Dr. Joseph Murphy Dynamic Law Of Protection || EP 731

If you think that God is cruel, vindictive, and an inscrutable, tyrannical, cannibalistic Moloch in the skies, a sort of despot whose goal is to punish you, of course, you will experience the result of this habitual thinking.

Your life will be hazy, confused, and full of fear and limitations of all kinds. In other words, you will experience the results of the nature of your belief about God. You will actually have negative experiences because of your belief. God becomes to you whatever you consider Him to be.

Above all things, get the right concept of God. It makes no difference what you call God. You may call him Allah, Brahma, Vishnu, Reality, Infinite Intelligence, the Healing Presence, the Oversoul, Divine Mind, the Architect of the Universe, the Supreme Being, the Life Principle, the Living Spirit, or the Creative Power. The point is, your belief or conviction about God governs and gives direction to your whole life.


Millions of people believe in a God who sends sickness, pain, and suffering; they believe in a cruel and vindictive Deity. They do not have a good God and, to them, God is not a loving God. Having such weird, ignorant concepts of God, they experience the results of their beliefs in the form of all kinds of difficulties and troubles. Your subconscious mind manifests your beliefs and projects them as experiences, conditions, and events. Your nominal belief about God is meaningless.

The thing that matters is your real, subconscious belief—the belief of your heart. You will always demonstrate your belief. That is why Dr. Quimby said, more than a century ago, “Man is belief expressed.” Millions of people conceive of a God of caprice, far off in the skies, who possesses all the whims of a human being. With such a concept, they are like the business executive who once told me, “I would be all right if God would just leave me alone.” Believe that God is love, that he watches over you and cares for you, and that he guides, prospers, and loves you. Wonders will happen in your life that will far exceed your fondest dreams!

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