Deep Sleep Meditation – The Magnetic Money Vortex || EP 1227

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Meditation Begins 01:45

Affirmations Begin 19:55

I am beyond excited for you to check out the sleep meditation premiering at 8 PM PST on November 26th.  

Enter the magnetic money vortex.

I worked a long time on this and then my higher self made me forget I had created it, guiding me to release this now. It is a gem. 4 hours gives you 4 hours to move into a dream state after being programmed for four hours, you open with revision and breathing exercises moving into many of the best affirmationsd, non staggered,  mono channel moving into binaural and staggered after 2 hours and  30 minute fade out at the end so you seemlessly transition into different levels of sleep.

When I tested it I realize my higher self had created this while I was in a completely different state, I found it while trying to make room on my drive I recorded this in June. It is the perfect combination of affirmations.  

Sometimes I have found the four hours is more effective. I look forward to hearing your feedback.

You may find an enhanced experience with sleep phones or sleep earbuds.

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Meditation Begins 4:53

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