Everything you ever wanted to know about Pendulums (in Transurfing) but were afraid to ask! || EP 220

On an energetic level a structure appears when a group of people think in the same way, as a result of which, the parameters of their thought energy are identical.

Their thought energy finally unites into a single current. When this happens, as if in the middle of an entire ocean of energy, a separate, independent energy-information structure is created which is referred to as an energy pendulum.

Eventually this structure begins to live its own life and subjugate to its laws the very people who created it.

The structure is referred to as a pendulum because the more people–adherents–that feed it with their energy, the more powerfully it sways.

Every pendulum has its own characteristic beat frequency. For example, if you want to get a swing moving you have to push it to a certain rhythm or frequency.

Pendulums are an important part of Reality Transurfing. It is mentioned 500 times in the book Reality Transurfing.

This is a deep dive on Chapter 2 about Pendulums and we discuss the implications behind this and ways to avoid pendulums.

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Welcome to the reality revolution. I’m your host, Brian Scott, and today we are going to talk about everything you ever wanted to know about pendulums, but we’re afraid to ask. We’re going to go into every kind of detail that I can think of about pendulums. Of course, I can’t cover it all, but [inaudible] I have avoided going over this chapter. I have an episode called trans surfing, the pendulums, and it was really about how to avoid pendulums. I have a hypnosis set up for programming your mind about pendulums, not giving up your energy. I’ve included parts of that [inaudible] dictation also in my large trans surfing sleep meditation, but I avoided the second chapter when I did these deep dives. I have not done a deep dive on the second chapter of the book of reality. Trans surfing, one of the greatest books, if you want to learn about reality creation, it is a magnificent book. It’s very long, over 800 pages and it’s broken up into five parts, but one of the key and fundamental parts of reality, trans surfing is the pendulum. It’s what really differentiates its system with a lot of other systems. A lot of other systems deal with the effects of pendulums in similar manner, but pendulums add to a greater understanding of the collective forces that you’re working against in width. When you manifest and create your own reality, and once you figure in this independent variable, your ability to manifest becomes much more effective. For almost everybody that I’ve worked with and myself, it’s a game changer. It is absolutely transformative, but the biggest problem with this chapter is it’s dark. As I’ve mentioned on some interviews that I’ve had, there’s a style to Russian writing in many ways, and this is, this chapter is a classic in Russian literature. In many ways it has a darkness to it. Many people after reading this chapter, they become their sort of psychosis occurs. And so the warning I’m giving you before I go over this chapter and there’s a reason that I waited so long with all 61 episodes I’ve done on trans surfing is because this chapter is, is just there’s a little bit of darkness and depression to it. It’s scary. Some people that have read this chapter end up sitting in a suspended state. You know, that’s what one of the terms that Vadim Zeeland calls it, where you almost can’t interact with the outside world. You start to see a pendulum and everything and you think of them that they are all destructive. So when am I my first interview with Renee Garcia, I had learned that something had happened and she had noticed that these people were just not able to go out like an outside and function on a regular basis. And you know, it’s very she, the analogy that Rene gives is, is imagine that you went out to the middle of the forest and you had a house. Will you have nothing else to interact with? You’re going to interact with pendulums. There is no way for you to avoid them if you want to function in the, in the normal world, your, you don’t want to be out in some ranch by yourself. So her idea is that there is ways that you can use pendulums to gain energy. And in once we understand the way that pendulums work, you can create your own pendulums. Creating your own pendulums can be a powerful thing. In fact, I do see it’s almost like some pendulums create pendulums under themselves, which is not really talked about in the book. You can see pendulums giving, birth to pendulums on purpose, and then advanced pendulums. Having the dynamics of being able to create pendulums and use the energy of these pendulums. That’s something that I have not seen discussed very often is that I think that some pendulums end up creating hundreds of their own pendulums like corporations and these all these pendulums, they’ve understand the dynamics of how these pendulums work. A pendulum is created by the energy of a group of people thinking in the same way. When we talk about the law of attraction, if everybody thoughts creates their own reality, then what happens when a group of people thinking the same way? So if you are a believer in the law of attraction, the next step is the pendulum. If you have thought out the full implications of the law of attraction, then you have to figure in the pendulum. Now people ask, cause I do a lot of episodes on Neville Goddard. So does Neville gutter talk about the pendulum. He does not use the word pendulum but clearly he was fully aware of the effects of the pendulum. He was a man master manifestor in many ways. He would tell you your focus or your attention was key and he would take you until you to avoid with mental diets. He would tell you to avoid the news. He would, he would have ways of explaining how you access the outside world when you’re assuming a state and many ways, uh, the best manifestors don’t have to worry about the pendulum, the more advanced version of reality. Trans surfing is in two-fifty, the priestess into FTI, the priestess. There is no mention of the pendulum, but there is mention of the pendulum in the reality trans surfing one through five, 500 times. It’s an incredibly key and fundamental part of how to properly trans surf. So I wanted to give my understandings of print pendulums, but let me just tell you, I, and I haven’t even really defined it for people that are accessing this episode for the first time. Don’t worry, we’re going to explain pendulums completely, but the thing about it is now more than ever before with the internet, with our phones, with social media, we are in a battle of pendulums and they’re all battling for your attention. Okay? A pendulum is created by the energy of group of people thinking in the same way. A pendulum is an energy based information structure. It maintains the thought energy of the adherent on at its own vibrational frequency and becomes a living energetic entity that acts like might like an animal pulling energy to itself, functioning entirely on energy. Imagine it almost like an energy. If you could see energies that you can’t see with your eyes for reasons for our evolution, so we wouldn’t go crazy. Then you would see these pendulums around you as almost cyclones or waves that are pulling you and they actually work as a, they are attracted to energy and some pendulums get so advanced that they have techniques and tricks to pull your energy. My question to Renee Garcia was, are these pendulums conscious? There is an old concept going all the way back to the two in literature, way back to biblical times of the eager Gore. The rigor is mentioned in this chapter, but that is what a living entity with multiple thought patterns forming together. The other idea that people don’t mention when they talk about the pendulum is the concept of the social memory complex. If you check out my episode on the law of one, there is this idea in our afterlife, in this level of scales as we move in through different incarnations at way down the line that that incarnations join together naturally, much like a pendulum. Uh, but these are conscious in their social memory complexes. And according to the law of one, based on, um, the, the information given is that that’s a common part of the whole universe. There’s advanced social memory complex is made up of entire planets, uh, that have existed for billions of years that influence and become living entities. And some consider even angels could be just advanced social memory complexes. So in this, they’re not talking about that, but the idea that that thought energy for multiple people create something else. And so in the summary, it’s, remember it’s created by an energy of a group of people thinking the same way. It’s an energy based information structure. It maintains the thought energy of the adherent at its own vibrational frequency. It has its own, not yours. A harsh battle for adherence takes place between pendulums pendulums. When you have multiple pendulums involved begin to battle. You know, the best way to look at pendulums, th the best, most simple elementary understanding of pendulums is a political campaign. Although it’s much, much more than that. A pendulum can exist just on the thought energy of two people. And we binal records can be a pendulum. So some people ask are, are storms a pendulum? I do not believe that they are, but I believe that the thoughts around storms or weather can be a pendulum. So the key, what we’re talking about is as a struck div pendulum, a destructive pendulum forces goals onto its adherence that are not of their own making. And so when you have a destructive pendulum come along, it can induce you into or transition in you into a lifeline that is not your own, that’s very negative, that has very negative energy that pulls you along. It’s, it’s easily done. It can take you and it has its own goals as it wants to increase its energy and it can pull you along as an as an energy vortex that it uses. The next concept is a pendulum plays on human emotion, thereby catching the individual in their web. If there’s something that you really do not want, it will appear in your life based on pendulums to free. Oneself from pendulum means to give it no place in your life to give something. No place in your life does not mean to try and avoid it. So we’ll all talk about you can’t, it means to ignore it so you’re not trying to avoid it. And to bring a pendulum to rest, you have to change the established game script. So one of the reasons that 50 the priestess is advanced is that once you start to really get to the fundamentals of reality creation, you can just completely skip the pendulum. But that does require you to be in the center screen for longer periods of time. Zeeland explains that positive visualization will generally bring the swing of a human pendulum to rest and that the energy of a stilled pendulum becomes available to you once it’s stilled. Problems are solved by defeating or stopping the pendulum that created them. So when a problem comes up, you can begin to look at the pendulum that’s creating the problem. Uh, then he also discussed renting yourself out. And then also to avoid getting stuck in suspended state. Find your own pendulums. It’s essential to acquire the habit of remembering what you know. So we’re going to go over this chapter now. This is not the exclusive of pendulums. There’s many more chapters in [inaudible] and we may delve into some of those other chapters. But this is a long chapter and it’s going to be a long episode. Uh, but we want to figure out a way to figure and understand these pendulums. So let’s, let’s start with the beginning. Now. Pendulums, rent yourself out and it starts with destructive pendulums. That’s what we’re most concerned with. We are taught from childhood to obey the will of others to perform our duties, serve our country, our family, the company we work for, a political party, the state, or even an idea to serve anyone except ourselves to varying degrees. Everyone has a sense of duty, responsibility and necessity and guilt. Everyone is ready to serve a group or organization in one way or another, be it family, a club, school company, political party, the state, and so on. All of these structures emerge and develop. When a separate group of people begin to think enact in the same way, then they are joined by others and the structure grows. Gaining strength, forcing its members to follow the rules and eventually amassing the potential to gain control over large groups of society. Now, much of this, I’ve read many of these paragraphs before in other episodes because it is fundamental