Guided Meditation – Large Sums Of Money Sacred Quantum Grabovoi Number Codes || EP 1153

Recently I have begun discussing using number codes, quantum codes, sacred codes, quantum healing codes in the manifestation process. On a recent meditation we used these codes to enhance the meditative process in manifesting a variety of things.

This meditation is dedicated to using these codes very specifically for the large sums of money affirmation. Each word and aspect of this affirmation has a code and when used together you truly enter into the quantum space of the large sums of money mindset.

I am so happy and grateful now, large sums of money, come to me, easily and quickly, in increasing quantities, from multiple sources, on a continuous basis, in the best interest of all, with the free will of all, that I get to keep, give, spend, invest and circulate joyfully.

Here are some of the codes used

Grabovoi codes for happy 56738433 gratitude 3622768 large sums of money 70741662 money comes to me 62316589 easy money 832523295 effortless money 73986698 quick money 57938712 receive money quickly 67272721 receive money easily 30968725 increasing money 60406143 multiple sources of income 3091951 continuous income 48430647 consistent money 72677508 in the best interest of all 86505044 income no debts 70607368 free will 68022357 money kept 86722052 giving 62748495 income to invest 68126176 spend money freely 68582162 money flow 49770029 joyful money 67467900 Joy 52269797 joyous 61094872 money bliss 6846407

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