The 11 Minute 3rd Eye Activation Meditation | EP 48

From the dawning of ages, darkness and light have intertwined to bring us one of the greatest gifts of consciousness – the ability to see. To witness the wonders of the universe, whether light-years away in the twinkling dome of stars, or the blossoming of flowers in your backyard. What if I told you that, if you open another eye the beauty and power of the universe, becomes exponentially more beautiful.

You have a third eye that when opened can see beyond the veil of this world into a vastly more incredible universe.

Many physicists argue that the universe exists in 11 dimensions, your eyes really can only see in 3 dimensions, but is possible the third eye when activated can sense information from beyond this dimension. The pineal gland collects light and may be able to directly access source energy.

Many people try to “open” their third eye and become very frustrated. It is hard for some to tell when it is opened and it is very misunderstood. I go into depth on activating the pineal gland in episode 9 (

I designed this to be a fast 10 to 12 minute meditation designed to open your third eye. I tuned the music to correspond specifically to the pineal gland. The meditation starts at 2:08 I incorporate a breathing exercise, a set of patterned eye movements and a simple mantra to activate the pineal gland. I have found substantial success with the techniques I used in this episode. The majority of my clients that have tried this set of exercises have reported positive results and characteristics common to having the third eye activated.

Give it a try, designed to work quickly with no fluff. I hope it awakens you like it awakened me.

Music by Rebecca Reads Third Eye Note by Rebecca Read Third Eye Singing Bowls by Rebecca Read.

Sound Edited by Quinn Brentson

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