to trans surfing, but we haven’t done a full analysis of the chapter, just bits and pieces. Zaylen goes on to say on the material level, the structure consists of a group of people United by common goals and material objects such as buildings, furniture, equipment, machinery, technology, and so on. On an energetic level. However, a structure appears when a group of people think in the same way as a result of which the parameters of their thought energy are identical. They’re thought energy unites into a single current. When this happens, as if in the middle of an entire ocean of energy, a separate independent energy information structure is created, which is referred to as an energy pendulum. Eventually this structure begins to live its own life and subjugate to its laws. The very people who created many and pendulums are energy pendulums. Some according to this would be that they’re not all energy pendulums because it’s differentiated. In this particular paragraph, the structure is referred to as a pendulum because the more people adherence that feed it with energy, the more powerfully it sways. Every pair at pendulum has its own characteristic beat frequency. This is mentioned throughout the chapter the idea of frequency and vibrational level of these pendulums, so we want to break this down and see why that’s important. For examples, Elan says, if you want to get a swing moving, you have to push it to a certain rhythm or frequency. This is called the resonant frequency. If the number of adherence decreases, the force of its swing is weakened. If it loses all its adherence, the pendulum will stop moving completely and thereby cease to exist as a separate entity. Examples of defunct pendulums are ancient pagan religions, stone tools, ancient weapons, outdated trends of fashion and vinyl records. In other words, all that once existed, but now no longer functions. You might be surprised that all the things in this list qualify as pendulums. Any structure whose particular features were created by collective thought energy represents a pendulum, so in this case, when they talk about vinyl, all those people that created vinyl records and talked about it and it became a thing when they all thought at that same level, that became a pendulum. Generally speaking, all living beings capable of radiating energy at a particular vibration will sooner or later form an energy pendulum. Examples of pendulums in nature or bacterial colonies, populations of living creatures, schools of fish, herds of animals, forests, prairies, anthills, essentially any organized homogenous structure made up of living organisms can be a pendulum. Every living organism represents a single unit of energy and so can be also considered an elementary pendulum. When a group of individual pendulums begin to sway in unison, a group pendulum is created which looms over its followers like a superstructure. The group pendulum exists as an independent entity and sets rules for its adherence to follow, partly to keep them together, but also to attract new ones. This type of entity is independent in the sense that it develops according to its own laws. Its adherence are unaware of the fact that they are acting in accordance with the laws of the pendulum and not their own will. For example, a bureaucratic apparatus develops as an independent structure irrespective of the will of its individual officials. Of course, an influential official is free to make their own decisions, but only to the extent that they do not contradict the laws of the system. Otherwise that particular adherent will be rejected. Even people who represent individual pendulums are not always aware of their true motivations. Energy vampires being one such example. Any pendulum is by its nature inherently destructive because it consumes the energy of its adherence and establishes power over them. The pendulum’s destructive quality is clearly demonstrated by the fact that it no meaning to the fate of each individual adherent. The purpose of the pendulum is only to get energy from its adherence, whether it is to their personal benefit or not. Pendulums don’t care about you. That’s what Zealand saying. It’s important to understand. They will always try to convince you that they care about you, but they do not care about you. When a person comes under the influence of a system, they are forced to build their lives in accordance with its laws. Otherwise, the system will chew them up and spit them out. Once under the influence of a destructive pendulum, you can easily end up ruining your entire life and as a rule, it is difficult to break free without suffering losses. Now, I personally feel that Zealand probably is more aware of pendulums then Americans because there’s so much more obvious. In Russia, he has been in a communist system. He’s been and seen how systems break down and seen how these systems change. So he may have a unique perspective of how these pendulums work. If a person is lucky, Zealand says they find their place within the system and feel at home. There the adherent gives their energy to the pendulum, which in return provides the individual with an environment. If a follower rebels against the laws of the structure, the frequency of their thoughts, energy ceases to be in harmony with the resonant frequency of the pendulum being deprived of essential anginal energy. The pendulum either drives the Maverick adherent out of the system or destroys them if, however, a person has ended up a long way away from a lifeline favorable to their growth life inside the structure of an alien pendulum can be as soulless as hard labor or just into every very sad existence. In this case, the pendulum is purely destructive to the adherent, whether they like it or not. A person who falls under a pendulum’s influence loses their freedom. Being forced to live by imposed laws and becoming a small cog in a big machine, and that said, an individual can find themselves under the protector ship of a pendulum and achieve outstanding results. Napoleon, Hitler, Stalin, and other similar figures were all favorites of destructive pendulums. This does not mean that the pendulum was actually concerned for their personal wellbeing for an exploited them to its own end. When Napoleon was asked whether he had ever been truly happy, he could count just a few days over his entire life. The pendulum uses sophisticated methods to lure new adherence who fly to it like moths to a flame. And when this was written a decade ago, and so it’s gotten even more sophisticated. Zealand asks how often people are deceived by the pendulum’s advertising tricks and move far away from a potential happiness. That was so close. One of the key ideas in this chapter that Zealand will continuously talk about is that how pendulums pull you from lifelines that were, that can give you happiness and joy. You are trying to manifest something right now, but the pendulum is not letting you, it’s taking enough energy from you that you don’t have the energy to manifest or assume that state because it’s giving you States that it wants you to enter and the better they get, the better they are at convincing you that this is the state outside of your imagination. This is not mean. The pendulum was actually concerned for their wellbeing. That’s an important thing to understand. [inaudible], so for instance, he says young men leave for the army and lose their lives. Students go to the university learning in vain to master a profession that is not really for them. They find work that feels alien, but it’s supposedly prestigious and ended up drowning in a swamp of problems or they join their lives with the stranger only to regret it later. The pendulum can hide its motives behind various well-meaning masks and yet its activities can ruin the lives of its adherence. The greatest threat the pendulum poses to the individual is that it leads its victims away from other lifelines or they should be able to find happiness. These are the characteristic features of a destructive pendulum. A pendulum feeds on the energy of its adherence, which increases the power of its sway. A pendulum strives to attract as many followers as possible to source as much energy as possible. A pendulum makes contradistinction between its group of adherence and all other groups. We are good and they are bad. We’re better than they are. A pendulum acts aggressively towards anyone who refuses to follow it, attempting to win them over, neutralize their position or get rid of them. A pendulum hides behind masks and lofty ideas. It plays on people’s feelings to justify its actions and attract as many adherence as possible. Essentially, the pendulum is an eager Gore and yet the concept of Igor does not fully reflect the entire range of possible interactions between an individual and an energy based information structure. Pendulums play a much greater role in people’s lives than one might like to think. The following example it was streets. How a consumes the energy of its adherence. Imagine a packed stadium at an intense football match. Passions are running high and the fans are raging with excitement. One player makes an unforgivable mistake which results in his team losing the game. The fans in the crowd focus a storm of anger at the culprit player ready to tear him to pieces. Imagine what a huge, massive negative energy is focused on the unfortunate player. You would think that from such an attack of negative emotion, the player would die on the spot, but he remains alive and well if not a little crushed by feelings of guilt. This is because the negative energy directed towards the player is absorbed by the pendulum. If this were not the case than an individual becoming the object of a crowd’s hate would lose their life and any idol would simply float above the ground. So we’re seeing here both an example and also reasoning why pendulums exist. It we, there is so much negative energy. For instance, let me give you an example. I was at Bronco playoff game years a couple of years before they won their Superbowl. It was against the Baltimore Ravens and the Bronx were expected to win the game and they other team was coming back and through a beautiful pass and a player just tripped and basically goofed it and it was his to stop and he didn’t. And the ball was caught by the other team and they went in and scored a touchdown and the crowd just went insane against this player. And you know if, if for what we understand about energy, there has to be a way of disbursement of this energy. It went into the pendulum and that’s how these pendulums for when there’s large amounts of energy, it becomes a very, very powerful energetic structure, almost like a cyclone. I’m saying in my own opinion that they can be both conscious and unconscious depending on what kind and what level that they are at. So Zeeland says, I am no judge of whether a pendulum is an animate entity or simply an energy form. Either way, the distinction does not affect the trans surfing method. The most important thing is to be able to recognize a pendulum and avoid being drawn into its game unless you stand to benefit from the interaction. There is one identifying factor by which a destructive pendulum can always be recognized. It always competes with others similar to it in the battle for adherence, the pendulum has one goal which is to attract as many supporters as possible to source as much energy as possible. The more aggressive a pendulum behaves in the battle for Divo T’s, the more destructive it is. The more dangerous it is to the life of the individual. Some may object that charitable organizations exist for the protection of the environment and animals and questions, why this type of group should be considered destructive. These groups are destructive to the individual because whichever way you look at it, they still feed on a person’s energy with no concern for that individual’s happiness or wellbeing. So an organization that’s well-meaning can still take your energy and it becomes an analysis of if that energy that you’re expending is a loss to you net loss in a negative way. Organizations like these Zeeland says call for compassion to others and yet remain indifferent to their own followers. If a person feels comfortable and genuinely happy working for such an organization and they have probably found their vocation and consequently the pendulum is the place for them. So here is important when you get people that are so afraid of pendulums that they’re all bad. It says if a person feels comfortable and genuinely happy working for such an organization than they have probably found their vocation. And consequently the pits pendulum is a place for them. However, it is also