Guided Meditation: Quantum Jumping Into Vibrational Timelines In The New Earth || EP 319

Quantum Jumping Into Vibrational Timelines In The New EarthMeditation

Starts at 6:17. Using techniques we have developed over hundreds of episodes and combining them this meditation combines, heart coherence, Tony Robbins fire breathing, Dr. Joe Dispenza breathing techniques, the Neville Goddard Explosion Technique and Vadim Zeland’s Plait Technique.

By combining these and using some incredible musical sequences that let you explore these realities in your imagination is very powerful.  You will almost feel that you are falling backward through the plait and the assemblage point into the new reality.

This meditation combines, revision, the wish fulfilled, finding vibrational timelines of love, wealth, health and everything that you ever wanted.  You can add these as layers over your reality.

This is an incredible journey and musically one of our greatest soundtracks ever.

The music by Mettaverse is fantastic this is made up of several 15 minute clips check out their channel for a complete version of these songs.

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