Dr. Frank B. Robinson – Psychiana Lesson 5: The Infinite Cosmos || EP 707

 Dear friend and fellow-student:

   Here is Lesson five. It is one of the most intensely interesting Lessons you have ever read and I want you to read it many times over and then quietly lay it to one side and try and imagine some of the enormous truths this Lesson teaches. There are distances and planets so far away that the human mind cannot begin to grasp these distances. But no matter how far away we get from this globe we find still existing and operating with unerring precision, the same mighty LAW that we are trying to find here. The study of the “Heavens” and the stars is a very fascinating study so learn this Lesson well and be sure to notify me of the progress you are making. especially if you experience any difficulty in grasping these Lessons.

   More than anything else I want you to absolutely understand the workings of the God-Law which can and will and does provide every material thing necessary for one’s happiness once it is understood and correctly used.

   Sincerely your friend,

   Frank B. Robinson.

   At this point in our stuides I am going to take you with me on a little trip into the marvelous realm of the sky. We are going to discover some staggering facts in this realm of astronomy. You may wonder what astronomy has to do with your understanding of the GOD-LAW and I shall tell you, for it has very much to do with it. There is no realm or part of the universe which offers to men and women such a vision of the CREATIVE INTELLIGENCE that this celestial dome above us called “The Heavens” does. And it is quite necessary that you get a glimpse of the magnitude of the handiwork of the Creator before you can understand to the very full just how mighty a Power you have working with you. Before we go into this realm, however, let us look back, for a moment or two, over the road traveled together so far. It is an interesting road and one that is full of surprises. Practically every Lesson you receive will contain some new glimpses or some new facts of the Creative Spirit which is responsible for the entire creation including you and me.

   Better than all, however, you will discover to be a fact that as you learn of this mighty God-Law, you will find yourself automatically putting it into practice. You will find yourself almost unconsciously grasping and using the principles that I lay before you, which principles are part of this mighty Law; after awhile, and when you have progressed further, it will become second nature to you to live your life day by day, month by montn with the consciousness of the fact that you are throwing into action in your daily life and affairs the most potent and dynamic power in creation. At this stage of our journey I do not expect, of course, that you will be able to grasp this law in its entirety nor can I show you all at once. I must take it up step by step along the way and you, of course, will intelligently follow me and will, to the best of your ability, meet me more than half way and help me to help you to be complete master over every circumstance of life, and to so shape circumstances and conditions that instead of them mastering you, you master them.

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