important to be honest with yourself and ask yourself whether you are not perhaps wearing the mask of the benefactor. Are you donating your energy and money for the good of others with true sincerity or as being involved in charity? Just an attempt to feel a better person or look good. Destructive pendulums have trained people out of choosing their own destiny. Because of individuals retain enough independence to have the freedom to choose, it will be much harder for the pendulum to attract so many followers. Our mind is so used to the idea that our fate is our lot in life and we find it really difficult to believe that we can simply choose a destiny that is more to our liking. It is advantageous for pendulums to keep their adherence under control, so they invent all sorts of ways of manipulating them. The following examples show how this is done. Trans surfing could also become a pendulum if someone turned it into a pseudo religion movement or school. Different pendulums are of course destructive to various degrees. At worst, trans surfing would be minimally destructive because it focuses exclusively on the wellbeing of the individual rather than a shared goal. Trans surfing would be very unusual pendulum with a community of individuals concerned solely with their own destiny. If you were to do some homework, what other types of pendulums would you consider? Constructive. So here, yes, trans surfing is a pendulum. The trans surfing Facebook group is a pendulum, and so as he explains if it became a pseudo religion movement or school, it’s a pendulum. Different pendulums are of course destructive to varying degrees and at worst, trans surfing would be minimally destructive because it posts exclusively on the wellbeing of the individual. I would hope, and my hope is as we understand the use of pendulums, that the reality revolution as a pendulum that only gives you energy back and none of it is taken. I can make that my own intention, but it’s, it’s a self-serving energetic pendulum. So if you want to take energy from the reality revolution, it’s yours freely with no requirements. You do not have to rent yourself out. And if you can let it go without any, any restriction, it is the perfect pendulum. We need to create a pendulum of love because so many pendulums depend on fear and that’s what’s happening. Now he says, I’m telling you all this in order to describe what it really means to choose your fate, so how patients, not all these ideas are easy to grasp, but as we go on, a clear picture will emerge. The next section is the battle of the pendulums. The main feature of a destructive pendulum is its aggressive impulse to destroy other pendulums in order to win over potential adherence. With this purpose, the pendulum works to turn its followers against the followers of other pendulums in the sense of we are good and they’re bad. I recently had this when I saw a coach Badden badmouthing another coach, and they were basically teaching the same exact thing. And so I saw an example of how this starts to happen with whatever groups form people who get involved in this type of arguments. Eland says end up losing their way and striving towards spurious goals, which they mistakenly consider their own. This is the destructive nature of the pendulum. Fighting against the followers of other pendulums is totally feudal and can destroy lives one zone and the lives of others. So now we get the classic example, which I’ll mention many, many times on this episode, and that’s the the, you see somebody that posts something that’s really derogatory on Facebook. Maybe it’s a friend, maybe it’s a friend of your parents. Maybe it’s your parents and they make some comment. It’s political, it’s about something. Maybe it’s about an issue and then you say something the opposite of it. This was very hard for me because I am a debater. I debated in college, paid for my school, and so there was a long time, it was natural for me to debate because I had been in a pendulum of debate, which allowed for constructive debate. There were, Hey, we can debate and we’re not going to take it personally. So there was always this little itch in me that I wanted to scratch. When somebody would say something that was really false, I would come in and try to correct them and as I learned I was just feeding the pendulum and it has, he says here, fighting against the followers of other pendulums and you know who I’m talking about is totally feudal and can destroy lives, one zone in the lives of others. War is the most extreme manifestation of the battle between pendulums. Each pendulum uses various arguments to persuade its adherence to take up arms and the nature of the argument is specific to the historical epoch. The earliest, most primitive argument used was simply to order this followers to take something from the bands of the others by force. As society became more civilized, the arguments became slightly more refined. One nation declares itself Supreme progressive and the most developed with all the others, less developed somehow flawed IX. You can see here that Zeeland is talking about the United States but not come right out and saying it. The lofty objective is to raise the underdeveloped nations to a higher level using force if they resist. Metaphorically speaking, the contemporary conception of war is like beehive hanging from a tree in the forest. The wild bees in the nest are busy making honey and raising their offspring, but then a pendulum comes up to the nest and announces its followers. Look wild bees, they’re very dangerous and must be destroyed, or at least their hive must be destroyed if you do not believe me. Look, and then the pendulum stirs up the nest by beating it with a stick. The bees fly out of the hive and start stinging the adherence. The pendulum then cries out triumphantly, see how aggressive they are. They must be annihilated. So the example is one country goes after another country that’s mining to itself. The country fights back and they say, see how aggressive they are, and then then they start attacking. What we can see in the news. Stuff like this recently happened. Whenever exculpatory slogans are used to justify war and revolution, in essence, the motivation is the same. The Battleford adherence, the form the battle takes may differ, but it’s one goal is to win over as many adherence as possible. New force is a vital necessity for the pendulum. For without it, the pendulum sway would stop entirely. The battle of the pendulums is an inevitable struggle for survival. Once the Wars and revolutions are over, other less aggressive, but nonetheless tough forms of battle continue such as the battle for market control, competition between political parties, all kinds of marketing, advertising campaigns, ideological propaganda and so on. Human society is totally based on pendulums, so all fields of activity are gripped with competition. The rivalry goes on at all levels from public debate to competition between club teams and individuals. Things that are new, unusual or strange, always have a hard time carving out their niche and not only because of inertia in people’s thinking. The main reason for this is that it is not profitable for the old pendulum to support the appearance of a novice who would distract. It’s Debo Ts, for example, internal combustion engines which so contaminate the atmosphere over cities would have been relegated to the past a long time ago. But after all, a number of alternative ecologically friendly engine models have long been developed. The problem is that they threaten the downfall of the oil corporation pendulums and for the time being these hold too strong a position to allow some inventor to wipe them from the stage. These monsters literally buy up the patents for new engine models and keep them as secret at the same time declaring them to have low levels of efficiency implementing its structure on a material level. The pendulum strengthens its position via financial means, facilities, equipment, and of course human resources. The pendulum places its favorites at the top of the human pyramid. The favorites are made leaders at all levels starting with the low level managers and continuing up to heads of state and they are generally not required to have any particular outstanding qualities. As a rule, these adherence become leaders whose qualities best fit with the structure of the pendulum to favorite. It might appear that he has achieved impressive results in his life solely on individual merit. To some extent this may be true, but most of the work and promoting favorites is performed by the self organizing structure of the pendulum. It’s a favorite parameter. Fail to meet the requirements of the system, they will be ruthlessly eliminated. The pendulum’s battle is destructive to its followers because they think they’re acting on personal conviction, when in fact they’re are following the will of another entity. And it may not even be conscious. Zeeland doesn’t say that, but I’m saying that in the majority of cases, the personal conviction of the devotees is taken over by the pendulum. As soon as a person attunes to the pendulum’s frequency and interaction begins to take place between them on an energetic level, the frequency of the Debo T’s thought energy is stabilized and supported by the energy of the pendulum. A kind of lock on takes place and the adherence is trapped in a feedback loop. The adherent radiates energy to the resonance frequency of the pendulum, which in turn feeds a little energy to the Divo T thereby maintaining its influence over them. So here we have really the first time in this chapter where he mentions that pendulums will give you a little bit of energy to maintain its influence. So when you’re watching that football game and you get excited, that little rush that you get, it might be from the pendulum giving you that jolt of energy. So as we do this, you have to become aware of how you get and receive energy. Uh, and I do believe that you can program your mind to control what energy that you give, which is that the my, my pendulum hypnosis. But that is not as much discussed here. And understanding the pendulum, being aware of it, but not afraid of it is the key on the material levels. Eland says this is an everyday standard scenario. For example, the pendulum of a political party conducts an election campaign, attracts a new depo. T gives them a little energy in the form of positive feelings like righteousness, satisfaction, dignity and importance. The adherent thinks they’re in control of the situation and still able to choose their affiliation. Whereas in truth, the Depot T was chosen and control established over them, not the other way around. The adherent only appears to be acting according to their own will, when in fact it is the pendulum that is the artificially an unnoticeable. Billie manipulating the will of the adherent. The adherent enters the pendulum’s information field, socializes with likeminded others on important topics and establishes an energetic connection with them and in this way becomes consistently attuned to a certain vibration. Later, the adherent may begin to feel that the pendulum has not lived up to their expectations and they begin to have doubts about their former idle. When this happens, the frequency of the adherence thought energy falls out of the pendulum’s loop. The tightness of the pendulum’s grip varies depending on its power. In some cases, the Depot T is simply allowed to leave and other cases the heretic may pay with his freedom or even his life. A pendulum gets a firm grip on the frequency of an adherence thought energy. By dominating it is like when you are humming a little tune to yourself, become aware of some other loud music being played nearby. The loud music dominates your senses, making it extremely difficult to stay focused on your own tune. For the purposes of transfer surfing, it does not actually matter to how much interaction occurs on an energetic level between the pendulum and the Divo T we will examine the nature of the interaction using a simplified model. No one can explain precisely how something really happens because at that level of questioning, one has to act. Ask what is meant by really and the question in speculation. Continue with the infinite process of learning. This is not what we are interested in here, so we’ll make do with the simplified models and metaphors that are serve our purpose, satisfied with the fact that we are at least capable of understanding some things. Now we look at how pendulums manipulate their adherence. Puppet strings. Pendulums are very good at coercing their adherence to give up energy voluntarily. A large powerful pendulum, for