Interview with Twenty Twenty – Writer and Expert on Neville Goddard || EP 163

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You are going to love this interview I had with Twenty Twenty. He is one of the biggest experts on Neville Goddard. I learned so much in this interview.

Twenty Twenty is an amazing writer and a fantastic teacher of Goddard’s philosophy.

Mr Twenty Twenty and his wife Victoria share the Neville Goddard teachings, give away recordings and other goodies and give away the HUGE Neville Goddard Lecture Database FREE, because they know how powerfully these teachings can change lives.

Back in 1989, he was a young newlywed man, who did what just about everyone does everyday, he got up, got dressed and went to work. Four hours later, he was taken hostage in one of the three worst prison riots in United States history – the Camp Hill Prison Riots.

“Back then, I suffered with a condition known as PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. PTSD for me was a living hell, living with nightmares, flashbacks, severe self doubt – literally all my symptoms were caused by my IMAGINATION BEING OUT OF CONTROL.”

In time, Mr Twenty Twenty cured myself of all that, and became PTSD FREE by taking control of his imagination. He needed to become a new man again, and create a new reality for himself, and he knew that to do that required that he learn everything he could about running his own mind, and that is what brought him to Neville Goddard.”

“The teachings of Neville Goddard – those were the final key to me healing myself of Post Traumatic Stress / Post Shock Stress Disorder.”

“When I started studying the Neville Goddard Lectures, I was completely blown away. Here I was, reading the words of a man who unlocked the keys to the universe. Not only could he apparently manifest almost anything, he understood WHY we were able to do that.”

“I learned by using Neville’s teachings, that you can create a new state to live from – that you can be who you have wanted to be – you can create a new set of circumstances in your life, because you are greater than any state – and learning this helps you to create new levels of peace, power and prosperity, and also it helps you to realize the true source of happiness – your unity with God.”

His name really is Mr Twenty Twenty. He adopted it legally when he was 41 years old – to share with the world the power of living with Vision and Clarity. Mr Twenty Twenty is also an NLP expert, who loves to model minds of very spiritual and very successful people and share with the world what he learns.

I think you will really enjoy this interview.

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Welcome to the reality revolution. I am incredibly excited to have 2020 with me to here today. 2020 is an expert on Neville Goddard, among other things is a terrific writer. I have discovered 2020 through my process of really researching Neville Goddard on my channel. Uh, if you’ve noticed, I’ve been, uh, doing some deep dives on Neville Goddard and the more I researched, the more I found books that were written by 2020 that are just magical and really helped me to understand noble Goddard. And so I reached out and 2020 was nice enough to accept my invitation. So welcome to the reality revolution. 2020. How’s it going? Yeah. You know, how could you not re, how could you say no? How could I say no to you? Oh, well, okay. In all seriousness. I mean like I just give a, yeah, I see on the Facebook and then I bounce over to your stuff and it’s like, Oh, this dude’s alive. Well thanks man. That means a lot coming from you. Uh, how many books have you written? I’m going through and I was just reading the Apache scout mind. Oh my God. You’re reading that, that are not even on Amazon. Are they all there? Is that [inaudible]? No, I, I’ve got maybe a dozen on Amazon. I’ve got, yeah, when I came to Australia I had a hard drive with 70 gigabytes of crap that I had made. I mean, good, good stuff. Can I swear out? Swear I don’t, I don’t know if you can swear all you want. It’s all good. Cool. Rock on. So, so I had like 70 gigs of good shit. Right. And then eventually the hard drive died and I let go of a lot of it but, but there’s like 70 gigs of coal and wild archeology out there. That’s what I had in 2010. So that was videos, audios, stuff that I’ve written, little books. Uh, I’m not a fan of writing big, big things cause people don’t read big things, right? Yeah. Your stuff, your stuff still is, it’s pretty lengthy. You’re, you have several where you go through lectures pair, but paragraph by paragraph. And so anybody out there that’s wanting to understand Neville, just look up 2020 Neville Goddard on Amazon, start there and look up, go to [inaudible] dot com but it’s really a great place. You’ve done so much to bring novel to the masses with your website free novel. It’s very, very helpful. And thank you so much for that. Oh, you’re welcome. I apologize in advance for the puppies. I can’t kick them out. They come in, I left the door open there. It’s all good. Um, so tell me a little more, uh, I noticed, uh, that you have some background on in neuro linguistic programming, which is where you first start to really study States, but it’s so easy once you get to Naval Gardner. He was the original neuro-linguistic programmer in many ways. You know, I, I find it fascinating because I remember when I started in NLP, the number one question that I noticed that people have problems with, they kept asking what’s the state? Right? Cause we know what emotions are, we know it’s sensations are, but what exactly is a state? And there’s an area where people really get hung up at. And besides like talking with people, like, you know, Richard Bandler and people at that level, like nobody has a really good understanding of what a state is, or at least they didn’t. I think they do now because there’s been people like me out there just rambling about this for so long that they get like status and identity. State is a mood state is how you perceive your world. It’s not that you see a car in the driveway, it’s that you get that I am a BMW or I get that I’m a BMW owner. Right? So just even that big of a distinction or tiny of a distinction putting upon how you look at it, that changes your world. Because so many people are, they’re trying to, they’re chasing their emotions, they’re chasing their, their thoughts. It’s like hurting cats just since you own cat or since you are owned by cats. Right. And that’s for sure they own you. And the key is you can never chase them all down, but you can open up a can of tuna. Right. And if you open up the can of tuna, yeah, there you go. All the cats change. So, so cats are like symbolic of your emotions and dogs may be symbolic of your, of your thinking. But if you open up a candidate tuna, both of them come run it. It’s like, Oh my God, there’s chow man. Boom. Yes. So which to me is really what this is all about. What are we feeding? What States are we eating? What are we feeding ourselves? And when you get that is what this is really about. What you are is give life. You know, if you’re giving life to whatever’s in your life, you know, gosh, when you get that, everything changes. Yeah. It really, the core of Neville’s teachings is state and it’s harder. I agree. It’s, it’s uh, to me at least so far, uh, and it’s harder than it sounds. It’s simpler than it sounds. At the same time, every teaching I learned more about what he means by state and the kind of States that can really transform my life. It’s a magical thing. Opening up a new lecture and reading something from, from Neville. So, um, how did you first get exposed to Neville? Tell me about your journey with Neville a little bit where obviously he’s changed your life. His teachings have clearly, this is a, this is a hoot because I was a young teenage preteen bed wetter. I grew up with, I was born three months early, lots of anxiety got picked on by everybody and I was a voracious reader. And so by the time I was like 10, 11 years old, I was done reading what was in the library. There was nothing else interesting there. And I came across a couple of books. One was a Wayne Dyer book, another one was thinking grow rich. And they totally like rocked my mind. So I started saving up money and go into the real bookstore in town. And uh, books cost money there. They were like five, 10, 20 bucks. And so I’d be hustling, trying to make money and so on and so forth. But then I came across a used book that had stamped on the first page, the corner bookstore, and it had an address. And with the corner of books where it was a little bookstore about a mile outside of town. It was, it was basically a glorified tool shed full of books and they sold books for 25 cents a piece. And so, Oh my God, you cannot imagine. So I’d go there, I’d walk the mile mile and a half every weekend and I’d, and I’d buy like two to $5 worth of books. I’d have a bag full of books on the way home. And I just bought as many as I could. I mean I thought, Oh my God, this sounds good. I’m going to grab it. That sounds good. I’m going to grab it cause I was afraid someone else would get it first. And so I’m walking home with my first level book and I don’t even know which one it was, but I was going through reading, gone through reading. It’s like, this is good, this is good. Oh, the scripture, this is good. This is good. This is scripture. And I was raised Catholic and I had enough scripture and the first book never made it home. Right, right. That’s my, my, I, I judged way too quickly with my first. Totally. Oh, there’s awesome. He’s talking about, Oh no. Deuteronomy. Yeah, yeah. