Guided Meditation: Riding The Starship Infinity || EP 166

Have you ever wanted to ride in a starship?

Welcome to the Starship Infinity

You were chosen one out of Trillions to join us on this voyage.

This meditation was inspired by a facebook discussion with Eric Smith who said sometimes he just wanted to ride in a Starship. Then Brian Larson volunteered to create a track for it.

It turns out riding a starship is a really great way to meditation.

This begins with a full body relaxation as you go into the pod and prepare for suspended animation. You are taken into a deeply meditative state

Then you are awoken after the starship does its first jump. When awakening you are taken through a set of procedures to wake up your energy centers

Once that is complete you also have access to the energy stream (plait) connecting you to the pod 😉

This meditation has everything. You can just look out the window into space.

There is a room that allows you to connect with your higher self.

There is a room that gives you critical information

And of course there is a holodeck that allows you to visualize whatever you want.

This is my favorite meditation on The Reality Revolution I have done it 3 times and I am really proud of how this turns out.

#mettaverse #starship

Brian Larson created this song just for this mediation. It is one of my favorite Mettaverse tracks ever. It has everything. Beautiful vocals, the starship rumble and a magnificent driving synth.

You can check out the full track here

Star Wanderers ✧ A Cosmic Remembering ✧ Ambient Celestial Music ✧ A=444

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