example, can force its adherence to act according to a certain set of rules. Weaker pendulums go about things slightly differently. When an individual lacks the power to force another to do something, they turn to other methods such as reasonable argument, persuasion and promises. These are feebler methods unique to a human society that has divorced itself from the forces of nature. Sometimes pendulums will use these techniques as well, but they also have a much more powerful weapon at their disposal. Pendulums are energy beings and so they function in accordance with the immutable laws of the universe. The individual gives their energy to the pendulum when their thought energy is radiating at the same frequency. This is important and this is now like the seventh or eighth time. The individual gives their energy to the pendulum when their thought energy is radiating at the same frequency, so whatever the frequency is, if you’re radiating and thinking about that, that’s when you start to give an energy to the pendulum. A person does not have to be consciously sending thoughts to benefit the pendulum. As you know, most human thought and action originates in the realm of the unconscious. The pendulum is make use of this feature of the human psyche. They managed to get energy not only from their adherence but also from their ardent opponents. You’ve probably guessed how. Imagine a group of old ladies sitting on a bench criticizing the government. They’re are obviously not adherence of the government pendulum. They hate it for a number of reasons. However, what happens is that the old ladies criticized the government for being so inept, corrupt, and cynical and stupid and in so doing the intense thought energy at the frequency of pendulum, it does not matter to the pendulum which side you rock it from. It can use both positive and negative energy just as long as that energy is resonant with its own. So if they’re, you’re opposing a certain politician and if you’re against or for that same politician, you are giving energy to the pendulum. So there are certain politicians that just want to get their attention. If it’s good or bad news, it doesn’t matter. The more your eyeball pays attention to that politician, the more the pendulum is fed. I believe that very good, masterful politicians are using pendulums to their advantage. By understanding this concept that attention gives energy and flourishes the pendulum, the pendulum main task is to engage people in any way possible in order to occupy their thoughts. With the advent of mass media, the pendulum’s techniques have become more sophisticated and a person become become highly dependent. You probably notice that news programs are usually dominated by bad news, evoking strong emotions, anxiety, fear, resentment, anger and hatred. The task of the journalists and correspondence is to attract attention. The media being pendulums themselves stand in service to yet more powerful pendulums. Their declared aim is to free access to all information, but their true singular goal is to attune people’s thoughts in all ways possible to the desired frequency. One of the pendulum’s favorite ways of gaining access to your energy is to throw you off balance. Once you have lost a sense of your own equilibrium, you start to wobble at the same frequency of the pendulum, thereby enabling it to sway more strongly. Let us say for example, that prices have risen. You react negatively because become resentful, complain and exchange information with your friends. This is a natural and even proper response, but it is also exactly what the pendulum is expecting. You radiate negative energy in the, into the world. At the frequency of the pendulum, it receives, the energy swings harder and the situation is aggravated. The strongest string the pendulum can pull you with is fear. The most ancient and powerful of human emotions. It does not matter what exactly you’re afraid of. If the fear is associated with any respect or aspect of the pendulum, it will receive your energy. Anxiety and worry are weaker emotions but still relatively effective puppet strings. These feelings are excellent at attuning thought energy to the frequency of a pendulum. Your concerned about something, you find it hard to focus on anything else. How often do you see politicians or the media or news organizations or even movies use fear? It’s a powerful and easy emotion to evoke and so they will generate fear when there is nothing to be fearful of and if you start to see or feel a see a lot of news reports about stuff that you have to be fearful of, perhaps it’s it’s a disease or some particular concern, then you should be aware that you’re being invoked by a pendulum. Oftentimes, especially in pin politics, what happens is that if it’s on the side that you have claimed yourself to be, the fear is okay and you’re accepting of it. If it’s on the other side, then it’s not. Both sides are using the pendulum’s energy. The feeling of guilt Zeeland explains is also one of the most extensive channels of thought through which the pendulum can pump your energy. Guilt is imposed on us from childhood and it is a convenient method of manipulation. If you are guilty, you must do what I say guilt is hard to live with and so people try to get rid of it either via punishment or riding the wrong. They have done both imply submission, obedience and a certain thought pattern. A sense of duty is a special type of guilt to owe something means you are in some way guilty and therefore obliged to do something. As a result, the guilty both the truly guilty and the falsely accused wonder around with their heads hung low. Paying tribute to the pendulum in the form of energy and induced conditioned sense of guilt is the favorite weapon of any manipulator and we will return to this theme later. It is also worth mentioning the various psychological complexes people have. In the case of an inferiority complex. The thoughts people have are, I’m not good looking. I have no skills or talents. I’m not intelligent or sharp enough. I don’t know how to communicate with people. I’m not worthy. In the case of a guilt complex, the thoughts are I have done something wrong. Everyone is judging me. I must carry my cross in the warrior complex. The thoughts go along the line of I have to be cool. I declare war on myself and all around me. I will fight for my place in the sun. I claim my power. The thoughts of someone with the truth lover complex go along the lines of I’ll prove at any costs that I’m right and prove to others that they are wrong. These and other complexes are the personal keys to the energy of different individuals. The pendulum strikes a cord and begins intensely draining that person’s energy. The list of strings the pendulum uses to control its puppets goes on justice, pride, ambition, honor, love, hate, greed, generosity, curiosity, interest, hunger and other feelings and needs, feelings and interests allow a person’s thoughts to be directed in a certain way. If a theme evokes neither interest nor emotion, then it is very difficult to focus on pendulums wound a person’s feelings or play on their needs in order to capture a flow of thought energy. As a rule, people react in uniform ways to external negative stimulus. Bad news evokes discontent. Worrying news evokes anxiety and fear. Insult evokes animosity. Habits also serve as a trigger for the clamping mechanism such as the habit of getting irritated or anxious over nothing. Responding to provocation and responding negatively to negative stimulus. In general, a person can be aware of the fact that negative thoughts and actions lead to no good, but continue to make the same old mistakes out of habit. Habits often create problems and cause a person to act ineffectively and yet it is difficult to get rid of them. Old habits are an illusion of comfort. People have more trust in things that are long familiar. Remember that is new causes some concern. The oldest familiar and has already been tested through experience. It is like the old chair in which you sit down to relax after work. Maybe a new one would be more convenient, but the old one is still more comfortable. Comfort is characterized by notions such as convenience, trust, positive experience and predictability. The new possesses these qualities to a much lesser degree, so it takes time for a new habit to become an old habit. So we’ve looked at the methods of pendulums use to influence people. The question arises as to whether a person can escape the influence of a pendulum and we will talk about the ways of freeing oneself from the association with the pendulum later on. Sometimes a person will openly take a stand against a pendulum that has been controlling them, but the individual is always defeated because their position is so isolated. No one individual can change anything. If a person has escaped the grip of obligation and entered into a battle with a pendulum, they will only waste their energy at best being thrown out of the system and at worst, being more aggressively squashed and adherent. That takes it upon themselves to break the rules. Established by a pendulum may find themselves beyond the law. On the surface of things, it looks as if the former adherent is being punished for their protest, but in actual fact, punishment is delivered because the adherent is no longer submissive enough to continue being a source of energy. We say that a fault confessed is half redressed because a person who has acknowledged their guilt is willing to subjugate themselves to the power of the pendulum. The pendulum is not interested in the adherence, remorse for their actions. It is only interested in restoring loss control. A pendulum will instantly become kinder if you allow it to manipulate you. If the accused refuses to repent, they can be got rid of because nothing more can be gained from them. If you do repent, the pendulum’s true motives are usually veiled behind moral principles saying that a person who has shown remorse cannot be such a villain. After all, you can easily differentiate between true moral principles and the hidden interest of the system. If you keep in mind that the pendulum really represents and what its true goals are, you get what you do not want as illustrated above. A pendulum can be powered both by its supporters and its opponents. Loss of energy on behalf of an adherent is just half the story. If a pendulum is sufficiently destructive, it can damage a person’s welfare and future. Everyone is confronted with negative information or a challenging event at some time or another. Bad news and unfortunate events are provocation on the part of the pendulum. People obviously do not want to have this negativity in their lives, but generally speaking, they always respond in one of two ways. If the information they receive is not too hurtful, they let it go and it is quickly forgotten. If the provocation information is annoying or frightening, I. E. it touches a chord in a person’s soul, then their mental energy is captured in the pendulum’s loop and the person is attuned to the resonance frequency events then unfold fairly predictably. The person gets angry, worried and afraid, expresses their upset and agitated fashion and in general actively radiates energy at the frequency of the destructive pendulum. Not all the negative energy is harvested by the pendulum. Some of it radiates out to sectors. In the alternative space, the correspond to the quality of the person’s thought energy, which facilitates a shift to a lifeline. Where that person would rather avoid is to be found in an excess where all the stuff that you don’t want is in abundance. If you remember when a person’s thought energy is attuned to a certain frequency, they shift to a corresponding lifeline, a pendulum and snares, a person’s thought energy holding it at a certain frequency. This is what is so destructive about the role of the pendulum. Now, if anybody has checked out other episodes of the podcast where I talk about the wave of fortune, the wave of fortune is the chapter after this and in many ways is the solution to the pendulum using the same sort of dynamics. You, you create these positive waves, but we’re talking on many levels about energetic frequency or vibration as Abraham would call it. And so in many ways this is why this is so Abraham ask and people try to deny that the end say that Abraham is not consistent with trans surfing, although that Abraham doesn’t say the word pendulum. Abraham talks about vibration and frequency all the time and it is important that I frequency and vibration of your thoughts will bring you into a vortex or pendulum that will change everything for you. And when they say