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Yeah. We can’t go to Deuteronomy. Bang. It’s gone. Right. As somebody who owns a bookstore, I know that the love of books, I could feel it right there. I’ve been in that state. I know that state. And you’ll just, you know, so yeah. So keep going too. So then you had never made it, so that one never made it. Let’s say it was 12 I’ll make up a number. I’m not sure. Hold. Can you hear that rustling in the background? Is my hand mocking things up? No, it’s all good. Okay, cool. So, so the next time I was about twice as old, maybe 24 I’d been beat up in the camp Hill prison riots had the bad day at work and my wife at the time joined Amway. And so one of my upline gave us some books to read. One of them was in level book and I remember I paged through. Yeah, yeah, yeah. This is good. It’s still not my style. I’ll go think and grow rich and Tony Robbins instead. So that was the beginning of that adventure, put Neville away, so on and so forth. And then I was in my later twenties so that was two strikes, right? Right. So, well 24 ish. And then I was in my late twenties. So by five years go by, I’m having what a lot of people call it dark night to the soul, just a WIC. Yet my only quest was truth back then. I just wanted to know like who we are, what we are, what’s the truth. And that’s when I started to experience the events, the promise, and then I remembered this Neville guy. It’s like, you know, he didn’t make it weird. He didn’t make it special. Like you’re special now because you’re experiencing these things. You’re enlightened. No, Neville just said, look, you wake up. So it’s like, all right, let me look back into this novel guy. So it was in my late twenties, early thirties. I started diving back in the Neville and uh, eventually it was probably 2006 or so. I put up a little website free it was a one page HTML website that I made. It totally sucked but it had one purpose. Give me your name and email and I’ll send you 221 of lectures of Neville’s lectures free. I just wanted to get the word out and I put a little question or a little thing down below if you need any help, email me. Well, I thought people would email because they can’t open the zip file. Right. People started emailing me and time goes on and psych and I keep getting the same questions, the same questions, the same questions. Eventually I put a free or I answered the common questions and uh, that wasn’t enough so I just decided, well, let me run with it. I love marketing, I love helping people. I love talking. And so, uh, that’s for the books and the products and the courses all started coming from and um, and here we are. Thanks. Even wouldn’t move me around the world. What you have done has really brought Neville out into the forefront because without free nibble, a lot of that material would probably not be out there. A lot of the YouTube is out there that are, are, are getting this material from, from free Nebo cause a lot of it’s sometimes when you start searching around it’s hard to find. So totally. Yeah. It’s another thing that’s interesting. Have you ever, I’ve always wanted it gone, gone back and look at some of the newspapers, what people might’ve been saying back then about Neville. Like I’ve always wondered about what other people were saying about Neville Goddard at the time because it’s so, so different. So fresh. It feels like he’s speaking right now in 2019 Tony speaking 60 years ago. It’s like he’s talking to me directly. Yeah. I love that he was described as the med mystic of whatever they use straight away because like really, uh, never was at least let’s say 50 years out of his time. Right. When he’s talking about the new age in, in 1960, right. 1968 and things like that. Right, exactly. So, so he’s talking back then about stuff that we’re finally like really diving into now because like so many people like you know, when I grew up, I mean heck it was in the 70s in the 80s and it was like to even say like, you know what your re your, your, your circumstance, your experience is up to you. Yeah. And it’s fascinating because even if you just look at the root of the word circumstance stances, how you stand circum is what’s around you, how you are standing in the world, how you perceive determines your circumstance. It’s built into our language. Yeah. But nobody was into it. I mean like very rarely could you find people back then they were still blaming the politicians, the religions, all this victim stuff, women hating men and hating women. It’s like, Oh my God, it’s time for us to grow up. Yeah. And that’s how we wake up. We wake up by growing up. We do. But the idea that the States that we talk about are permanent almost as there’s a couple of ways I interpret that, that it’s a state that I can go into in my mind. But it’s also like he’s also saying we have these permanent realities. We move into their permanent, we can always in, in and out of them. Um, it’s kind of sometimes how I interpret how he’s saying it, but also it’s a, it’s a identity that I can take on. So I’m wondering, it’s a little bit of both. He was trying to simplify sometimes what seems like complicated teachings. So in, in, in more importantly on how I apply it. Is that my, is that makes sense. Here’s what I notice. And again, take it for what it’s worth, right? So we were just in a little group that we have of 15 people exploring a lecture called creation phase. And in creation, faith, one of the things that he brings up again, and it’s lovely that you bring this up because when in creation, faith basically says all the States are already there, right? You get to choose which ones you give life to. And so it’s like the state of war. Some people they give life to running around with an AK 47 some people give life to watching it on the news. Some people give life to, you know what? I know it exists in the world. It’s not my job to change that cause somebody else’s giving that life for themselves. Right. But in my world I get, and you know what, there’s always, like Neville said, we’re not here to abolish the whores in the world. There are always going to be there. They’re always going to be there. What we’re there, what we’re here to do is to give life to the States that we choose. And it’s like, Holy crap man. Yeah. Like when you get that, it’s like you don’t have to build the house. You just have to pick. That’s the house I’m going to live in. This is the house I want to do. My show from and behind me is the room where I’m gonna put all my cool shit. Oh my God, you didn’t have to, he didn’t have to make it all. You don’t have to create it. You don’t have to attract it. You just move into it. It’s beautiful. I love it. Oh my God. There’s so many lectures. So I love to ask, uh, what is your favorite lecture in manifesting mastery Crest commercial. Sorry. Okay. So, so in manifesting mastery, about halfway through, we put the Pearl of great price. Okay. And we did that because when we made, made up that course back in 2012 or so, nobody knew about the Pearl. I’d be online. Great price. Yes. I’d be online on, there were like two or three level groups on Facebook back then that I knew of. And it’s like nobody knew about the Pearl. And I’d bring up the Pearl and I’d be like, what are you talking about? That’s like, Holy crap, man. Unless you buy the Pearl, the Neville calls it the Pearl of great price. It’s really pretty cheap. But if, but until you buy the Pearl of great price, this is always gonna be hit and miss. And then there’s always going to be the chance that you’re going to get it. You’re that you’re going to buy into, it’s the candle that did it or the chanting that did it. The Pearl of great price is the pivotal one for us because you know what? Like Neville says, like you have to give away everything that you hold back. So most of us go through life when we go in case this doesn’t work right. I’m going to hold on to, Oh, Pono Pono, right. In case this doesn’t work, I’m going to hold onto my membership and the masons, or in case this doesn’t work. It’s like, no, no, no, no, no. You get to give it all up. Do you get to give up astrology candles, music? I still enjoy music. I love candles, but they don’t do anything. They’re just entertainment. Right. And that’s the thing with the Pearl of great price because when are you familiar with that one? As soon as we’re done, I’m running to read it so I’m not familiar. I promise you I’ll be reading it right away. So you are going to love this because Neville was once an astrologer. Okay, okay. He gave readings and he taught this lovely lady to give readings to what was novel, basically woke up. He said, this is crazy. It’s not the rocks in the sky that do anything. It’s what you feel. Solid