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It Is Not The Love You Get It Is The Love You Give || EP 1020

I wanted to talk about a major lesson that I went through that you can take to heart.  Much of the beginning of my life was spent worried about what other people think.  If someone made fun of me I would carry it all day long.  Many of us waste our lives seeking out the […]

Changing Your Self Image || EP 910

I am often given requests to do an episode on self image. It is fixture of third density to suffer from low self esteem and a terrible self esteem.  The culture we are in, the media we watch, the music we listen to creates our self image in many cases. Everything we do on many […]

Get Rid Of Feelings Of Inferiority And Gain Confidence || EP 546

We meet massively talented people all the time who never realise their dreams because they just lacked that little bit of confidence to take the next step. We can find our confidence in a moment ou are unique; there is no one in all the world like you, because you are you. Your thumbprint and […]