the word timelines, they’re literally saying that you’ll move into a parallel reality that’s set up in the alternative space where everything that you don’t want is in abundance. For example, Zeeland says generally we let information about accidents and disasters pass us by if we are not directly affected, why upset ourselves unnecessarily? As a rule. When you hear the news, a disaster is taking place somewhere in the world, but you are on a lifeline or you play the role of a witness rather than the victim. The line on which you are the victim is somewhere further away. Conversely, if you allow yourself to take onboard information about disasters and misfortune and discuss it with friends, it is quite possible that you will soon shift to a lifeline where you may well end up in the role of the victim. The stronger your desire to avoid something, the more likely it is that you will encounter it to actively fight against. What you do not want in your life is to make every effort to ensure that it is present in your life. You do not have to take any specific action to shift onto an undesired lifeline. It is some is enough to think negative thoughts and then fertilize them with emotion. When you do not want there to be bad weather, you think about how much you dislike the rain, noisy neighbors wear you down and you end up arguing with them all the time or silently hating them. You are afraid of something and the fact greatly concerns you or you’ve had enough of your present job and savor your dislike for it. So here we have the example of why I think the Neville method is an effective way to get out of the pendulum because it emphasizes not focusing on, on the thoughts of the things that you’re bothered by, but coming from a place where none of it’s happening. And so you, it’s a, it’s a chain, a switch that you change the way that you’re thinking. And when you come from the place of the wish fulfilled, the pendulum’s not affecting you and it’s pulling you back into a lifeline where your wish fulfilled is in resonance everywhere you are pursued by exactly the very thing that you do not want, that you fear, hate or despise. There may be other things that you would also like to avoid, but because you are not investing any negative emotion into them, they do not appear in your life. Once you let the thing you do not want into your life associate feelings of hostility with it and indulge in those feelings, it will instantly become a physical reality within your life layer. So focusing on what’s negative will bring it to you. A fundamental part of the law of attraction, a fundamental part of Neville Goddard’s teaching. When you enter into the state and you assume that that assumption will bring you the reality that we’re talking about. Once you let the thing you do not want in your life, associate feelings of hostility with it and indulge in those feelings, it will instantly become a physical reality within your life layer. The only way to eliminate the things you do not want from your life is to break free from the influence of the pendulum that has seized your thought energy. And from then on, avoid responding to its provocation or getting pulled into its game. You can free yourself from a pendulum’s influence in two ways by defeating it or by stopping it sway. We will look more closely at how this can be done. So this is the beginnings of understanding how the pendulum manipulates and how you end up getting more of what you do not want. When you come in, fall into the sway of the pendulum, the pendulum uses your fear, then it amplifies your fear. Then you’re fearing cause you’re on the resonance of the pendulum and then you use up so much energy that it carries you onto a lifeline where all those spheres actually happen. Okay? It’s a magnifier in so many ways. Defeating the pendulum, trying to battle with a pendulum is feudal as it was explained previously. When you battle with a pendulum, you just end up supplying it with energy. The first and most important condition for successfully defeating a pendulum is to refuse to get into conflict with it. Firstly, the more actively you try to fight off pendulums that get you down, the more they will pressure you. You can repeat endlessly, leave me alone, get away from me and think you are fighting them off, but actually you are just providing them with energy, making them cling to you even more because you’re thinking at their frequency. Secondly, you do not have the right to judge or change anything. Everything you see and experience should be accepted as if they were paintings on display, whether you like them or not. Now I’m going to repeat this sentence. It’s one of the most highlighted sentences in the entire book and it’s important to understand because you’re going to see stuff in the world that you can’t. You can’t take. It’s too hard. So secondly, you do not have the right to judge or change anything. Everything you see and experience should be accepted as if they were paintings on display, whether you like them or not. There may be many paintings in an exhibit exhibition that are not to your taste, but it would never occur for you to demand that they be removed from the exhibition room. Once you have recognized the pendulum’s right to exist, you also have the right to leave it behind remaining free of its influence. The main thing is not fight it, judge it, get angry or lose your self control because by doing so you agree to play the game. The pendulum should be calmly taken for granted as a necessary evil and left at that. Any position of opposition supplies the pendulum with energy before you can fully understand what it means to choose. You have to know how to decline. Most people have a vague idea of what they do want, but know exactly what they do not want. An effort to get rid of things or events that they do not want in their life. People act in a manner that has the opposite effect. To decline something, you have to first accept its existence. The word except in this context does not mean to embrace something and it into your personal and space. It means simply to recognize its right to existence. Then pass by it in differently to accept and let go of something, which means to consider the meaning of something and then let it pass, waving goodbye to it as it leaves. There’s much more effective than letting something into you, you in your personal space becoming attached to something and then trying to oppose it. When you think about the things you do not want, you attract them further into your life. Imagine a person who detests apples rather than simply paying them no attention. It irritates the person that Apple’s existed all on a material level. They get annoyed every time they see an Apple and openly express their disgust on an energetic level. The person may as well be hungrily pouncing on Apple, stuffing their mouth and chomping loudly, screaming about how much they hate apples, stuffing their pockets only to be sick and once again complained about how they just cannot stomach apples. What the person does not realize is they could simply delete apples from their experience of life. It does not matter whether you love or hate. If your thoughts are latched onto the subject of your emotions, your thought energy will be attuned to a certain frequency and you will end up caught by a pendulum and transferred to a corresponding lifeline or the object of your fixation is present in abundance. If you want to eradicate something from your life, all you have to do is stop thinking about it, pass it by with indifference and it will disappear. To eliminate something from your life, ignore it. Do not avoid it. There is a difference when you avoid something, it means you have to let it into your personal space, but are now actively trying to get rid of it. To ignore something means not to react to it and consequently not to experience its presence in your space. Imagine that you are a radio. If your day to day is like is waking up everyday listening to a radio program that you hate, all you have to do is tune into a different frequency. This is an example that Abraham Hicks uses very often that what you’re receiving is just like a radio and you have to tune in to the frequency that you want. You might think that you can protect yourself from unwanted pendulums by putting up iron boundaries between yourself and the world. But this is an illusion. Putting on protective armor is like saying, I’m a blank wall. I see nothing. I hear nothing. I do not know anything. I won’t talk to anyone. I’m unavailable. It requires a huge amount of energy to support this kind of protective field. So if you sit in your house and you don’t talk to anybody and you remain alone, and that takes energy too. So a person who deliberately isolates themselves from the world will find themselves in a constant state of tension. Important. Aside from that, the energy of their protective field will be vibrating at the same frequency as the pendulum against which their defense is directed. This is exactly what the pendulum wants. So this is saying, even if you hide away alone by yourself, the pendulum is still taking control of you. The pendulum does not care whether you provide it with your energy willingly or not. True protection from pendulum is to be found and emptiness. If I am empty, there’s nothing for the pendulum to hook onto. There’s no point in playing a game with a pendulum or trying to protect yourself from it if it can simply be ignored. When you can ignore the pendulum, it’s energy will pass by you dissipating into space without causing you any harm. Your pendulum cannot push your buttons or upset you if you are empty in relation to it. The pendulum’s principle objective is to attract as many adherence as possible and reap their energy. If you ignore the pendulum, it will leave you alone and switch its focus to others who can be drawn into the game and attuned to the necessary resonance frequency. For example, if this would be a dog that starts following you in barking loudly. If you turn around the F to face the dog, it will bark even louder and yet if you take it seriously and start trying to Dodge it or fight it, the dog will follow you for a long time. Just because it wants someone to lock horns with. If you ignore the dog from the outset, it will simply switch its attention to someone else and it will not be at all offended that you paid it. No attention. The dog is too absorbed in its goal of sourcing energy to think about anything else. The dog is a metaphor. It could be a person or troublemaker of some kind. The principle is the same. If someone is getting to you, see whether the model of the destructive a pendulum fits that person, it will probably be a perfect match. If you cannot deal with the situation, choose not to react to the provocation. Ignore the person totally because whilst they’re getting your energy, they will not leave you alone. When you get into a conflict with someone or hate them in passive silence, you are directly giving them your energy to stop giving away your energy means to stop thinking about them all together, to erase them from your mind. When you can say to yourself they’re not worth it and really mean it, that person will disappear from your life. Now in Zeeland says this, this is hard. That’s like saying, don’t think about the elephant. So we go back to that original argument. How do you not think about something when you’re told not to think about it? Zeeland says, we often come across situations, however, where it is not that easy to ignore the pendulum. For example, if your boss demands something from you, an outright refusal or open defense of yourself would entail a loss of energy. Because both approaches amount to fighting the pendulum. You can, however, act as if you’re willing to play the pendulum’s game. As long as you remain aware of the fact that you are just pretending. Here is an example of renting yourself out. Imagine heavily built burly man was to come at you with a sledgehammer and take a blow at you. If you re act as if you were totally unperturbed, neither going to defend yourself nor to attack him. You could calmly step aside and observe the man, take a sledgehammer and hack down into an empty space beside you. When you behave in this calm and unperturbed manner, the pendulum cannot hook into you and instead falls past you into empty space. The same principle is central to certain martial arts like a KIDO and a KIDO. When one player attacks or makes an attack, the opponent defends by taking the other player by the arm and moving in the direction of the attack as if casually seeing them on their way without having to exert any force. The defending player sends their opponent