leaf. You don’t have to discuss this on another, I have another episode of something related to, and I was talking about how astrology, it’s true if you believe it, and I kind of question, but you have control over your reality. You’re gonna love this because when we will sing that he’s confirming. That’s something else that I believe so that’s interesting. Yeah. Oh, you’ll love this because he had a student who kept giving readings, right. And she called him up when she one day and she goes, I’ve got a problem. And what she did was she, she had her charts out because a guy was coming, she got his details and she’s making a trip. Well she leaves the room and come back in. The wind changes the pages and she doesn’t know it. And so she made a chart up on a man that doesn’t exist. But when the man showed up, she said, you’re going to have a, you’re going to get a lot of money. This is going to work out for you. You can get a lot of money. She was convinced and the guy basically said, if it works out, I’ll give you 100 bucks or something like that. Right where you left. She realized that she made up a bogus chart, but it still worked. The money. You came back and he gave her the money, right? And she said, the Neville, why did it work? And he said, it worked because of your conviction. Right? You were convinced that this guy’s project would go forth and it did. So let’s talk about a couple of the, um, a couple of the issues that come up with Neville Goddard. And I want to better as a student, it’s the things I don’t understand. I don’t want to claim or I haven’t had done any episodes on it, but they’re very popular in the groups about Neville. And so I want to get your perspective and explanation of the course is finding a specific person. I know it. Okay. Uh, what is your explanation? Can I find my specific person? How do I do it? And what does Neville say about it? Cool. Uh, Neville even says he gives an example of when people tell him that they want a specific person, he often ends up going to their wedding and it’s almost never that person. And so, so it’s a fascinating little thing. If you go to Nova Goddard I’ve got a whole manifesting love section. There are some really good stuff. Now here’s the cool thing. What else does Neville say? Continuously let it be all about you, right? Whatever you’re imagining, bring it home. So if I’m imagining lovingly for you [inaudible] right, which I have, okay. So I’m imagining you and I getting off this and you’ve just gone bam. That was really fricking good, man. Right? But I, but I don’t imagine, I don’t give a correct what you do. I, I’m feeling what I would feel if I know you got off of this and go 20 that was great. Let’s do it again. That kind of thing. Right. So I’m feeling what I would feel if that were true for you. Okay. So I always let it be about me. Right. When my mom tells me like my dog suffering, I want them to go in peace. [inaudible] I don’t imagine her dog dying. What I imagine is how I would feel knowing my mom is okay because her dog went and peace. So I always bring them to me and so for manifesting love, the most effective thing that I found is I feel the state of happy, loving husband. How would he perceive the world? Okay. Being happy, loving husband brought Victoria and I together. Right. So that way it’s not about qualities about them because like if I made a list of qualities, Victoria would probably tick half of them, right? Yeah. Whether it’s hair, color, height, anything, you know like you know what she, what her hobbies are. How the hell would I know what hobbies? Like somebody I know. I love that. There is diversity in our relationship, but the fact that I’m happy loving husband, that, that, that state gives life to an experience with some of somebody else who goes, right, I want to be happy as a wife. [inaudible] and boom. And there we go. So there’s my spin, right? So if, if somebody says this one person, I’ve always liked this one person I work with and I, you know, as, as a coach you might’ve had something similar. I just one person I work with and there’s nobody else that I want. Just one person is the one for me. This is going to be my soul mate. Have you ever talked, no, we’ve never talked. They might’ve seen me across the room, but I want to use this, uh, Neville’s techniques to find that specific person. Can I use these techniques to do that? I find it fascinating that they don’t let it be about them. So here’s what I say. Ask them, ask them out. [inaudible] because if you’re imagining being in a relationship with them, you’re going to be able to say, Hey dude, all right, or do I happen? Ask them out. Just, yeah, absolutely. It’s more than an NLP question than a Neville question. Like you just need to go and ask them out. And the best NLP questions are great novel questions because, because a good question sets direction, right? And, and, and so and, and here’s a trap that I see people fall into. I’m imagining being a multi-cast zillionaire selling my widgets, like, cool man, send me a photo of your widget. Oh, but like, I, uh, that they, they wanna use this to hide under their bed and still get massive success. And what I do is I just say, look, if you want success, who are you as a successful human being? Right. How do you perceive the world being loving teacher? There’s another one of my States, I’m going into the shops the other day and I test this young 18 year old fella and he’s smoking a cigarette. And I basically said, yo, and he goes yellow. And I said, Whoa, where are you from? Cause his yo wasn’t a Melbourne yo and it turns out he’s from Boston and he’s an 18 year old fellow. He’s trying to figure out a way to make his music career work, right? And so he tags along with me for 25 minutes and I’m just giving him all these goodies, right? Boom, boom, boom, Instagram, Facebook, something else. Do this. Get on Fiverr. So on and so forth. Imagined too. But I’m giving them all these goodies because the state of loving teacher [inaudible] brings people for me to give my goodies to cause all I want to do is you put it be free, right? So suddenly this kid gets to imagine himself as successful. [inaudible] he’ll walk different, he’ll talk different, uh, gosh, totally different than I love it. So then the next concept, which I, I’m, I have misunderstood. So I want, I want, I need, need your help is, uh, everybody is you pushed out. So I have met people that take this teaching and they believe that they are the only living person in the universe and that I’m just them pushed out. That’s madness, right? So I want to get your interpretation so people can understand what this means because I think there’s a real powerful wisdom in what he’s saying. But maybe sometimes it’s misunderstood. So what do you think? Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I [inaudible] if it was only pushed out, I would have you been doing my bidding? Asking the questions. I want you to ask wearing the outfit. I want you to were bringing to the table what I want you to bring to the table. It’s madness. On the other hand, what’s this number say? Oh my God, it is. I get emails from these people. I love them. And imagine lovingly for them when he hit mute because the dog’s going to go off one second. It’s okay. Oh, we got sirens. So, Oh no, don’t worry. This is great. You must’ve been imagining good for my puppies. So, so here we go. Ready? So if it’s all me pushed out, and here’s the question that I got. Since you are a figment of my imagination, isn’t it okay that I make you do this right? In other words, since it’s only pushed out, isn’t it? Okay that I make him my soulmate, right? And I say, right, here’s what I’m going to do right now, since it’s all knee pushed out. I’m imagining you paying me $10,000 to spend 10 minutes with me next Monday. I’ll see you then. Right? And then they come back. I don’t understand. I said, look, all I want is $10,000 I don’t want to give you a lot of my time. Just 10 minutes. I’m imagining you in Melbourne next Monday for 10 grand. I’ll see you later. And they come back with, that’s crazy. And it’s like, yes it is. You’re saying it’s all you pushed out because you want him to be your soulmate. He’s a figment of my main meditation cause I want him to be my soulmate. I’m saying, what did Neville say? Neville said to imagine lovingly the golden rule. You’re few imagine something for another, make sure it’s something that they would vote with, that they would like, that they would want or else it’s going to bounce back to you. They can reject it. And so I don’t imagine you doing my bidding. I imagine you and I haven’t had a fantastic time and you’ve been really happy because I know your time is precious. And so why am I doing lovingly in that way? The bounce back, let’s talk about, I want the bounce back. I think he’s important in my own experience. If I imagine lovingly, I get a bounce back of loving the bounce back, the reflection. Uh, some people could read Neville and say, Oh, I can use this for dark purposes. I can destroy that person’s life. I can imagine something terrible for that. My enemy, somebody that had this in their mind. And so the bounce back is what I’m saying is that if you do