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This is a wonderfully obscure and magical book that once I found it I had to read it because it was so beautiful.

Very little is said about Uriel Buchanan, she was a student of Swami Vivikenanda. She wrote two books, Heart of Being and The Mind’s Attainment

Here is a sample of the beginning chapter, the book is beautifully written

THERE are no living witnesses to the marvelous scenes which belong to the primary processes of world building, for in the earlier stages of the planet’s formation no individualized self-conscious life could exist. But man may read the story of the earth’s unfoldment from the hieroglyphs of nature — from the mountain cliffs and the broad plains, from the deep valleys, the sand-swept deserts, the majestic rivers and the billowy seas. 

From the milestones along the mysterious way, aided by the illumined vision of science, man may look back through centuries upon centuries that had passed away before the period of human existence upon this planet began — back to the time when the moving force of universal life first projected itself into crystallized form in the bosom of the earth as a mineral. 

He may follow the continuous and progressive gradations of life through its manifestation in the protoplasmic slime in ancient seas — ever onward through the ages of evolution, from the tiniest finny beings to the monstrous creatures that finally emerged from the bed of the Silurian ocean and crawled over vast bogs and roamed through primeval forests. By the destructive agencies the huge clumsy forms were broken into pieces again and again, and cast into the crucible of nature to be remolded each time into symmetrical and fairer shapes.

Thus all forms have been slowly evolved from the gross to the delicate, from the simple to the complex, from mammoth to man. The force imprisoned in the chrysolite obeys the impulse of progressive change. In its demand for onward march the mineral form is broken, and life repictures itself into shape after shape more and more wonderful in structure. The strength and power that first bound the atoms in the solid rock, now paints the flower with tints of wondrous beauty, grows in the foliage, lives in the trembling leaves, opens broadly in the sunlight and is kissed by the wooing breeze. Slowly the grasp of matter relaxes its hold, and life is evolved from the plant and the tree to the plane of animal existence, where conscious power is first made manifest through instinct and love.

The cruder forces of animal strength begin to respond to the influence of mind, until the dumb creatures of the higher order of the animal kingdom approach the threshold of that domain that belongs to the dignity and glory of man.

The primitive races of mankind dwelt in caves, in rude huts and beneath twisted boughs. Tribes were separated by unexplored regions. Man wandered at will through unclaimed forests. Continents were divided by mysterious and unsailed seas. But the movement of the palpable life stream has flooded the world, and carried forward on its slow-moving tide the people of every continent.

Those who have’ explored the ancient ruins which survive in many lands, find the symbols of the same mystery graven upon the walls. Identical symbols were used by tribes on opposite parts of the globe, even in that far-off time when the world was young and the race was simple and untaught — long before cables of steel had united the continents and long before ships had navigated the seas. One of the earliest emblems used to express the invisible forces of nature and the perpetual life of the human race was that of the serpent.

While the symbol of the serpent has an important place in the magical lore of Egypt, and in the sacerdotal mysteries of all Oriental lands, it was also used as a sacred emblem by the primitive races of America, and is a prominent figure among the surviving works of the mound builders. Hence we see that the races of mankind, even in the long ago, were united by the invisible currents of thought which flowed from one source and impelled humanity upward toward the manifestation of an exalted destiny. And from century to century we see a gradual unfoldment of the human race, which has never been left entirely guideless in the dark or unled by the eternal light, but has evolved from stage to stage along the ascending spiral of destiny, manifesting in greater fullness the power and supremacy of mind.

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