flying in the direction of the original attack, the secret lies, and not trying to block the attack. The players learn to accept the momentum of the attack and move with the other player in this direction for a while before letting go. The energy of the attack is spent in empty space because there’s nothing to catch hold of. So we need to figure out a way to do metaphysical Akiko is what Zeeland is saying. The technique of the gentle Dodge lies and responding with acceptance when the pendulum makes its first blow and then diplomatically stepping back or subtly directing the movement in the direction that suits you. For example, imagine your boss is stressed and heaps a pile of work on you, demanding it be done exactly in the way he thinks best. You know that the work would be better done differently or maybe the work does not an ordinarily come within your responsibilities. If you object or argue or defend yourself, your boss will simply demand that you accept his authority and do what he says. After all he has made a decision and your defying him do the opposite. Listen carefully and agree with everything he says. This allows the pendulum to discharge its first impulse surge of energy. Then start carefully discussing the details of the job. By now, you will have accepted your bosses energy and be radiating at his frequency because it has not met with any opposition. The energy of your bosses initial approach will gradually subside. It is not advisable to tell your boss that you know better how the job should be done. Neither is it as advisable to refuse to do the job or get into an argument. It is much more diplomatic to ask for his advice on how he thinks the job could be done most effectively or her. Perhaps another employee could do it more effectively. By doing this, you are swinging along with the pendulum, but you are doing it consciously from the position of the observer without getting caught up in the game. The pendulum on the other hand, continues to swing completely absorbed by its own game in the game. The pendulum is the one who makes the decisions. The others agree with it or consultant at Ford vice. If you try out this approach, you will see that energy which was previously directed at you will be redirected towards a colleague or other potential solution to a problem for you personally. The pendulum will have been defeated, stopping a pendulum. There are some situations where the pendulums cannot be defeated, which means it cannot be ignored or escaped. I had a friend once who was really nice, kindhearted guy as well as being gifted with incredible physical strength. Late one evening we were traveling in a tram and spotted a group of bullies looking for trouble. In other words, a really destructive pendulum. There were quite a few of them and they were feeding each other with negative energy, convinced of their own invulnerability. As a rule, this type of group needs to be constantly bullying someone who will react to their provocation in order to increase their energy level. The men in the group started picking on my friend probably because the kind of peaceful expression on his face suggested he was easy prey. They tried in any way they could to pick a fight by insulting and taunting him. However, my friend remained silent and refuse to be provoked. In other words, he was trying to defeat the pendulum. I decided not to get involved because I knew he had nothing to fear, whereas the thugs were really risking it. Finally, my friend could not take it any longer and got up from his seat and heading for the exit, the most brazen, adherent, blocked his way. Then my friend who was by now totally can cornered, grabbed the punk by the Scruff of the neck and deliberate, a powerful blow to his head. The victim’s face was smashed to a pulp. The remaining toughies froze with fear and amazement. My friend turned to grab the next one who in a trembling voice mumbled. That’s enough man, stop. The energy of the pendulum had been instantly dispersed and its adherence who were very taken aback edge slowly away from him. Finally tumbling out of the tram. Of course, people like my friend who can stand up for themselves are lucky, but what do you do if they’re not like that? If there is a nowhere to retreat to, you can stop the pendulum swing by doing something extraordinary that no one would ever expect. Suddenly talk told me a story once about a man who was cornered by a pack of fearless street gang members. He was about to get beaten up when he turned to the gang leader with an insane stare and said, what would you like me to break first? Your jaw or your nose. The question clearly did not fit with the usual script and the gang leader was taken aback for a moment. Then with unhealthy enthusiasm, the man cried or maybe I’ll just tear your ear off and with that he grabbed the gang leader by the ear who let out an agonizing cry. The entire scenario, there was no longer thinking about beating anybody up. His only concern was how to save his ear from the mad man’s grip. The gang let the man go, assuming he was a psychiatric patient and he escaped a fatal beating. If you ever find yourself in a situation that you know will enfold according to a set script, do something surprising. It does not matter what you do. As long as it’s something that does not fit with the standard script, this will stop the pendulum swing. As long as you are acting out a prepared script, you’re effectively agreeing to play the pendulum’s rules and give away your energy at the resonance frequency. If however, the vibrational frequency of your energy differs significantly from that of the other pendulum, dissonance will be created which will disturb the pendulum’s beat. At the same time, it is not worth looking for trouble. If you are dealing with a pendulum that has nothing to lose. If you are mugged by a person who is desperate for money, it is better to hand over your wallet right away. Some people even carry a 10 pound note with them just in case they end up in a similar situation. If the robber is a drug addict or mentally ill, even a martial arts expert could end up losing their life. Obviously it is better to have no contact at all with types like this just as you would avoid a rabid dog if things were to suddenly go wrong, it could end in a tragic and yet absurd death. A sense of humor and strong imagination can be very helpful if you want to stop a pendulum swing because they can help you transform your irritation into a game. Here we see Zealand saying that the imagination can help you stop a pendulum swing. That is why the focus on your own wonderful imagination can be very powerful. For example, Zealand says, imagine that you are being tormented by the crush of a crowd of people on the street or in public transport. Everyone’s rushing in the opposite direction, making it difficult for you to make your way. Now imagine that you are in Antarctica and that all the people around you are actually penguins waddling, fussing and pottering about in their own funny way. Imagine that you are a penguin to holding this image in your mind. The people who had seemed so irritating just a few moments ago will appear more pleasant. Even evoking your curiosity. Of course, it is difficult to control yourself at moments when you really want to do is venture anger and have a good rant at these times. It is hardest of all to remember that a pendulum is behind it all trying to incite a response so that it can draw on your energy. Do not respond to provocation. The pendulum is like an vampire that exploits the anesthetic of your habit of responding negatively. Even now, despite having just read these lines, you could express your irritation if you were distracted by an unwanted telephone call. If you set yourself the goal of remembering until it became habit, you will gradually work up immunity to the provocation of a pendulum. So if you set yourself the goal of remembering until it becomes habit, so the remembering that he’s talking about is just remembering that a pendulum is behind it all trying to incite a response. It’s not a paranoia. Just I’m just remembering. You’ll probably have noticed how when you respond to a disappointing situation with irritation, displeasure or other negative emotion, the situation escalates in the same spirit or other things start to go wrong too. This is the pendulum swinging higher and higher. If you react, you end up being the one to push it higher. It is more effective to act in the opposite manner, either not reacting at all or reacting in an abnormal way. For example, if you, when you find yourself in an unpleasant situation, you respond with false enthusiasm or wacky delight, the pendulum swing will be brought to rest and you will see that the provocation stops with it. Earlier we said that the habit of reacting negatively to unpleasant circumstances triggers the pendulum’s mechanism for capturing thought energy. This habit will fade if you decide to play your own game in which you deliberately substitute negative emotions with positive emotions. Confidence for fear, enthusiasm for gloom, indifference for resentment, joy for irritation. So all you transfer for is listening to this right now. If you feel like in relation to pendulum, oranges general over the next week, that after hearing this episode, if you feel fear, try to replace it with confidence. If you feel gloom and replace it with enthusiasm and difference for resentment, just be indifferent. Instead of resenting, find joy instead of irritation. Try reacting inappropriately to small nuisances. This goes to one of the key tenants of what trans surfing talks about and that is how important your responses are. Zeeland says you have nothing to lose. It might seem a silly game to play, but the pendulum will have no chance. The game style only seems silly because the pendulums have trained us to exclusively play the games that are benefit to them. You can experiment with forcing the pendulum to play your game. You will enjoy it and be surprised to discover that what a powerful technique it is. The working principle is this. When you radiate thought energy at a different frequency to the pendulum’s resonance frequency, you are in a dissonance with the pendulum. The dissonance stills, the pendulum sway in relationship to your personal energy. The result being that the pendulum leaves you in peace. There is another interesting method aimed at gently bringing a pendulum to rest. If someone is getting to you or causing you a problem, try and work out what that person is missing and what they need. It could be health confidence or peace of mind. If you think about these three things, we all need to be feel fulfilled. Ask yourself what the person you are finding so challenging might really need at this moment. So there’s really asking you to frail them. For example, if your boss shouts at you, remember maybe they are tired or having problems at home and what they really need is a little peace of mind. Imagine your boss relaxing in a comfortable arm chair, watching the television sitting beside an open fire, fishing by a river or having a beer with friends. So here is one of the few times in this book where Zeeland says that imagination of others can affect them. Now it’s different than how how Goddard describes it, but what he acknowledges here as we will go on is that when you imagine good things for other people, they some part of their deeper, higher self knows it and they they will like you more. Even if whatever you imagine does not come to past, the idea of imagining for others will just enhance. They will have a greater sense of you. So if you have a group of clientele that you’re trying to acquire, just imagine for them. I have found this in sales situations where in in in an old job where if I imagined good things for the people that I was selling to, it’s like some part of them subconsciously knew that and I had more rapport when I was talking with them. So it may be that your boss is being pressured to take on more responsibility. Like they said, perhaps what he needs is confidence. Imagine your boss skiing confidently or driving around in a sports car. Your boss might be in some kind of pain. Imagine him feeling happy and fresh swimming in the sea, riding a bicycle. Of course, it is better to imagine them doing what they specifically like to do in their free time, but you do not have to guess. It is enough to simply imagine the person feeling content and happy [inaudible]. So here we see an absolute 100% congruence with the Neville Goddard method. I keep on mentioning Neville Goddard because it’s an important part of my channel and I want to remain consistent and show why these ideas are consistent. What is