Guided Meditation: The gratifestation octave

I am so excited for you to experience this meditation. This is the gratifestation meditation. That might sound weird but let me explain. The ultimate place in the vortex of manifestation is the feeling of gratitude and manifestation at the same time. Gratitude is an emotional signature that give you permission for the things you want. Imagine feeling that gratitude at the same time you are visualizing your goals or trying to manifest something wonderful. Wayne Dyer taught to do the AH meditation in the morning and to manifest while you created that sound. At night he would do the OM meditation and become grateful for the things they have. Often times we have gratitude habits and gratitude journals. But imagine creating that grateful feeling while you are manifesting your reality. I always wanted to do that. Because I have an awesome sound guy, I recorded myself doing both versions of these mantras and then layered them together with both AHs and OMs. So you can choose one or the other and for the purposes of your meditation just know that I have your other half covered. The result is what I would call the gratifestation octave the perfect combination of sounds. I do not talk and there are no intentions during the mantra only the music, singing bowls and a symphony of me. I think it sounds great. Turn it up, close your eyes and manifest whatever you want. How long can you hold a single thought? The longer the more powerful this becomes. Let me know how long you can go!

Music by Rebecca Read

Creative Commons — Attribution 4.0 International— CC BY 4.0
Edited by Quinn Brentson

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