that, there’s a bounce back. Does Neville talk about the bounce back? And the devil basically says, boy, this is an interesting one because orange, he warns on several, I’ve seen him, Warren say, you Magine lovingly. Um, but I don’t see him. Maybe it’s just because he’s a manifestation master. He doesn’t want to bring your attention to the negative. Maybe it’s hard. I was teaching it. You know, it’s interesting, there was a point where when I was going through the experiences of the promise where I came across the term body Sankofa and it’s like when who’s enlightened, who comes back and all that, you know, I’ll just say bullshit because because I am awake, I choose to come back and incarnate again so I can alleviate the suffering of humanity. Oh my God, talk about crap versus what would I say is, look, I’m here for one reason. I’m Neville says we came here to no imagination. Basically we discover who we are and how this works. And he keeps saying constantly imagine lovingly be the blessing and lovingly and so it’s like when I get the emails, and these are fascinating to me because it’s like, Hey, my boyfriend, he’s gotten married and they moved to Rome and I want to be back in touch. I want him back in my life. So I’m imagining him here. I say, cool, what about his wife? I don’t care. And so I say, listen, let’s do the shortcut. What do you really want? You want to be happily married, go into the state of loving, happy wife, let it be 100% about you and not about him. How would you perceive the world? How would you perceive men? How would you drink a cup of coffee if you were happy? And so suddenly if they do that, they actually get this and they win. But if they make it about her, what I get is I tend to get emails five, six months later that go, my life is in Ritalin’s. Right? I’m all alone. And it’s like lady listened to me and this happens with guys too, but when I, the most recent one’s a lady, it’s like you were imagining this guy’s wife abandoned by him. Obviously that got rejected by another human being and it bounced back and, and, and, and, and you got it right. Cause that’s still is an imagination that is there. Yes. She might’ve entered the state of the girlfriend unknowingly accidentally falling into that state. And then she’s the abandoned woman and she’s the abandoned one. Right. But on the other hand, if, if we, yeah, and it’s interesting because the wording that I used as the wording I use, right. If you let it all be all about you, uh, it’s funny, about three months ago, I hadn’t done interviews in like a year. [inaudible] about three months ago decided, yeah, I’m imagining doing interviews and talking to some really cool people cause it’s time and suddenly people like yourself start showing up and it’s like, this is the most fun thing for me because I didn’t go right. You know, like I didn’t, Oh here’s a nice guy. I’ll make him contact me now it’s just like, wow, you reached down. It’s like, Oh, this dude’s alive. Let’s do it. And I imagine us having a great time, right? Oh, I’m me. It’s not me pushed out. It’s, you know, here’s my experience. I’m imagining [inaudible] my, my friend here, my associate, I haven’t had a great time now that works perfectly and that makes sense to me and in my own experience, that’s the truth. And that’s why that resonates so much. Um, so there’s so many different techniques that, that Neville has in his different lectures. Um, what is your favorite, uh, let, let’s, let me, what’s an obscure technique that you maybe haven’t seen referred to a lot? That’s one of, uh, one of the techniques that you’d like to talk about of nibbles, maybe that I, you know, there’s, there’s very popular techniques that are commonly talked about, but there may be a few that kind of slipped under the radar that kind of resonated. So I’d like to know if there are any, maybe I could look up in that, in that regard. Cool. I’d like to go with the sideways. Can I do that? Yeah. Yeah, of course. So, so we put together Neville Goddard’s tool box. I made it up. Right, right. So, so because as human beings, we tend to organize things in some very predictable ways and one of them is past, present future. Right. Because I kept noticing when Neville teaches, he talks about revision, which is essentially changing the past. Right? He talks about, I remember when, which is essentially changing where you are right now. Right? Because [inaudible] the one way that I always explain that is when I was in the nursing home, I was imagining being a teacher. But when one of the clients literally exploded and I had to clean everything up, it’s like all right, I’m feeling that in the past. Right? Yeah. And now 20 years later it’s a teaching story for me. So I remember when it’s all about like when, when they were looking at the vacant lot and seeing the hotel there or when Neville says whenever you have a friend who is single, you remember when she was single by imagining her married. Right. So I remember when it’s all about the present and I when, cause it almost accesses for an NLP you’re accessing a different part of your brain that is your memory. Yes. Using imagination, which is you know, perfect combination. Well it can cause that part it’s accepted as as reality. You don’t question it. There’s some sense of very, this is going to cook your noodle cause you’re ready for my new, I am so loving this because, so Neville says, if you go to Naval gutter and type the word memory in the search box, you’ll get a cool little quote that says memories, imagination, and much, much more. But it’s so cool because when we get to the third tool in the toolbox, which is congratulatory conversations, and that one there is all about, you know, what would imply your wish has been fulfilled, somebody happy for you? How would I feel for you? Right? Yeah. Yeah. How would it gets almost recursive loopy because it’s like how would I feel if you were happy for me that we had a great show? Right, right. There’s a congratulatory conversation. It doesn’t have to be long. If anything, it just has to be a look. Our dude. So, so that fast. So those are the basics. But the cool thing is if you really know Neville, he really gets into what implies your wish fulfilled, which always puts the wish fulfilled in memory position. It’s, it’s a resource state, right? So one of the ones that almost nobody talked about, uh, God, we tend to make things popular cause we do the emails every day. One of them is what we call the streetcar method. That’s delayed. I have not heard that one. Oh my God. So she’s basically, uh, she’s on a street car. It’s raining and she wants to be in. I think you can all the mist. She can fill the mist. So she’s taking, and here’s the thing, uh, so many people that go to war with this stuff, how do I ignore reality while I’m imagining this? Well, first of all, consciousness is the only reality instead of consciousness. There’s what leads the imaginal and the physical. The follows, Oh my God. When you get that, your whole life changes. And then there’s this thing. So when this lady’s on the street and she wants to be in Norway, I believe she’s feeling the mist and imagining it’s the midst of the ocean. She’s feeling the rail of the streetcar and feeling as if it’s the rail of something in Norway. And so I think cruise boat, right? And she give him the cruise boat. Right, right, exactly. So she’s feeling what she’s physically feeling now as what implies she’s where she wants to be. Amazing. Oh my God. Yeah. When you get that, it’s like nothing can bump you from your state. You can find something in your moment and make it something else. You can find anything, right? You can, if it’s raining then that or whatever it is. That’s what I got from that. And you’re right that I still it resounds with me even though I’m laying in bed. Okay. I’m laying in a bed somewhere else right now in that state. Exactly right. I’ll tell you a trick with that, that a lot of people don’t know. This is really cool. So is there some place you’d like to be in the world besides you’re in California, right? Sure, sure. Well there’s lots of places. Where do you want to go? I want to go to Hawaii. All right, cool. So let me ask you a question. So right now you’re in California. Close your eyes, right. Okay. Where’s Washington state? Where does it feel like it is compared to where you are now? In? In, in my upper left. Okay, cool. Okay, so close your eyes. Go. Why? Okay. You’re sitting in a chair right now in Hawaii talking to me. [inaudible] where’s Washington state? To my right. Oh my God. Yeah. Yes. I see. So if you sit in that chair and you feel Washington state off to your right [inaudible] Oh my. Oh, I love that. Because we naturally have a geographic presence in our mind. We don’t even think about, and we don’t even, you’re right. We, right now I’m in California, so I think about Colorado and it, it’s to my right. Oh my gosh. That’s amazing. I love it. That’s great. Done. And dust and that part, that geographic part is something we accept as reality. There’s, there’s no questioning. It’s part of, it’s just like the, I remember when using a different part of our consciousness that remembers, which there’s no questions about our memory. Nice. This isn’t a question about geography. Oh man, I’m learning something. But, but it really happened. That’s what I’m told it really happened. