Q’uo – The Mind Of The Heart || EP 824

We are most happy to address this query and will begin by suggesting that for most of you, the nature of the mind of the world is quite well known, for each of you has been, shall we say, enculturated with this mind, for it is the means by which entities of your various countries, cities and regions are made familiar with the expectations of a growing being within your culture, or any culture, for that matter, my friends. This is the means by which the mass mind of the population of your culture is passed on to each succeeding generation so that there is a certain kind of order available to the entire culture, the expectations of which are specifically transmitted by those closest to you, those being your parental entities, your teachers, your friends, neighbors, and so forth. In this day and age, this is accomplished quite successfully by the increasing use of the electronic media which ensures that the message of conformity is well spread, shall we say, and taken into the mind complex which is processed through the physical brain.

Thus, each entity begins the physical incarnation of the basic elements of the process of becoming one of many that can be looked to in order to understand the necessary ingredients for being accepted within the various segments of your culture. Thus, one is able to take advantage of various opportunities for education and socialization, the occupation and the earning of the means by which to facilitate the growing family. The process is meant to be cyclical and enhanced with each generation’s production of new progeny. This, as you are well aware, is the momentum of the mind which causes the entity who wishes to proceed upon a different path some resistance, shall we say. For each entity—though well-prepared to pursue the cultural bias—is also the, shall we say, seedbed in which there grows the individual identity that seeks expression in many and sundry means. This self finds the cultural bias occasionally difficult, if not a burden, when this individual identity takes on facets of expression that are not generally understood by the larger culture or perhaps even by the smaller culture of the family and friends.

Each has within its heart, shall we say, the desire to pursue what you may call “the seeker’s path,” the desire to know more of what is the meaning of life, the whys and wherefores that are not covered over much by the mind of the world. This is where the mind and functioning of the heart is most important.

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