Interview With Josiah Brandt on Neville Goddard, Revision And The After Life || EP 891

Known to many for his YouTube channel with narrations of Neville Goddard books and lectures, Josiah Brandt is also a futurist, humanist, veteran teacher, and an outspoken advocate for the exceptional potential of heart-based humans worldwide.

Josiah has one of my very favorite voices and I have learned so much from following his channel.

As the founder of the internationally-renowned School of Imagination, Josiah invests his time in cultivating the creative skills of his student community and empowering them to rise to the top of all industries and creative enterprises through their extraordinary ability to imagine wisely.

In every thought, word, action and deed, Josiah seeks to honor the beauty and dignity of the human spirit, and inspire new horizons of human potential.

Check out Josiah’s website for a host of incredible workshops that are happening in 2022 including

Feeling of the Wish Fulfilled Workshop

State Akin To Sleep Workshop

Imaginal Pictures Workshop

8 Income Streams Wealth Building Workshop

Check out Josiah’s youtube channel here

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