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Right. Yeah, it really happened. It really happened. Amazing. So, um, there’s so much that, so let, you mentioned the promise a couple of times and as you go through the teachings of Neville, any kind of the beginning, he’s talking about the law of assumption and imagination. And then it’s, he’s talking more about the promise. Uh, and so I wanted to get an understanding of the promise and what it means, uh, because that’s kind of the second portion of, of, of learning about Neville is the promise. And so what is the best way for me to understand that? If we could put it into the nutshell version? It’s, so we’ve got two sides to the teachings. One the law, right? And it’s basically, and this is listen to how cool this is, right? They, and these are my words, not levels, but they really sum it up good. So the law is a surrender to the state of your wish fulfilled when you become one with being in Hawaii by feeling Washington state off to the right somewhere, right. Look at you, right? Your body is responding to that. Your blink rate has changed. You’re breathing, right? Yeah. Right. Amazing. Okay. So, so you stay there and your body get there. Right? So that’s so, so you, you’ve become one with, you’ve surrendered with the consciousness of being in Hawaii. So this is, so the promise is all about waking up to noticing that what you are is, is you’re one with God, your imagination’s key, the lo, uh, as the more you wake up, you know, the more, uh, you understand here I create my circumstance. Neville says, what creates your circumstances? The same power that gives life to everything. [inaudible] so here I create my circumstance, knowing who and what I am and how this works that are so, so knowing who you are is all about the promise. There’s four, possibly five events. How you look at it. That happened as never woke up. And then they’re pretty fascinating. I’d rather not dive deep into those because people continue to get how hooked up in there. But, but the big key is once you experience that, you know, beyond a shadow of a doubt what you are, it doesn’t mean all your problems are solved, right? Remember Buddha said before, enlightenment, chop wood, carry water after enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. Neville said there are so many people that would tell them there’s no way you won’t have woken up. I know you. And they know he enjoyed eating food and meat. They know he enjoyed his liquor. They knew he, yeah, they knew him as as Neville and Neville said, yeah, guess what? I woke up. It’s not a big deal and it is a big deal, right? The promise side is really getting, what’s our divine purpose to know imagination 10 the process of knowing it is the law. Go play, manifest upholsters a good shit for you and others. Right? And as you do that, you get, Oh my God, what I am, I am. What gives life? Is he saying that we will move on from reincarnating once? We totally promise that’s the yes, no more incarnating. It’s just there’s the next level that we’re moving towards. Is that I would say that’s, I’d say that’s pretty darn accurate because there’s no need to, we, we came here to live out a pattern, right? We came here to live out quote unquote all the biblical States and have you come across, have you read one greater than John? I haven’t. Okay. That’s on the list. Oh my God. Okay, so let’s call that my number tooth. That one greater than John. You gotta take one great one greater than John Neville says before you wake up [inaudible]. Okay. Or before you assume the state of of Jesus there. What happens is you go through the state of John. John the Baptist was born and right before Jesus, John lived on locust and honeys. John preached, repent. John preached a whole bunch of things. But the state of John is the state of doing violence to your desires. So if you desire to be rich and you go, Oh no, spiritual people aren’t rich. Yeah. Oh yeah, I am hungry for a hot dog. Oh no. Spiritual people only pansies like, it’s like anytime you do violence to your desires, now you’ve gone into judgment. What’s good, what’s bad? And it’s, it’s horrible. It’s a rough existence. Even if you’re doing the, I was the broke spiritual teacher for a while. People would pay me in bread. It’s an [inaudible] name. All it is. And it is until you get, Oh my God, there’s eating a yo yo yo, you know, killing a carrot, you know, or eating a yogurt or a lamb. It’s all the same thing. It’s just food. But, but, but when you get, you know, like your desires are your desires, my desires to be in business. I’m like Victor Goddard, I love business. And people say, well, if you really got this, you hit the lottery. I have no interest in hitting the lottery, but I guarantee if I ever have it as a actual desire, I’ll give it life. And that’ll happen. We’ve had people do that. But for me it’s like, yeah, I love, I love this. I love the, I love waking up and there being people I can meet people to buy shit. Exactly. Oh man. Hey, you bought some shit. Love ya. You, I bet that if you win the lottery because you might be doing something else so I wouldn’t be happy. Right. Yeah. I, I, I’ve got a lovely used BMW that I bought for less than I paid for my Chevy. Yes. 10 pickup truck. Right, right. And people say, well, if you got this, you’d have a brand new BMW. And I, and I tell them, look, I’ve got two puppies. What I want is a puppy car. If I had a brand new boomer, I wouldn’t put my dogs in it, just to be blunt. That’s it. But, but I love, I’ve got a Bimmer it’s a couple of years old. It’s, it’s awesome. I, it’s exactly what I want. And when the puppies get dirt in it, I don’t care. Right. So, so there’s a desire fulfilled. So when you, when you dive into one greater than John, just notice any temptation to do violence to your desires. Because here’s what we all pass through. That, you know, the idea of the unanswered prayer, you think there’s a part of us that prevents our manifestations from happening that’s on another level based on a knowledge of future timelines or is that a misunderstanding of this teaching? You understand what I’m kind of getting at? People will say, Oh that didn’t happen because that was it. It was an [inaudible] thank God it was an unanswered prayer and it’s bullshit. Yeah. Okay. If that was the case, that would be secondary cause [inaudible] and if they’re secondary, cause there’s no point in any of this, right? Here’s what’s cool. We just did a show oneness a couple of days ago and we talked about a, what I call counter imaginings. So here’s a counter imagining. Are you getting, this is a recent one. Uh, I’m imagining being happily married. This is a guy. And, and, and, and, and that’s like, all right, cool. So six months later, Hey, I’m still imagining being happily married. Nothing’s happened. No women talk to me. So I said, Oh yeah, we’re connected on Facebook right now. Yeah. Yeah. So I go on his Facebook timeline and he’s sharing the crap about women that he’s sharing is horrible. So I point out to him, I says, look, I don’t want you to edit this. I just want you to notice what you’re sharing because this is what you’re imagining about women. While you’re trying to imagine a woman, you’ve got to stop imagining shit about women if you actually want women in your life. Right? And so that’s what I notice. I all the time I noticed, it’s like, it’s like you have the guy that wants to be a successful businessman. And then I go on his page and he says, and it’s all this stuff about the gloom and doom, the builder burgers and how Trump is wrecking the economy. And it’s like, how can you imagine all this quote unquote negative stuff about money and still feel it real for money? You can’t, you can’t, you can’t blame Trump for the economy. And you can’t blame the builder burgers for controlling the cashflow. And you can’t blame Forex manipulation for, I mean, is it happening? Who the hell cares? Right? [inaudible] um, yes. Well, you’re talking about the news and I think everybody right now, this is one of those times it’s easy to fall prey. Just catch the news for a few minutes. It’s so powerful. And once we become aware of our awareness and, and how powerful these things are, I’m choosing not to [inaudible] to go on a diet from the news is incredibly powerful, even, um, when some of that stuff’s important. So I wanted to get your perspective on it because once we start to realize our power to imagine all of that stuff becomes way more important than it used to. So, you know, never read the newspaper, right? He read the newspaper. Oh my God, yes. Right? But he, he tell me, I’ve read what he talks about, the newspapers. I’ve seen that. Um, but yeah, so, so, so when he talks about your reactions create your reality, you see something in the newspaper and you react to it, that’s your student. Yup. There’s the thing, right? So, so when, so when you notice, right? So I read something horrible. Okay. I’m at the dog park and somebody says something really fucked up, right? And it’s like, Whoa, okay, there’s