Understanding The Assemblage Point in Transurfing Through Casteneda & Mares The Science of the Plait || EP 190

In the book Tufti The Priestess, Zeland outlines several ways to activate the plait.

But I still longed to understand this incredibly weird idea of the Plait. Many people have told me of the great success in using this technique. But I still doubted it’s existence even with my own powerful result. I have asked almost everyone I interviewed about their impressions.

So I decided to go deeper and find out about the assemblage point referenced in Transurfing and how it was originally discussed by Carlos Castaneda and Theun Mares.

I had seen success but was I fooling myself?

I went down the rabbit hole and what I found is bizarre and fascinating and may explain the science and rationale behind the plait.

I try to summarize the works of Castaneda and Mares and give a summary of their explanation of the assemblage point. This may be based on very ancient Toltec wisdom. I found it fascinating.

It is still a little confusing. But here you can see the beginnings of the science of the plait.

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