaiian word translates into English simply as correction, with the synonyms manage or supervise, and the antonym careless.Similar forgiveness practices are performed on islands throughout the South Pacific, including Hawaii, Samoa, Tahiti and New Zealand. Traditional Hoʻoponopono is practiced by Indigenous Hawaiian healers, often within the extended family by a family member.

On the surface level, many people have understood Ho’oponopono to be a mantra where one repeats the words ‘I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you’ as a form of mental and spiritual cleaning that could be compared to Buddhist techniques for clearing karma. It has been defined as a forgiveness and reconciliation practice, cleansing of ‘errors of thought’–the origin of problems and sickness in the physical world, according to the Hawaiian worldview.

At first glance, I found it hard to remember the order of the words or even discern if there was a specific order for them at all, so I tried them in every possible combination as well as repeating them on their own. I chanted them over and over in the hope of discovering whether they were useful in some way and if so, what was it about these words that made them helpful.

As I did so, I found that many questions arose, with different questions coming up depending on the order I said them. “Why should I be sorry? What do I have to be sorry for? What do I need forgiveness for, in this moment and in my life? What do I have to be grateful for? When I say ‘I love you’ am I really feeling it? If not, what is in the way?”. I worked with these words both to directly address something I was finding challenging, as well as just chanting them with no purpose in mind at all.

I found that by simply chanting these words that my inner discordance, my stuff, would come up. Not only would it come up, but it was as if my inner disharmony was being tuned to the frequency of these words and the intention they carry. Over time I found these four simple concepts acted like tuning forks, each carrying a different tone of purity that I could use to tune the disharmonious parts of myself. Best of all, I found that applying this chant to the chaos of my mind brought about stillness and calm.

Ho’oponopono contains an awareness that the discordance we find in others and in the world outside ourselves is due to ‘errors’ in thought stored in our personal and collective memories. The belief in these errors existing in some form of collective memory accessible to all allows for a person practicing Ho’oponopono to clean these errors, whether the error originated in their personal thoughts or not.

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The music is mind blowing. Over 14 tracks by Mettaverse were used for this video.

light quotient study and focus alleviate stress – 5 minutes

Into the Omniverse 963hz for 15 minutes

Solstice revitalizing ambient music return to the light

Sea of Samsara , Karmic clearing 174Hz

First source awaken I the energetic heart 111hz For 15 minutes

111hz language of light balancing the mind for 15 minutes

love the universal constant 111hz for 15 minutes

639hz heart chakra love Harmony and positive energy for only 5 minutes

111Hz the field of oneness dissolve in the tranquility for 15 minutes (new)

a universal language 444hz/528hz for 15 minutes

111hz the heart of true being for only 5 minutes

healing tranquility 111hz beta endorphins and cell regeneration for 15 minutes

journey through the multi-verse for 15 minutes

768hz throat chakra inspire creativity for 10 minutes

528HZ DNA repair musical mathematical matrix of creation for 10 minutes


light quotient study and focus alleviate stress

Music by Mettaverse

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