a seed time. Right? But here’s what I get to do. I get to go ride. I just noticed that I reacted as if I’m small and separate. And there’s a tragedy and a victim. And I can just revise that. And then for some reason, you know what’s in my mind, this tragedy. So I’ll imagine lovingly for the families done. So you just brought up a great point. Um, being aware of this and how important our reactions are in live time, we should get into a habit of regular revising. These flashes of imagination that we have that we sometimes used to think are irrelevant, are massively important. And we should start, even though it will happen, we can choose to revise in the moment. Yeah. This is, this is why I slammed candles, vision boards, uh, mood music. And by the way, I love candles. I love pictures. I love music, right? But if, if you have to wait, if you get in the habit of going right, my vision board helps me. My candle helps me. My music helps me. My dope helps me out. A lady told me she had to take Thorazine to feel it real. It’s like, Oh my God, you’re a hoot. I’d love to meet her. Right? Yeah. I imagine loving me for nobody. What’s happened to her since, but it’s like what the devil says, revise the conversation as you hear it. Wait, when Neville’s buddy called and said, look, yeah, right here at [inaudible]. Yeah. So this is why we’re not into affirmations. I am the greatest guy in the world. No, I hear people complimenting me because of my work. [inaudible] see this, this is what’s fun because I know if I get a compliment, their life has changed. Right? So there’s the, there’s the recursive miss. It’s all about me. It’s all about the blessing. It’s all about imagining lovingly for the other person, so on and so forth. And it’s so cool because once you stop hiding from the news, I don’t watch the news cause I have no interest in it. I don’t have the time for it. Exactly. But when it, but when it shows up, it’s like, all right, let me just, I had said, when it shows up, I go, okay, cool. Rock on, man. There’s something for, you know, for me to imagine lovingly about if I don’t have, if I choose my reactions during that, that moment where I’m exposed to the news and I don’t have to. Okay. I love that. Thank you. Because I’m the person that’s resisting the news. You’re also creating by actively trying to oppose yourself from this. You’re gonna end up seeing the news all the time. Absolutely. Right. Or you can imagine something worse, right? So it’s like, Oh my God. It’s like, you know what? Yeah. Cool. So the other day when I was driving, and this is, you know, I’m deep on some of these lectures and I’m thinking, you know, my imagination has this positive power. I can start imagining lovely, lovingly for everybody. So you’ll find myself driving on that and I see somebody, I’m just going to imagine something really awesome for them. And do you find yourself doing this? Like when you have the, if that is, if I can imagine lovingly and you’d have real major impact, and then why not? I’ll just go for a walk. And while these people are just about to have a huge wonderful day and those people are going to have just a fantastic meal now and it’s just, it’s kind of fun. Do sir, you know there’s a, there’s an article I share no lie at least five to 10 times a day and that’s about imagining lovingly for others. Cause there, there’s a couple parts in it. One of the parts that I love is Neville says, when you imagine lovingly for seeming others, again it’s what you’re doing is you’re also lifting your own cross [inaudible]. So if you ever get stuck, I always tell people take a walk. Did you pass it? A little old lady that’s trying to get across the street, feel free to help her. But imagine her getting across the street safely. Yeah. You see, you see a little girl that’s crying on her lymphoma from school. Imagine her happy, just, just, it only takes a moment. But when you get in that habit of always been vesting right, suddenly it’s like change for me because now I feel like I can help you and I, and I don’t need to do anything else. But right now I’m going to, you’re asking for money, I’ll give you some money, but I’m also going to lovingly imagine things going great for you and it’s going to be a great day. And that, you know, there’s a lot more that I can do. I that. That’s what I, that’s it’s empowering. You know, before we got the puppies Victoria many years ago a to do some consulting work and before we got the puppies, if she had to go to the city, I’d often ride in with her and just take a walk. So I find myself one day this guy has got a puppy and I’m imagining being 11 puppy dead. And it’s like, Oh cool man, so can I touch your dog? He’s like, sure. So I’m sitting next to this homeless guy for about an hour and we’re talking about this stuff, right? Cause he’s a cool guy. He’s taking care of his puppies on hard times. I’m like, wow, like you let me ask you a question. What do you think? Like, did you ever have a thought that put you here? Cause you know, if you did, you can also have a thought, an experience, an imaginal experience that gets you elsewhere. What else do you want to do with your life? And like, so I’m talking to him and after about 45 minutes, it’s like, Hey, I got to go. My wife’s going to pick me up. Yeah. Down the street here. And uh, I reached in my pocket. He goes, I don’t want your money. I’m like, all right. He goes, dude, like you made my day. You sat here and we had a great talk and I have no idea what’s in rank under the guy, but it’s like, you know, but I get a chance to sit down and teach him this stuff. And it’s like, I imagine lovingly form. I mean, like I’m imagining he’s telling me about his puppy. I’m about ready to do big bags of dog food. Yeah, of course. He’s getting big bags, dog food. He needs to be living somewhere. So I met him and his puppy in a big bag of puppy chow. I mean, you know, now he’s got to have an apartment or something. So it’s like him and his puppy and a crib. Cool. So, so it’s, it’s that fast or you could drive your walk fast. No, eh, here’s some money under the universal, pay me back 10 times. Bullshit. Bullshit. You know, it’s like, Oh man, I’ll just, let me talk to this guy for a few minutes. Some of you, you want me imagine loving the forum. And again, my state of living teacher has me talk and it’s just that fast. It’s amazing. Uh, just changes your perspective of everybody that you meet. Also, the beautiful thing about that Neville, I see myself in everybody now. Everybody is beautiful. Even the worst, even the worst person that I would, the former me would, would just hate and feel anger towards once we have this perspective, even they are beautiful and I love them. Yeah. Cause they’re me. And that is one of the things that, uh, beyond just achieving success and accomplishing, uh, manifesting something that is really special about these teachings. Mmm. That has changed me. What’s your perspective on [inaudible]? I suspect if you go to free and type in the word Elohim [inaudible] yeah, the one made of many. Right? And, and, and, and I suspect, uh, what he’s written about that we’ll give you a steal, right? Because I, I really get one. When I first came to Australia, I was brought here by group of Forex traders to train him with some quote, NLP kind of stuff, right? And one of the things that I kept bringing up is, you’re not your body. You’re not your history. As long as you think here your body or your history, you’re going to get stressed out with this. What you are is the spark behind the eyes. And then when I look at you, I see the same spark looking at me or that individualized oneness. [inaudible] we still retain our individuality, but we also surrender to the oneness that we are. And, and, and it’s, it’s, it’s a mystery that doesn’t work well in English. It works well with poetry. It does. Blake wrote about it. A couple others have written, some Rumi wrote about it, but, but you can’t put it into prose. All that well will never loves Blake. You can also, you can read the Bible to get a lot of teaching lessons from Neville’s teachings. But Blake, now that I’ve been leaving, I’m thinking, okay, I need to go and dive deep on some Blake, cause it looks like a lot of Blake was talking about the same stuff as nibble. Have you gone to Nick’s over blade love? Blake? Blake cooks my noodle because I’m addicted to how to things. I love Tim Ferriss and uh, uh, Dave Asprey and people like that. I love these little how two things and they did buy them. Uh, on the other hand, uh, when I go into Blake, there’s, there’s no how to, but he’s teaching, but he’s talking truth. And in my world, I love how tos, I love knowing how to code. I love knowing how to market. I love knowing how to turn on zoom. What’s fun to me, but also it’s like, Oh my God. Yeah. When, when you dive into Blake and it’s like all the stories may that stories [inaudible] yeah, I just did the, I just did the art of dying and he is, he had a big old long passage from that and his discussion of how we have to let the previous self die to become the new state. An interesting teaching from Neville is learning that when we become a state, we’re not two States, we become the state. We