Dr Frank B Robinson Psychiana Lesson 6 Science Over Superstition || EP 722

 Dear friend and fellow-student:

   It was the commonly accepted fact amongst the ancient thinkers and philosophers, that everything in existence had been developed from a beginning which was quite primitive. Through all their writings we find this thought prominent. St. Augustine, one of the greatest of all the “church fathers,” held this same view. And, as a matter of fact, this view is now known to be scientifically correct. There is no question about it at all now.

   But, sad to relate, this old world went through a period of night–the blackest kind of night. It was black spiritually. It was black mentally. It was black intellectually. For religious superstition reigned supreme, and whenever and wherever religious superstition reigns supreme, then you may depend upon it, is a period of black night. In such periods–and there have not been many of them, thank heaven–reason and science are completely buried. Nothing matters except the black pall of religious superstition covering that period.

   This was what we call the “Dark Ages.” And truly dark they were. In the name of God, those under the spell of religious superstition cruelly tore the limb from the body–they applied the torch to the fagot–they gouged eyes out–they slit tongues–they used the thumbscrew–they threw little babies up into the air and caught them coming down on the cruel prongs of a pitchfork. Nothing mattered to those who cherished their insane belief in a superstitious “god” and these same religionists, throughout the dark ages, stopped at nothing in an attempt to foist their ungodly superstition on others.

   In such times, the earth was flat. It had four corners. There was water in the “heavens” and when it rained, “god” was opening the windows of these “heavens” to let a little moisture down to the earth. The stars were lights suspended in the firmament, and the sun was the “big light” while the moon was the “little light,” and both were suspended in the sky, hung there by “god” to give light to the earth. And for one thousand ghastly years, this condition existed right here on this old globe as we know it. It hasn’t all gone yet by any means–but it’s going–and going fast too. But it cannot go too fast no matter how fast it disappears. But as I say, a “remnant remains,” and it is part of my other work outside of this course, to hasten the last remnant of such pagan superstition on its way to its inevitable doom. And I am happy in that work, of course.

   The thousand years came to a close however, and with the passing of this Dark-age nightmare, men of reason began to appear on the horizon again. Many of them were brutally murdered by these religious superstitionists, but the fires of reason, kindled by these men, were fanned into one great flame of reason and intelligence, which has never been put out and which never will be put out.

   However–one may bury truth to the earth–one may crush it–but sooner or later, grandly triumphant, it will rise from the earth and shine once more. It may be buried for such periods as this ghastly one thousand years but, sometime or other, IT WILL RISE AGAIN IN SPITE OF ALL THE RELIGIOUS SUPERSTITION IN THE WORLD.

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