really happening in a situation like this where your boss suddenly appears on the scene with the problem or it could be someone else like a a mugger try to instantly distract yourself from whatever the problem is. That way you avoid putting your head into the news that locks your thoughts into a certain frequency from the very outset. Now imagine this person receiving exactly what they need. What does a Robert need to eat, drink, get high? Visualize an image of the person’s fulfillment. If you are successful, you can consider the problem solved. After all, the pendulum does not swing randomly. Something specific shifts it out of balance causing it to start swaying, uh, consciously or unconsciously. The pendulum is seeking for the one thing that will restore its balance, the energy of your thoughts set to a certain positive frequency. We’ll do that at least indirectly, and the pendulum will instantly substitute its aggression with Goodwill. As a result, if this is hard to believe, test out the technique for yourself. A pendulum person approaches you with a problem which you solve, not in an obvious way, but on an energetic level. The technique is based on the principle that stops a pendulum. You give the pendulum your energy, but only a tiny piece of it in comparison to the amount of energy you could have lost had you been drawn into the pendulum’s game. Besides that, you’ve also done a good deed by helping someone in need if only for a short time. The interesting thing is that this person will adopt a friendlier attitude towards you even though they may never guess why they feel so comfortable in your company. That can be your secret. The same technique can be successfully Pope plied in cases where you need something from someone who is absorbed in their own problems and not in the mood to collaborate. If for example, you need an official signature on a document and you suspect they might be ill disposed towards, you try treating them to a healthy dose of visualization and you’ll find that they will be quite amenable. The last question is where all the energy goes when a pendulum is brought to rest. The answer is that the energy comes to you. Having coped with the problem, once you become stronger the next time you try to solve a problem using this technique, it will not be as difficult. Is this not always the way fighting a problem head on only leads to a loss of energy which is absorbed by the pendulum that created it. Psychologists and psychotherapists are well-acquainted with equivalent practices of defeating or stopping a pendulum. In this sense, the techniques described here are nothing new. However, they will be a value to anyone unfamiliar with practical psychology and give a clear understanding of how and why psychological protection is so effective. Simple solutions to complex problems. Another practical value of these techniques for defeating or stopping a pendulum is acquiring the ability to solve all kinds of problems, complicated situations in your personal life. Conflict, unfavorable circumstances are simply a set task. There are always simple solutions to complex problems. The key to solving a problem always lies somewhere on the surface. The question is how to spot it. The pendulum that creates the problem obscures your vision, making it harder to find the key. The goal of a destructive pendulum is always to feed on your energy. To do this, it has to attune the vibration of your thought energy to the frequency of the problem and keep it there. This is easy to do if you are convinced that the problem is complex. If you accept the problem except the game rules, the [inaudible] will take you by the hand and lead you into an intricate labyrinth. Only later will you look back in hindsight and see how easily the mystery could’ve been solved. If you play on someone else’s complexes by scaring, worrying or confusing them, they will take the bait and readily agree how complicated the problem really is. You do not even have to scare a person to achieve the same effect. Most people will agree that there are no easy solutions to the majority of their problems. We are all constantly confronted with difficulties of some kind over the course of our lives, especially when we face something new or unfamiliar, approaching problems with anxiety or even a reverential fear. As for most people, a deeply rooted habit when weighing up their ability to deal with the problem. Most people verge on the side of self doubt. Consequently, all this anxiety is an excellent puppet string. A pendulum can act via its adherence. People who are connected with a particular problem as well as nonliving objects. The pendulum holds a person’s thought energy at a certain frequency, sucking their energy whilst they carry the burden of their problem. You might think the focusing on the problem would help you to concentrate on finding a solution to it and yet the opposite happens. It actually hinders you from finding a solution. The pendulum focuses our thinking on a very narrow sector of the informational field. As a result, a person thinks and acts within the limits of a narrow corridor unable to see the bigger picture or perceive the solution, which may well lie outside that sector of the information field. Unusual or intuitive solutions often present themselves when you free yourself from the pendulum and are able to think in a different way. Here again is the emphasis that Zealand gives on thinking in a different way. It’s the frequency of the pendulum that pulls your vibration down. The secret of genius Zeeland says lies in remaining free from influence of pendulums. All the thought energy of most people is held at certain frequencies by pendulums. The thought energy of a genius is free to attune itself to different frequencies and move into unexplored areas of the information field period. So I would say just from this that we can assume that meditation and under just focusing on frequencies in general will help you free yourself from the control of pendulums. The way to avoid getting caught in the pendulum snare is to keep whatever problem you’re dealing with in perspective and remain aware of the pendulum’s intent to trick you into playing its game. Rent out beat attached. Try looking at the situation as if you had no emotional attachment to it. Act as you normally would, but remain observant. Don’t play the game. Remember that the pendulum wants you to take you by the hand and lead you into a complex relapse. [inaudible]. Do not let the problem get a hold on you. Scare, worry or confuse you. Just remember there’s always a straight forward solution to every problem. Do not accept the complicated interpretation projected by the pendulum. If you are confronted with a problem or tricky situation, be aware of your attitude towards it. Even though the problem may stir up feelings of confusion, fear, resentment, despair and so on. It is important to change your initial attitude to the exact opposite because then the problem will either disappear by itself or you will quickly find a simple solution to it. Despite the stereotypes and habits you’ve already adopted, try to regard any problems you encounter as just another part of the road you are walking along like any other aspect of it rather than as obstacles that must be overcome. Do not take the problem on board so that it occupies your inner space BMT to the problem. If you have to solve a challenging problem, remember that you do not have to solely rely on logical reasoning. Your subconscious is directly linked to the information field where the solution to any potential problem already exists. Relax, release any fear or anxiety you may have been experiencing in connection with the issue, confident in the knowledge that the solution already exists. Let go quiet the chatter of the mind and contemplate the nature of emptiness. And here we have another place where Zeeland is emphasizing the idea of the benefits of meditation. And avoiding the pendulums. It is very likely the solution will come to you instantly and it will probably be very simple. If this does not work, do not give up. Returning immediately to the rational thinking process. Try the exercise again. You will probably find that it works the second time. This exercise develops the ability to obtain knowledge. Intuitively you just have to make it a habit. This method really does work if you’re able to stay detached and free yourself from the pendulum. This is not always easy, but later in the book you will discover new methods for dealing with pendulums. For now, we’re just at the beginning of the trans surfing technique. Are you feeling as if Zeeland is taking you by the hand and is leading you into a labyrinth? Stay free even of those who preach to you a freedom and the final section is the suspended state. When you have disentangled yourself from the influence of destructive pendulums, you acquire a new found freedom, but if you do not have a goal to focus on, you can find yourself hanging in a suspended state. If you have neglected your goals be being because of a preoccupation with defeating the pendulums around your stopping their sway, you may end up in a vacuum on the one hand conflicts and concerns that previously haunted you. Fade arguments occur less frequently. Anxiety and worry gradually disappear from your life and all without you really noticing it like a storm. It gradually calms and passes. This is all very positive, but you may discover a downside to this new state events that before you had had at the center of things now carry on without you. You are no longer as important to other people around you as you, as you used to be, and so they pay you less attention. You have fewer worries, but as yet no new desires have arisen to replace them. There’s less pressure from the outside world, but that does not seem to be bringing you any dividends. You have fewer problems, but have not necessarily made any new achievements either. Why is that? The human environment is built entirely on pendulums. Therefore, when a person isolates themselves from these structures, they begin to find themselves in a kind of desert. The suspended state is therefore not much better than being dependent on pendulums. It is a bit like when children who have everything they could possibly want wine about the fact that there’s nothing more to want. They’re genuinely unhappy and direct and drive everyone around them, up the wall with their whining because it’s human nature to need something to strive for. Your freedom lies in being free from the pendulums of others. There are pendulums, however, that can be of use to you and these are your personal pendulums. It is essential to recognize the goals you have been conditioned to chase after, which in fact leads you further away from your life line of happiness. The task is then to remain free and choose those lifelines in which true and happiness awaits you. Pendulums do not necessarily have to represent something detrimental. As long as a person is self-aware, it is never possible to completely free yourself a pendulums. The question is how to avoid being oppressed by a pendulum’s influence so that you can consciously work them in favor of your own purpose. Trans surfing offers the specific tools needed to achieve this. Even though it is not possible to free yourself from the phenomenon of pendulums completely, it is not entirely necessary that you do so. On the contrary. At the end of the day, it is the pendulums that turn dreams into reality. A pendulum is created by the energy of a group of people thinking in the same way. In the summary, also, a pendulum is an energy based information structure. To summarize, additionally, a pendulum maintains the thought energy of the adherent at its own vibrational frequency and so a harsh battle for adherence takes place between the pendulums and a destructive pendulum forces goals onto its adherence that are not of their own. Making. A pendulum plays on human emotion, thereby catching the individual in their web. If there is something that you really do not want, it will appear in your life. To free oneself from a pendulum means to give it no place in your life. To give something no place in your life does not mean to try to avoid it. It means to ignore it, to bring a pendulum to rest. You have to change the established game script, positive visualization will gently bring the swing of a human pendulum to rest. So if you have a pendulum with their boss or something like that, imagine visualizing for an impositive way for them. The energy of his stilled pendulum becomes available to you. Pendulums are solved by defeating or stopping the pendulum that created them to solve a problem. Rent yourself out