have to not look back like lot. Why if we have lot’s wife, yes, we have to become the, it’s a big teaching that is a thing that I’ve talked about this stuff another but never really brings it home with that. Very powerful and I think that’s Blake’s some of Blake’s interpretation there. So you know, one of the, one of the really big NLP guys that I can’t talk about, when I trained with him, you told me, he says, when you go into business, here’s the problem you’re going to have. You’re going to help people change their state, then they’re going to want to sit around and want to bullshit with you and what they will want to do it, you know, it’s like their old state’s going to try to wiggle in and undo the work. So you need to slam the door. That’s literally what he told me. When you’re done. Yeah. Thank you for paying me the time for you to leave, but I got it. Tell me about your pup. None. Internet. I got someone else coming. You have to leave now. And I found it fascinating because the words he used was slammed the door slammed the door. Right. And what did Abdullah do with Neville? He slammed the door. Yeah. Literally we’ve got to slam that door on our old self. We get to let the dead bury the dead because the, the living mucho won. They don’t go back and buried the dead in the city. They don’t look back on the city. The dead will bury the dead. Now I’m fascinated by Abdulah. I would love to know if, if we’ve discovered more, has he, does he have any writings? Is there any pictures of Abdulah when you start researching this stuff? Of course. Actually I’m gonna do that. There’s not a lot. I mean, I would love for Abdullah to be fake. Yeah, that would be cool too. Oh my God. Whatever. That would be interesting. Yeah. Then what was Neville thinking if he made him fake? Does any reports of anybody? I know that somebody said Joseph Murphy, the, the writer have also worked with Abdula. There’s some people that have said some of his writings kind of mentioned him. I haven’t seen that. Um, and I know that, uh, Mitch Horowitz has gone and tried to look into it. I talked to Kate jaggedy. Um, I’m still, I’m fascinated. I would just love to know more about Abdula so if you do let me know. I love hearing that. Okay. Yeah. So you’re in the same boat as me, so it’s interesting. I love it. So, um, is there any obscure, the ones that you have on the site, is there any, uh, he also did a radio show. Those were different than his normal lectures. Is there any, is there any last Neville lectures that, I don’t know. Wouldn’t it be cool? I’ll tell you, we’re going to have you, you know the five core lectures right at the beginning. I’ve read the five core lectures, right? Yeah, no, we have the original manuscript of that. I got it for a couple hundred bucks. Wow. It’s like a workbook that they handed out, was it? No, no, no. This is never, this is Nevels typing. Oh wow. And scribbling things out. And originally, yeah. How cool is that? We got it for a couple of months. They were asking like 10 or 20,000 Ford or something ridiculous. And like I looked at it, it’s like write up a couple hundred bucks and that’s all I’m willing to play. Right. And suddenly it’s like, so I made an offer and they said, okay, boom, and I can show it to you. That is amazing. That’s amazing. Oh my God. The thing about Neville is that he was beyond what he’s teaching, a terrific writer. Just a really good, using the English language in a way that’s just as somebody that like you loves to read. That’s the thing. And I’m, now that I’m going through his materials, that this guy was just a fantastic writer. It can really turn a phrase just just with one sentence. Just can light up so much. And that’s one of the things that’s resound so much. Guess what? What’s that? I have this magical thing happened where the manuscript is being handed to me. Oh, awesome. There it is. So check this out. Let me, let me see if we can open this up. So is that the original notebook it was in or did it? Yes sir. Look at that. Oh my God. I remember. That’s those old typewriters. So you, if you can’t make a mistake, right? So, Oh yeah, the, the, there’s, there’s sections in here where he exes out. There’s sections where, let me see if I can find a good here for a while. I’ll send you, Oh, here’s one. Here’s one here X-ing out Sam engine showing you this. Sorry, can you see that? Yeah. Oh my gosh. Oh my God. And at some point in my spare time, uh, we’re, we’re going to like try to see through those Xs and see what he originally yeah. Right. That’s how I just thought, okay. I want to know what he changed or yeah, that was my first thought is you can see a little bit more into those teachings. That’s amazing. Wow. I will keep you in the loop. I pro okay. I want to know for sure. Yeah. Amazing. So, yeah. You know, maybe they’ll uncover a Trobe of secret loss lectures that we’ll find someday or, or perhaps some stuff that he wrote that, you know, um, that’s, I imagine that’s going to happen. So I would imagine that. Yeah. Very cool. So, um, is there any other, uh, outside of Neville and is there, um, any other, you know, you’re in the process, you have a manifesting mastery and you teach manifesting. Is there any other, you, you studied neuro-linguistic program. Is there any other, uh, philosophies, techniques that, that you also teach that, that, that you’d like to discuss? Cause I’m interested in all of that stuff. I’m interested in how the mind works. So there were, so there were three things that got me out of my rut, uh, after the camp Hill prison rights in 1989, uh, I got diagnosed with PTSD. I was, I was a nutcase. You have a book on PTSD, the little book PTSD free. Right, right. And so there, so I was a nutcase man. Like some people say, Oh, I got into this cause I wanted to manifest the car boat, motor home. I could have given a shit. I do. I wanted to stop putting a gun to my head. Okay. That’s reality, right? Cause yeah. Oh, it is. So, so there were three things. So one was a, I took a course in NLP in 1987 it was for hostage negotiation, interrogation and interview police course. It was a pilot program week long, a lot of fun. Uh, I used it, but that became background material for me. Uh, so after the riot, it’s like, Holy shit, man, my brain is scrambled. So I turn on the television, it’s three in the morning. I’m never sleeping. And I see Tony Robbins. Tony does this NLP thing. I remember NLP. So I dove back into NLP and that was fun, but it really wasn’t fully nailing it for me. So it’s like, all right, well my grandma was an Indian. I was reading some by this fellow named Tom Brown jr. It’s like, you know what I want to do? I want to go to the woods, right? So I’m going to learn how to survive in the woods so I can go there and be left the fuck alone. So I started learning native American stuff, right? And the third thing was devil Goddard. But I mentioned the native American stuff because the old native American teachings, they paired philosophy up with skills. So rubbing two sticks together had a philosophy and a story that goes with it. Edible and medicinal plants had a philosophy and a story that went with it. So mom and one of my favorite ones, I still use this fable to, to this day, uh, I even have a published on Amazon as awakened in soar. The adventures of jumping mouse and awaken in store. The adventures of jumping mouse is a, is a, uh, it’s a fable that, uh, teaches us the way the native Americans did. Now this is what’s really cool. So Neville got into the Bible and he says all of the characters in scripture are States basically ways of perceiving that you get to go through, right? Right. Uh, native Americans, they didn’t do it with people. They did it with aminals. So there’s so, so, so the way an Eagle perceives is different than the way a mouse perceives, which is different than the way a bear proceeds. And so the, the jumping mouse story, if you remind me, I’ll send you a copy of this. Jumping mouse story is all about different ways of perceiving. And so while I’m thinking, I’m just going, right, fuck everyone. I’m going to the woods, right? I want to be left alone. I’m learning these, these other things. Cause I found the stories fun. And then suddenly it’s like, Oh my God, the adventure of jumping losses on about waking up. It’s about learning to perceive the world differently. Just like how are you married? Happy guy perceives the world differently than an unhappy married guy. Both States. Yeah. An entrepreneur is a state. I’m an internet marketer. I love it and I’m writing. I am nuts about it. It’s a state. It is definitely a state. Yeah. Life coaches. Another state, a successful banker is another statement and that’s something from NLP that I noticed that you don’t, you find a successful person and you can access their state. I’ll take their shit apart. I want to know until you are in a successful person in this. So I want to access your state right now. Let’s talk a little bit as if I was accessing your state. So you have a routine when you wake up in the morning and when you go to sleep, that kind of defines your dad. I’m a, I love to collect morning routines. So tell me more about your morning routine. I’m not, I’m getting bad