How To Attract Good Luck By A.H.Z Carr (Unabridged Audiobook With Commentary) || EP 1064

I cannot wait for you to listen this book.  This has been a gamechanger from the moment I read it. This is an all time classic. I felt just as inspired as when I read think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill and the power of your subconscious mind by Joseph Murphy.

Do you want good luck? Of course you do. We all need that extra “something” to help us in life. One of the most intriguing and little-known books in the New Thought tradition offers a straightforward and ethical recipe for cultivating your inner “rabbit’s foot.” The book is How to Attract Good Luck. Although it may sound like a gambling guide, it is the furthest thing from it.  

Economist, journalist, and diplomat A.H.Z. Carr wrote the book in 1952. Carr had served as an economic advisor in the presidential administrations of Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman, and spent time on economic and diplomatic missions in Europe and the Far East. He amassed a great deal of experience observing how most personal misfortune arises from impetuous, shortsighted, or unethical behavior.  

By “luck” Carr was referring not to blind chance but rather to how we can bend circumstances to our favor through specific patterns of behavior.

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Intro 00:00

The Opening Statement 01:39

How Zest Exposes Us To Luck 26:04

Chapter 2 How Generosity Invites Luck 1:04:05

The Recognition Of Chances

Turning Points 1:37:45

Our Desires And Our Luck 2:05:26

Our Abilities And Our Luck 2:32:57

Judgment As An Element Of Our Luck 2:58:55

Safeguarding Luck With Self Respect  3:32:37

The Intuitive Approach To Luck 4:05:03

Part 3 The Response To Chance  

The Power Of The Response 4:32:15

How Increased Energy Produces Luck 4:43:29

Imagination And Luck 5:15:44

Luckiness And Faith 5:45:01

Conclusion The Will To Be Lucky 6:19:11

Discussion and Commentary  6:38:10

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