and avoid getting stuck in a suspended state. Find your own pendulums. It is essential to acquire the habit of remembering what you know. So this is the main chapter on pendulums. Now there is more that discusses pendulums. As I said, the next entire chapter is the wave of fortune. And that is important. There is a, another important chapter. Check out the chapter on balance. Uh, and there are, we see that the pendulum oscillates, fades and interacts with another pendulum and every pendulum receives a jolt from its neighboring pendulum. And in turn gives its out its own. One of the main laws governing this complex system of competing pendulums is the law of balance. So balance becomes important later on. You are a kind of pendulum if you’ve taken to your head and destroy the balance and sway sharply, you create these imbalances in the pendulums will swing pendulums are also a part of excess potential that can occur when you increase importance. If you read on later into the book, the idea is that many of us have lifelines that are like star sectors where that in your, and there are people that become stars that become popular or famous or successful in certain fields and there’s just no way, uh, you have people ugly people that end up being stars and they suddenly seem beautiful and everybody has this kind of certain sector in the lifelines before them. And the idea is these pendulums pull you away from the sectors where you find your true purpose, your true goals and values. And so a lot of this book is talking about centering the heart and mind finding that thing that you really, that lights you up, that lights up your timeline, that makes sense for you. That’s not an induced transition. And avoiding the influence of these pendulums. What happens is pendulums get really good at saying your goal is to do this. Look at all the other people. And the pendulum wants to make it hard so that you give a lot of energy in accomplishing that goal. A lot of times the goal that you’re attempting to achieve is being made much more difficult with the pendulum. The reason the pendulum is a game changer is that when you access the true understanding of the pendulum, as I’ve just discussed, you simplify things. You will find that if you become aware and avoid the distraction of certain pendulums, then your goals are easier to achieve. The pendulum wants to pull you into a state that you do not want. It’s a state that only helps to feed energy to the pendulum. So what can you do? Well, we know we can rent ourselves out. You can’t completely ignore it. Uh, you can’t completely give it up. You can’t ignore it. You don’t want to oppose it. And that’s the key. This has many other techniques that you can discuss. Uh, and you know, the whole entire book, there’s cha, every single section is going to have ideas. The ideas that are espoused by pendulums, the ideas of perfection and a beauty can derail your confidence. They can put you into an insecurity labyrinth. It goes on and on. Just be careful not to see a car like a getting to a conspiracy theorist mindset where all you see are pendulums everywhere that are affecting you. When that’s not necessarily the case. You’ve been dealing with pendulums all the time. Now it’s interesting as we get later into the book, and I have talked about Carlos Castaneda and his influence on Zealand’s writing in cast and Nate his book, there are these energy, these energy creatures that go around pulling energy based on our attention. And so that’s another thing that’s, that’s an interesting correlation. So when I asked Frederick Dotson, who has written books on energy, who could, who was Ben to astral realms can see energy, uh, and he had never read the, the transforming book. He explained the pendulums were like waves. And so the wave of fortune is also a pendulum, but it’s independent. Does not require thought energy. It just is a wave that you can enter into that has a vibrational frequency. I’ve asked many of my guests about it and many will say too that they don’t watch the news or you know, it’s easy, the easiest pendulum to get sucked into his politics. I talked about that in particular within my last interview with Renee Garcia and so check that out, but we’re about to go into 2020 and it’s nonstop election campaigns and we see a pendulum for every candidate. It just goes on and on and on. And so I will only give this fair warning because I had been sucked into these pendulums and now and escaping from these pendulums, no matter how much and difficult it is, gave me a feeling of hope. There’s a point where you start to get sucked into these pendulums and you can have this feeling of hopelessness where there’s no way the government can solve anything. When you get sucked into these pendulums and they all want to create fear. Both sides do both sides. One is creating fear just of the other party and the and the other has fears. So what I’m saying is take a mental diet and do what Tim Ferris does just to see if you can do your best to ignore the entire political saga. The that’s going on a week before the election. Take a look at what’s go, Oh, who’s up for debate? Ask your friends. It’s likely that you already know and then vote. You don’t need to watch the debates, you don’t need to watch the new shows. You don’t need to listen to the negativity that comes from these shows because it is painting a picture. It vibrates at a re a resonant frequency and it will induce you into it negative time timeline that you do not want to be induced into and it will take away your energy and then you sit down and meditate and you want to create and you want to enter into a state and you don’t have the energy and the bridge of incidence that occurs. There’s not enough energy and energy because all of the other incidents are being pulled by the pendulums. I’m saying that this is a game changer and especially if you’re struggling, you’ve been struggling to achieve the wish that you have to fulfill. Then it may be that pendulums are involved or the pendulums are trying to create this wish for you and it’s not really the wish that you’d want to fulfill in the first place. That’s the real question that the trans surfing asks you and you have this wish that you want to fulfill. Is it your wish or is it the pendulum’s wish and that’s the question. That is an important, you may have a wish or desire and it’s easy to focus on that. That’s what I want, but where is it coming from? This book asks that question and when you, when you answer the question, when then you start to narrow what it is you really want and not the pendulum, not your business, not your friends, not this group over here, what is that you really want? That is where you can manifest much easier and you can create the States that you want. Because if the pendulum’s creating the state for you, it’s going to be pretty hard because that desire isn’t there. That energy is not there. There’s many other aspects of pendulums that we could discuss. But the bottom line is it’s all about your energy and you give energy by your attention so you can control your attention. You can control your energy. So I tell you on an advanced level, become aware of your energy, become aware of when you get tired, become aware of when you’re giving your energy and you can control it. If you’d like to have hypnotic programming. I have the, I have the pendulum’s a meditation. You can check that out. Uh, and that is just programming that will, that. Once you listened to it a few times, then it kind of programs your mind to become aware and, and for you to not give out your energy unless it aides or benefits you. Now you can use these PR. Once you start to do this, you can use these pendulums to propel you cause you can get energy from it. You can get energy from the reality revolution. It is a pendulum designed fully to give you the wave of fortune. There is nothing. There is no feedback mech mechanism built into the two. This pendulum, there’s nobody that wants anything out of it. So whatever energy I give to it, I give freely and I disperse it when I, and so we can do that. We can start creating pendulums if you want to create a pendulum and then let’s start creating some positive pendulums using what we’ve learned here so that they’re not destructive and when we see destructive pendulum, be aware of it. Remember what’s going on. Wrench yourself out if you have to and ignore it if you can, but become aware of your attention. I think that’s the number one goal. Don’t be overly paranoid about it. You don’t want to hide away in your house because that’s just as bad. But when you become aware, but just a tiny little thing, don’t make it too excessively important, then you will start to become much more successful in creating your reality on a number of different levels. So let’s use the comments of this video so that we can learn more about pendulums. I want you to write down, please tell me about any pendulums that you faced and any I ask anybody else read these comments. And if you see a, uh, anybody dealing with this specific his situation on a pendulum, then let’s figure out how we can overcome it and understanding these rules that we’ve just discussed. If for further discussion, go to my Facebook group on the reality, unreal reality revolution where anybody can ask a question because now that we know what pendulums are, we can start asking questions. I’ve had people ask questions recently are in, is global warming a pendulum? Well, let’s, let’s figure this out. If the science says that global warming is happening, that’s one thing. So some people are going to say that anything scientific is a pendulum, and I don’t think that’s necessarily true. We’re talking about thought energy in your personal expenditure of energy. So we’re talking about the informational structures that develop around these things. So even the Australian fires that just recently happened was a pendulum. And so these, these weather movements, they can become pendulums. Things that are very important can become pendulums. So you can still look at creating solutions to problems. If you have that ability, that is a benefit to you. But if it’s something that’s outside of your control that you have no control over, then don’t feed the pendulum, the energy that it wants to get from you. So if you have a question, if something in your life is happening and you want to know if it’s pendulum, let’s put it in and let’s everybody read these comments. Please. If you can like this video and we can use that particular, like hopefully if there are people out there that need to see this video that can help them out, that are sucked into pendulums, I challenge you. Just go to a bus station or a train station right now and just look at the people walking by and start to evaluate how pendulums have affected them. Go to the airport and just watch. And you can, when you start to really step back in the center screen and just observe, you’ll see that pendulums are everywhere and they are destroying people’s lives. And you might be freed by this information. And so please like this video so that you hopefully someone else out there can watch this video that are sucked into a pendulum and can start to make the changes in their life to free up themselves from a pendulum. And once they do, you get a jolt of energy and you start to move towards what you really want. So that’s all I can say is choose pendulums that benefit you, that give you energy without an expenditure of your own energy. Become aware of them and talk about it. You can go into groups like the, the trans surfing group or reality revolution and we can talk about this stuff. And I think the more that we learn about how to do it, programming our minds, becoming aware of it, the better we can get at interacting with these bizarre energy beings that are pendulums. So be careful out there, but don’t freak out and joy surfing through all of these realities towards what it is you really want. And I’m imagining every single person that listens to this will turn off the video and go out into the day free of the hooks of the pendulums in their lives, free to choose what they want. That’s what I’m imagining right now is that people that have been pulled into pendulums, like religious groups or political groups or cultural groups or families, all of those things that have pulled them away from their true purpose in life, that right now they’re free. You’re free to choose what you want. You are free. You are free. You are free. And so thank you for sharing with me and my learning about this particular topic. I hope it helps you and welcome to the reality revolution. [inaudible].

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