sound. Is it okay. Okay. This there. I can hear it now. It’s good. All right. Yeah, this damn headset. I got these words anyway. So before I get out of bed, right, I’ve imagined specific events of my day already. Haven’t gone my way. [inaudible] so before I get out of bed, I’m imagining our after call dude. Right? That’s all I need. Just right there. Oh my God. Like that feeling. I have imagined that before my feet hit the floor. Okay, boom. Done. So what else? Right? So imagine getting up to a couple dozen cool emails to reply to. How do I feel doing the emails? Right? So I nail these things before I get out of bed. Every day I go to the dog park. So I imagine, uh, having gone to the dog park and it went great. [inaudible] great day at the dog park, right? Cause you never know, right? So great Datadog park, bang. So I know all these things before I get out of bed. So literally I’ll nail a wish fallback to sleep a little bit. Naila wished for back to sleep a little bit. Naila wish fullback sleep. Time to get off. Okay. So that’s my morning. Afternoon. I take an that map. I love maps. I’ve done them for decades now. A nap time is basically, it’s where I let the body shut down and whatever’s on my mind. That’s what I imagine. Okay. So I would use the tools then and then at bedtime, yeah, I go to bed and I revise. I turned some bad into good. And here’s a key. Most people miss that turns some good into great because if you get an a, it’s easy to focus on the bad stuff right away. Totally. But so if you really do, if you only do bad into good, you go right. What should happen today, right, right. Versus right. What do I want to revise? A completely different question. [inaudible] just like we started a recall, you did mention a questions. So if I go, what bed should do I want to fix? I mean it’s, I’ve got to imagine up bad shit and imagine fixing it versus, right. What if I want to tune up? There’s a good question. What do I want to tune up? Oh my God. Oh, so see, I’m going to tune up an earlier point in our call, right? And this earlier point is I’m imagining you and I having discussed doing another call, but this other call while you’re in Hawaii. There you go. Got it. Yeah. That’s cool. Yeah, so I imagine so I imagine that. So we’re going to have to do another episode. Oh yeah, go. All right. Or you can keep, or you can keep swimming. We’re a little down into the left. There you go. That sounds good. So then your night, then your night routine. Yeah. When you go to bed. Yup. That’s where I just, that’s where I played with revision. I bet into good, good, integrate, done. Fall asleep, fall asleep to the desire fulfilled or the revision revision first and then fall asleep to the feeling from the, yeah. Yeah. When I feel everything’s where I want it to be, that’s when I tend to fall asleep. Do you, do you do any forms of meditation you to don’t find them useful at all? Now here’s why I don’t mind meditation. I mean, I, I’ve done Tai Chi, meditation, silent weekends, all that crap. [inaudible] Watts of fun. Very useful when they’re useful. But the problem with when I get the email for saying, well, I’m combining meditation and feel it real, then no, not, don’t. I want you to just feel a little drowsy right now. And I manage. It’s that, it’s being in that level of, to access the subconscious. I don’t like that terminal, this unconscious. Okay. It’s just slowing down that little tiny bits. So you can just imagine the little girl’s happy. Okay. And then I continue on my day. All right. Versus chasing that space between the thoughts. You’re, what you are is silence you. You are totally silent. You were what? All the apparent motion happens with him. Wow. That’s amazing. Yeah. And, and you get there and you’ll notice at the end the novels lectures, right? And this is what he says. Go into the silence, Brian. Let’s go into the silence. Sorry. All right. All right. Anybody have any questions? Go into the silence. Yeah. Right now he doesn’t, he doesn’t sit there for 45 minutes. He goes, all right, let’s go into the silence. Right? Anybody have any questions that fast? But he always ended it. Go into the silence. And I end. I you’re right. That’s exactly, I love what you heard, the way you just described that. So as a fellow reader, um, got any great books that you recommend that can be fiction or nonfiction. Uh, how about something that I might not have read, you know, that I always loved? That’s the one question first. Is there something I might not have read that, that I need to check out? Cool. Uh, let me open this. The first one is origin story. Origin story. Yes. Uh, about, or no, uh, Nope. It’s a full on book. All right. Oh, library origin story and the other one [inaudible] writer for that. Oh yeah. Let me look that up. David Christian. David Christian. All right. And the other one is the adventure of English. The biography of a language. Oh my God. Adventure of English. That sounds great. Let us by Melvin, M. E L V Y N Bragg. B. R. a. Double G. thank you. All right. I got more to read. And you got a favorite. You got a favorite movie that I might not have seen it. Uh, the legend of bagger Vance glove legend. Bagger events. No doubt about that. Alrighty. Let’s find another, hold on. Let’s find, I remember the archives Victoria favorite movie as a movie buff, you know, goodie movie. It’s the second, uh, I just put legend of bagger Vance in her head is definitely, definitely a good choice. I love that one. What’s that? Oh yeah. Everybody knows the matrix though. Yeah. Matrix like legend of bagger Vance. So how we, we talked about the news that this, let me ask you that. Oh my God. Mind the gap. Oh, okay. Mine the gap. That sounds familiar. [inaudible] there, there’s two different movies called mind the gap. Uh, they’re the one, uh, that has a lot of different people in it. I’ll find it. I’ll send you a link. No, that works. Mind the gap. All right. It’s always cool. I’m always wanting to feel like, you know, there’s some media out there that I have an access or a good movie that somebody has. You know, sometimes I always like to ask that question, but then we ask you on the same level. We are just like news. It would be easy for me to enter the state of the Netflix binge or because there’s so much good stuff to watch and there’s so much music. Um, is there a point where we’re accessing too much media and that can affect our, our ability to enter these States? I don’t know how, if I can put this in the right question, should we take a diet from, from the entertainment? Well, not just the news. We can choose whatever movie that we want to watch or book that we want to read. Should we be monitoring that? How do we, I would take a break from avoidance. Ah, okay. Because people will avoid making the news by watching the news. They’ll avoid being entertainment by watching entertainment. Can you imagine what going shopping with me is like? I can tell you it is pure entertainment. Right? And it’s not that I’m trying to be outrageous, I just be me. And if I don’t go to the shops, uh, on a regular basis, I have people say, we’ve missed you where you been? I broke my toe earlier this year and like when I’d hobble in every four days instead of every day, they’d be like, Oh my God, where are you’ve been? Are you all right? Like I look forward to seeing you. Right. I think we live in this culture that is, here’s one you’ll see on the manifesting groups all the time. Be careful what you imagine. Be careful. I’m not a fan of being careful about what I imagined all I’m about being caring. It’s those tiny little distinctions. Just noticing are you avoiding life by sharing cat videos or are you, it’s time to go pet your cat. There’s the thing, right? Yes. Uh, go make some news. You and I are making news today, right? Oh my God, this is cool. Exactly. Have watched the news. We could watched the news, but we’re making it. Exactly. I have learned so much and I just want to thank you for free and your teachings and your daily show on Facebook. For somebody like me that’s come along and wants to learn about Neville. I’ve learned so much from you and you’ve been so nice to come on this show and talk to me some more. It’s amazing. And just like as you imagine how, I hope it’s even more. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Isn’t it? It is. It truly is. I appreciate it. It’s been my absolute pleasure. And, uh, I, I’ve, I’ll, I’ll give you an invitation as soon as we’re off the alright. So I will, um, continue doing these episodes where I, um, go in deep dies. I promise I’ll be looking at the, the lectures and I’m sure that I’ll have more questions in the future and I would love to have you on again. So when I’m in Hawaii, we’ll, we’ll do it then or, or otherwise, somewhere even cooler. So. Well, let’s do it in January. Either way. January. Sounds perfect. Okay, that sounds perfect. So let’s kick it. Let’s kick off the year. Good. Sounds like a plan. So everybody go on Amazon, buy some 2020s books, check out [inaudible] dot com or manifesting mastery and you will, you cannot go wrong. So thank you so much again. It’s been a blast. Oh, thank you. Thank you.

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